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Anambra 2013 Guber Poll: A Reflection Of Drowning APC In 2015

SENATOR CHRIS NGIGEBarely two years into the general elections in Nigeria, the atmosphere has been very cloudy, full of threats, vulgarism, comments and statements capable of deceiving even the very elects and breaking down of the fragile peace experience in the country.

These are occasioned on the selfish and ill determined effort of some groups of persons to destroy the country as their personal greed is not met.

Hiding under the umbrella of the aspirene, panadol and cordene tablets popularly know as APC as they proud themselves.

It was in Rivers State Government House that the leaders of the party gave the full meaning of the APC other than the All Progressives Congress. They explained that aspirene, panadol and cordene are drugs taken to cure headache, pains etc.

They believed that Nigeria, is infested with headache, pains and malaria hence the need to take APC.

That apart, the much noise in Nigeria polity today is produced by the newly registered political party called APC, following its quest to overthrow a living and ruling Party.

At registration, the said party leadership told President Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan to join them claiming that APC, will rule Nigeria by winning PDP in subsequent elections.

This handshake beyond the elbow continues in Rivers State when the state Government House  Rivers kitchen was defiled to host the opposition party.

The noise which continued in other States does not leave Anambra behind, yet even stronger as gubernatorial election was billed in that State.

Anambra State as known by all is a State controlled by the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA. As we know, in Nigeria without deliberate effort in doing the grassroots job it was always difficult to unseat a ruling party, in State or Local Government elections

It is only in America that the democrats could take power from the Republican and vis-vis. But before such happens in America, they have suffered what Nigeria is going through at the moment.

The noise in Nigeria about unseating a ruling party is such that everyone should actually ignore as it centers around blackmailing, but without much grassroots work. It is noise because the opposition I believe does not know how to get what they want. It is not enough rallying round those already in power and position of trust, placed by the ruling party. If as believed our votes must count in Nigeria, then I suggest that those that will make the proposition work are those at the grassroots, who ought to know the truth other than blackmail.

These truths must include giving them the necessary human, social and educational development which is the major essence of creating the second and third tier of government.

Unfortunately these things are hard to come by rather deceit and all manner of suppression greets the rural dwellers.

Lets assume that you don’t understand why and where we are going, the All Progressives Congress, aka APC, has failed to prove their greviances and what they owe Nigerians in course of their noise of taking over Nigeria political scene, hence they have stated failing at Cock crow.

There are series of threats by its leadership about 2015 but the Anambra experience could be seen and regarded as a litmus test which the  APC members have failed to prove their strength.

To overcome a ruling party in a state, the grassroots other than noise making must be a better strategy to apply.

Last Saturday, November 16th, 2013 gubernatorial election in Anambra State is a proof to Nigerians that APC cannot take any state exception of those their supposed governors, governed.

However, let it be place on record that, it is likely impossible for APC to claim any state where the 7 PDP governors are having series of problems with the intension of dumping the party after destroying it.

Let the political institutions be guided on their utterances, publicity and otherwise in other to nature the fragile peace in the country.

The Anambra story and experience is likely to be the situation in 2015 when the APC is clamouring for change.

If, the said APC with the whole noise could not take over a state when election was held in just a state out of the 36 states of the federation, could it be possible for them to win entire Nigeria in a general election?

Let Nigerians be guided, as Anambra state has given and proven that APC, is drowning.



With James Mgboineme


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