ODILIRivers: Huddles Before the Next Governor

Governorship of any state is beyond the job of an apprentice who requires a fixed period to get along with his intended or preferred skills.

It is obvious that there is no special institute for those desirous of becoming the chief pilot of their respective states but a good knowledge of it, experience in the polity and mindset of an individual is expected to usher in the sound minded candidate with godly blueprint into office other than the constitutionally approved first school leaving or WAEC certificates for a contestant.

If elected into office, such a pilot or governor with vast knowledge of his state, who had experiences of the performance of his predecessors and ofcourse have the mindset for the better development of the state would at least thrive, not because of certificates.

In Rivers State, for example, several governors both from the military and civil sectors have ventured into the Brick House, came out with laughter as they have achieved in both kind and cash fulfilling their pockets at the detriment of the citizenry. One thing was sure; they had no matter how little impacted something to their credit.

But, like it or not, none of the governors who either governed or ruled Rivers State were brought to questioning after their tenures by any organization or agency.

From 1999 till date, the present democratic dispensation has introduced under the ex-military head of state who turned civilian president, His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) yet without any governor sent to learn some lessons.

Rivers State, judging by its status should have been considered as a developed state where citizens atleast enjoys steady and uninterrupted power supply, free education and housing, but the reverse is the case now.

In Rivers, irrespective of the high powered acclaimed gas turbine, power is still epileptic and in some areas total blackout. Schools are not absolutely free as claimed and residents pays the highest house rent not to mention the daily traffic jamb occasioned on inadequate flyovers in the state capital rather a monorail on an absolutely free road in the state.

Clamouring for governorship of Rivers State is never a problem but what blue print and will does the aspirants possesed.

Frankly, the administration of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi kick started well in its initial 3 years on infrastructural development but what happened on the fourth year and second tenure becomes a mirage. The policy of Rivers money for Rivers people which was not sustained but was later transferred to non-indigenes who enjoys Rivers wealth while indigenes suffers in the midst of planty. Human development was premised on old school friends, allies and what have you.

In five months, His Excellency Sir (Barr) Celestine Ngozichim Omehia showed his prowells of administration indeed the people were like, this man should continue.

In eight years, His Excellency Sir (Dr.) Peter Otunanya Odili transformed the judiciary, legislature, Government House, and other sectors including human capital development which earned him the several nick-names including “share the money and Donatus”. It is on record in the state that several politicians are beneficiaries of Odili’s government yet are ingrate.

In the present circumstance, while majority frowns, a handful of indigenes smiles even against the vulgar claims of not sharing the state money.

Yes, as stated earlier, the current administration in the state under Governor Amaechi did performed well in his first tenure, but what baffles the citizenry is the claims by government that the state is not broke, yet the state reserves fund is empty and the incessant borrowings from either internal bank’s or world bank or elsewhere as the case maybe. The question now is who amongst the various interest groups, ethnic nationalities, political Parties and above all those aspiring to occupy the Brick House come 2015 when Governor Amaechi must have completed his eight years in office is ready to do a different thing from what Governor Amaechi is doing?

The truth is “kudos” to Governor Amaechi on his first tenure but the question “Why this” in second tenure.

Peradventure, one of those names flying the air waves and prints, and those yet to be heard is opportune to gain entrance into the famous Rivers “Brick House”, would there be an end to name calling, insult especially to the number one citizen of this country, disrespect to elders, and attention to human capital empowerment or development?

Employment, as far as life is concerned is sacrosanct and the sitting pilot, Governor Amaechi has done his bid but how long would the employees cry for hunger for non-payment of salaries? The lecturers at the college of Arts and Science now an approved polytechnic are crying for non-payment of 10 months salaries, newly employed so called thirteen thousand teachers are yet to receive arrears, students decried non payment of bursary for 4 years, the list is endless.

Promises are welcomed, especially now that the struggle for who fly’s which party’s flag is seriously on, but the question is who is ready to bail the citizenry of the state in this time of repositioning or yearning for change?

Who is ready to take the responsibility of paying off the salaries of teachers, settles the student, revamp the economic sector, bring back the judiciary and restore the future and dignity of the legislative assembly. Who is willing to bring to the fore those at the grassroots by making the local councils work effectively?

The tasks before the next occupant of the Rivers Brick House also include the zeal or not to repay the various financial loans accessed by the Amaechi led administration which runs into billions of dollars.

Another is the wilingness to verify if these loans are actually used for the purposes for which it was purportedly accessed or not.

The tasks before whoever occupies the Brick House are enormous, it is likened to an acetylene C2H2 which has the capacity to either separate or join, who is willing and desirous let him dared.

It is not advisable to be ambitious for ambitions, if disappointed kills, rather to be desirous because desires are controllable and are met according to God’s schedule.

According to Rt. Rev. Ralph Cornelius Ebirien, Bishop of Niger Delta Diocese of the Anglican Communion, “Desires are safe and successful but ambitions kills when disappointed”.

Finally, if Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is not performing or has not performed at all as posited in certain quarters, who then is willing to perform at least to liberate the people, who is ready to surpass Amaechi’s little achievements? The time to answer these questions is now as the die is cast. ###


With James Mgboineme

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