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Rivers Assembly Fracas: Letter To Our Lawmakers

SPEAKEROrdinarily, I do not want to write to you, an open letter but  because it is very difficult to meet with you hence I decided to do it this way. Since you have been elected to represent us in the Rivers State House of Assembly, you failed to organize a constituency meeting and brief us on the activities of the Assembly. You always keep us in a dark which is not good for the development of any democracy. After all democracy is all about effective representation.

There is no point asking you about the welfare of your Wives and Children. I know they are doing very well. They are living in mansions while the constituents who voted for you cannot afford a 3 square meal. People in your constituencies are living in abject poverty. They lack social amenities and infrastructural development is far away from them.

Since you have been elected, your constituencies could not boost of laudable projects. Funds meant for constituency projects are being diverted to personal bank accounts.

You are only interested in your salaries and allowances without bordering the welfare of the electorate. You have never come to the constituency and brief us about the July 9, 2013 ugly incident in the Rivers State House of Assembly which led to the impeachment of its speaker, Rt. Hon. Otelemaba Dan Amachree. You are our representatives, and the constituents have the right to know. Why are you running away from us.

Has Rt. Hon. Otelemaba Dan Amachree reinstated as the speaker or Rt. Hon. Bibi Evans remains the speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly? Tell us so that we can know the true position. Penultimate week, while addressing the members of Grassroot Development Initiative (GDI), at Bori, headquarters of Khana Local Government Area, the Supervising Minister of Education, Chief Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike told us that you were seeking for a political asylum. Is that true? Well, I believe the words of the Honourable Minister, since you have no legislative functions to perform. The Rivers Assembly has been dissolved and its functions have been taken over by the National Assembly. This means that your tenure has long been expired. Let me advise you to resign, so that you can come back home and stop parading yourselves as legislators.

The constituents are ready to receive and accord you all necessary red carpet reception, despite your negative attitude while in the State Assembly. Let me on behalf of the constituents commend you for the period you have served us, before the “dissolution” of the Rivers Assembly. We say thank you and well done but… ###


Damiete West



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