Points Of Law: Buhari Haram

He is now threatening greater violence and his supporters or admirers are giving him a standing ovation as if he is a sacred cow in this country. Who is prepared to cast his or her vote for Buhari? The rest of us who are still alive and who have not been bomb blasted by his sai Buhari Group? Or his sai C.P.C. delegates? Boko Haram that became the greatest insecurity organization in Nigeria started its unabated destruction endeavours after he was defeated and to this day they are putting the might of the federal government and other Nigerians by extension to test. They are challenging the government to do its worst and see inestimable violence and each time Buhari wants to come out of his own political Den or jungle to talk, he talks in like manner, spitting fire and brimstone (bomb blasting). What then is the difference between Boko Haram and Buhari Haram? What is not wrong about a supposed leader who do not speak peace or unity? Man who seeks your votes whether dead or alive? Who will Buhari rule if we are all dead? I have suggested that he should be arrested and sent to a psychiatric clinic or hospital and then be subjected to thorough examination or test to see what has happened to him since his brother, Ibrahim Babangida ousted his power drunk military junta in 1985, and nobody has done this.
To me everything has gone wrong with General Buhari since he lost power which he cherished so well in 1985. His penchant for power is understood. There were people he had wanted to die in prison and who were later released by Babangida and all he needs is to ensure they are sent back to die. Most of these people are in the PDP today. There were some journalists he had wanted to die in detention during his military regime and today, they are waging their mouths and pens. Today, the press is another target of the Haram whether Boko or Buhari. “Haram na Haram”. “Sin na sin”. There is a particular religion in Nigeria that Buhari wanted to make a national religion during his hay days in power and today, it is not so. Buhari now wants it done if he wins an election in the country.
These are the challenges of the ill-fated General. But, I guess, the strength in the recent threat is that suppose the bigotry of the Haram currently going on does not stop rigging in 2015, then a military coup orchestrated is possible. This is because the words of Buhari must be analyzed critically. Hear him. “God willing by 2015 something will happen. They will conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way.” A careless reader will think that Buhari is only expressing his grouse against political irresponsibility. But as usual of Buhari that sentence is very pregnant which has to be taken seriously in view of the reality of his past statements. If a social critic as I is asked to say anything or comment on the sentence especially on “Or they go a disgraceful way”, I will rather say that Buhari is referring to violence either through religious or sectional bigotry as was done and is still being done since his defeat (ie a more sophisticated one) or through military coup. These are the only ways Buhari can make them go in a very disgraceful way.
In 1983, Buhari made the Shagari regime go a very disgraceful way through a coup. He actually disgraced all the politicians in Nigeria by dumping them in the worst prisons across the country. The second way to go by a very disgraceful way could be to blow the head of whoever wins or supported or conducted the election or any perceived opposition to ensure that only C.P.C followers, who are very few and minute or infinitesimal and the boys in the jungle come out to become Nigerians where they will be shouting and chanting “sai Buhari”, “sai C.P.C.” That is the sugar candy mountain of Buhari’s dream. Sure, he is only day dreaming. But even at that I am not comfortable that the federal government takes for granted the many threats of Buhari, thus mystifying him and making him a hero with a status of a sacred cow who can say anything, and do anything and go with it scot-free. I am anguished by it. If Charles Taylor could be arrested, who is Buhari? If Sudan Hussien could be arrested, if Professor Lawrent Gbagbo could be arrested, if Osama Bin Laden could be tamed, what then is Boko Haram or Buhari Haram? Are we waiting for 2015 to come and see what Buhari will do?
If I may ask, who is Buhari fighting? Is it the court (Judiciary) that he has been approaching with his patch-patch and ragged-tagged case to loose every time since 2003? Is it his political inconsistencies moving from one party to the other every year from ANPP to CPC etc? Is it the betrayal he always betrays his parties or his party men, seeing his unusual penchant for power always abandoned him? Is it the politicians he dumped in prisons in 1983 that hate him? Is it Babangida that overthrew him? Is it Shagari that he disgraced out of power in 1983? Is it Dr. Alex Ekwueme he dumped in prison in 1983? Is it the press he dealt with, cowed down and oppressed? Is it the masses he humiliated between 1983 and 85? Is it the PDP that has been defeating him since 2003? Is it the masses that will never vote for him? Is it the Christians he persecutes? Is it his fellow Muslims he has together with extremists tagged unbelievers or infidels? Who is Buhari Haram fighting? I want an answer now.
Rather than go back to school to learn and read or study to be rebranded and literate to be relevant, he is everyday selling his celebrated ignorance and illiteracy and overall, unforgiving spirit to all. His statements instead of winning a vote for him are pushing the masses away from him. Is that what he calls politics or democracy in northern Nigeria where retired soldiers with an open teeth, are emperors? If Buhari thinks he is so qualified to contest election in a more crude way, in a crude spirit and with the crudest of all statements, then he is a failure. This is the peak of madness. But let it be known that if Buhari claims to be a repository or custodian of ethnic or religious violence he should be told that he is not a monopoly of same. And religious bigotry is not his exclusive preserve. He should thus tame his tongue please.
In northern Nigeria young enlightened scholars have been introduced into politics since 1999. Is Buhari not seeing Nuhu Ribadu, Shehu Sani, Col. Umar, Sanusi Lamido, Ibrahim Shema, Sule Lamido, Labaran Maku, Rabiu Kwankwoso, Ghali Na’Aba, Ibrahim Dankwanbo, Aminu Tabuwal, Faruok Lawan, Mohamed Namadi Sambo etc? What more revolution does he need to know that his time and his Jihad are over? What does he need to see to know that he is living in the past when only retired generals constituted northern politicians? Has he not taken time to check his age to see that we now have a new Nigeria where a younger politician like Goodluck Jonathan is the president? Has he not heard of Barrack Obama of America? Buhari still behaves like an old school general, moving his military truck and armoured vehicles to one Dodan Barrack in Lagos (the former seat of power) where he would shout and banter like an uncivilized brute. He does not know that there has been a paradigm shift in this country. He is behaving like one man in a poem I read in primary school “Old man of York and his forty men, he moved them up to the mountain. When they were up, they were up, and when they were down, they were down. When they were neither up nor down, they were half way up”.
Perhaps Buhari is the old man of York and he is leading his only FORTY MEN. Perhaps, now I guess they are neither up nor down so they are half way up and certainly as Lord Denning (of blessed memory) rightly puts it, “One cannot place something on nothing it will certainly collapse.” This is a common and popular legal saying, and it is true. Sure, Buhari’s empire will fall because it is neither up nor down.
The pedigree of Buhari indicates that he is only a political prostitute or a political divorcee who has lost his credibility, holiness, the benevolence of the masses votes or their sympathy. He is truly an expired and retired brain and his fashion has lost relevance in the political market of this country. His type of purity, doggedness, discipline and courage has long been bequeathed into a historical sepulcher and into the limbo of things past.
Let me say it in the language Buhari will understand very well; Gaskiya, akoyi Buhari Haram, sai anjuma Ko.
Please if you cannot reply Buhari when next he opens his teeth to trade ignorance, leave him to me. . I did not want to reply him as he is like, I have pointed out earlier, a drowning man in the creek of miigu in B-Dere waterside looking for anything to hold to survive. But you see, any error left uncorrected becomes a tradition. It is on this note that I have sharpened my pen for Buhari. But Jonathan should know too that the Bible has warned in the book of 1Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom it may devour”. That is Boko Haram or Buhari Haram for Jonathan and for the rest of us. But Buhari will certainly fail. ###

Barr. Gideon Kpoobari Girigiri

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