Who Is Afraid Of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan?

PRESIDENT GOOODLUCK JONATHANSomebody like Goodluck is not one to begin to fight. Fighting Jonathan is like attempting to fight God. Many politicians who understand that God is doing something in Nigeria have long ago joined the divine train of Goodluck Jonathan. God is about to bless Nigeria with bountiful goodlucks and he has decided to do so through Jonathan.

The scriptures say, “if God be for us who can stand against us?”

The zoning system now is divine. God has decided to raise a Niger Delta to lead this country. This is a thing that would not have been if men, or party and a people were to zone. Or if Atiku or Aliyu Muazu or Lamido or Kwankwaso or anybody was to zone the Aso Rock seat. Are these people God? Who made them king makers in this country? Or is it actually true that northern Nigeria is born to rule?

Surely, no party in Nigeria would have zoned beyond Hausa, Yoruba and Ibo. That is the kind of zoning known to the so-called major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Nobody understands any other politics or language beside Hausa/Fulani or Ibo or Yoruba. All others are by their assessments ‘goats’. That is why Prof. Chukwuma Soludo insulted the sensibility of the minority ethnic groups in this country by inserting Hausa, Yoruba and Ibo languages on our currency (The Naira, for five Naira, we have Naira Biyar, Naira Marun-un, Naira Ise, for twenty Naira, we have Naira Ashirin, Naira Iri Abuo, Ogun Naira, for fifty Naira, we have Naira Hamsin, Naria Iri Ise, Aadota Naira. Let Soludo tell us from the minority ethnic groups why our languages are not on the Naira we are  using as a Nigerians. Or are we only appendages to Hausa/Yoruba/Ibo?) and all the minorities do was to give Soludo a standing ovation.

When people shall say there is a casting down, God will certainly say there is a lifting up. That is the case here. Certainly the people of Niger Delta or South-South are not leprous or allergic to Aso Rock with which their natural resources built. Dele Giwa (of blessed memory) concluded this when he said “…the victory of evil over good is only temporary.” Who said that South-South people are hewers of wood and fetchers of water?

Let the northern Governors forum continue to meet and let Aliyu Muazu Babangida, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Sule Lamido and Wamako continue to wipe unnecessary sentiment to say that PDP had zoned the presidency to the north. Let them take their PDP zoning, we of the South-South are not careful of their so-called PDP zoning what we know is divine zoning. That zoning which God Almighty has given to us is what we are taking.

After all, they are not God. The northerners can go ahead and take their PDP zoning but they are not God. They had better joined the divine journey to Goodluck now before they would be left behind.

Tell the northerners and whoever that is fanning the embers of political crisis to overheat the polity for selfish purposes that God has taken over the polity of Nigeria and that they are already centuries behind the latest development. Governance is no longer in the hands of the northern oligarchy or cabals or hegemonies. The running of this country is no longer in Otta farm nor is it in Nnewi, it is now coming from above. Can’t you see how God disgraced the empires of cabals and brought in Goodluck Jonathan to mend the walls? If they can’t see, can’t they also hear the roaring drum of freedom, peace, unity, progress, prosperity and development? Can’t they perceive the aroma of divine visitation? Who are these blind fellows? Hi! Awake and see the hand of God.

Children, men and women are all shouting in a loud voice, “come, Goodluck come” and these ancient doors and gates are talking zoning? When God said, I will do a new thing were they sleeping? When God said, “every valley shall be exalted” where were they? The song has changed, the music has changed and the rhythm too is a new one, the dance is no longer the old or the usual. It is a new divine era, not the godfather’s era.

But let it be clear that if Goodluck is the choice of Nigerians and if God wishes Nigerians Goodluck the meetings of this oligarchy will fail woefully. They have forgotten how the people of South-South have been instrumental to the successes of the north over the years and they have forgotten that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, a young and virile man, like Barrack Obama is the choice of this new era. Let all those expired brains in the North relax and allow this nation to forge ahead, kaganiko? ###



Barr. Gideon Kpoobari Girigiri


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