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Resilient Eaglets Sends Signal To Opponents, Draws Sweden 3-3

High flying Eaglets have continued to send warning signals to their opponents that they have eye for the trophy.

The no nonsense Eaglets opened the championship on a winning note beating Mexico 6-1 in their first game, draws Sweden 3-3 in the second game.

If the Eaglets were not a team of character Sweden would have intimidated them as they scored two quick early goals in the first 15th minutes of the first half, proving his worth, Isaac Promise made it 2-1 within 5 minutes. The game lingered on as it became highly challenging even as the Sweden wanted to intimidate the Eaglets who refused to be intimidated and rise up to the challenged. The Swedens were given a stiff opposition as the Eaglets came behind to equalized.

The Eaglets at this stage have made a clear statement to other teams in the competition that they are not in the competition for nothing but to claim the trophy. Eaglets next game is with Iran come 25th October.

If the Eaglets must lift the trophy, they must raise their head high and never show complacency at goals as they are doing already. In each department, they must be on guard and not losing concentration when they lose the ball to their opponents. They must also learn how to play together as a team because this is one of their shortcoming. They are all out there to represent Nigeria not themselves, at such, they must avoid playing to the gallery for pride and praises.

The defence should be more co-ordinated to avoid opponents taking undue advantage of the helpless Eaglests goalkeeper.

If this is done, the Eaglets are potential champions in this competition. ####

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