Why Keshi Refused To Invite Yobo To Eagles


The cool war, between Joseph Yobo and Coach Stephen Okechukwu Keshi could now be revealed authoritatively to soccer fans by The Newswriter sports desk.

Speaking to The Newswriter exclusively at Calabar after the Eagles’s Ethiopia match, Keshi revealed that his reason of not featuring Yobo after the Nations Cup is that, Yobo was used against him by some high profile personalities in the glass house, hence he has to checkmate Yobo by not inviting him in to the Super Eagles squad in all Eagles build up matches.

KESHI STEPHEN COACHThe big boss stated that Yobo is still his captain and that he is till a good player that needs to be encouraged to attain the height of his career, stressing that his job is at stake if he invites Yobo without checkmating him as the man incharge of the team “I don’t want to leave any stone unturn to fail Nigerians, I have a task to fulfilled for Nigerians at such, I do not need distractions from any quarters not from inside the team that I am the manager.

Other players like Osaze are also good players that could add value to the team but I must have to be prepared to work with those who have Nigeria at heart.

The lucky Keshi stated that the worst enemy is the one inside your household. He said he is a builder and not a destroyer, Keshi hinted that, some persons are bent on making him fail in his job hence they have resorted in using my captain “yobo” against me so as to distract me from succeeding from the Eagles Coach Job.

He said, this started from the Nation’s Cup. “When I found out that Yobo has been pined against me as to make me fail, Yobo is a good player and remains my captain, I will invite him when the time is due for him to complete his good one hundred caps in the national team. I have nothing against Yobo, he is still my captain, I am only trying to be careful not to accommodate indiscipline in the team, that is the reason Osaze was not part of the Nations Cup. Keshi concluded by saying that Yobo is very much alive in the Super eagles, he is still our captain, I will definitively give Yobo his one hundred caps “But the problem is if I invite Yobo will he come? With these words Keshi rested Yobo being part of the Eagles. ###

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