Let us Recall Our Lawmakers

MAP OF RIVERS STATEFor democracy to go smoothly in any given society there must be existence of the three (3) organs of government namely: Executive, Judiciary and the Legislature. Each of these organs has its own statutorily obligations to perform. The effectiveness of these organs erase out tyranny in the society.

The executive arm implements policies and programmes of the government, the Judiciary in its simplest term interprets the laws enacted by the legislative organ. The Judiciary also punish those who violate the laws of the land. While the legislative organ is charged with the responsibilities of making laws.

These organs of government are also act as checks and balances of each other, thereby making separation of powers become more essential in running the affairs of government in democratic nations.

In any military state or regime, the only organ that is in the state of coma is that of the legislature. Therefore, legislative organ is the symbol of democracy. It is the only arm through which the people can air their views about the administration of their country.

Whenever the legislative organ is in comatose, the positive development of the state will be negatively affected. Precisely on the 9th of July, 2013, the Rivers State House of Assembly was shut down due to the impeachment of its former speaker, Rt. Hon. Otelemaba Dan Amachree Rt. Hon. Evans Bipi, representing Ogu/Bolo constituency emerged as the new speaker, shortly after the impeachment of Dan Amachree, who represents Asalga constituency 1 in the Assembly. The erstwhile speaker has been in the State House of Assembly since 1999 and currently serving his fourth term in office.

After the fracas that led to the impeachment of the former speaker, Dan Amachree, the National Assembly resolved to take over the activities and functions of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

As the result of the resolution reached by the National Assembly, the Rivers House of Assembly has not been functioning. It’s legislative functions have been taken over by the federal lawmakers. This doubtlessly affected the legislative business in the state. As far as I am concerned, the state lawmakers have no right whatsoever to continue to parade themselves as representatives of their respective constituencies. Commonsense demands that the state parliamentarians should resign since they do not have any business to perform in the legislative Assembly. If they fail to resign, constituents should commence the process of recalling their lawmakers now that they become redundant in performing their legislative assignments. ####

Damiete West


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