Soccer Fans Need Osaze For World Cup

OSAZE O.The qualification of Nigeria into Brazil 2014 world cup has generated call to admit some of Nigeria best old legs in the Keshi Brazil 2014 world cup bound Eagles. One of such players clamoured upon to join the Eagles is aggressive power playing attacking Osaze Odewinge. Others are the Uche brothers One of those who disagree with Osaze’s inclusion in the Keshi’s Brazil world cup bound eagles gave reasons for his inclusion and his non inclusion in the team is one time president of Golsdashe International football club of Nigeria, also a football enthusiast, professor Solomon Braide of Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST). According to him, it is true that Osaze is a fantastic player but he does not support Osaze indiscipline attitude to team managers and fellow players. He maintained that if Osaze should be in Keshi’s Eagles squad he should do away with indiscipline, adding that aside indiscipline Osaze is a good player and ought to be in the Eagles squad. He made reference where the 1982 Italian world cup squad included Paulo Rossi to help that Italian squad in that world cup, dispositing that Paulo Rossi’s indiscipline attitude was not in the field of play but outside the field of play, stressing that Nigeria need the best legs to succeed in the world cup under Keshi. One other person who thought Osaze inclusion in Keshi’s Brazil world cup bound eagles in his opinion is Chief (Sir.) Ernest Elochukwu, former Captain of Port Harcourt club 1928 Lawn Tennis section. According to him, he has confidence in Keshi’s ability of selection of good players to feature for Brazil 2014 world cup for Nigeria. However, he said without Osaze too the lads assembled by Keshi has everything it takes to represent Nigeria under Keshi at the world cup, reasons being that they have that hunger and will power to succeed as well as to make name for themselves. But on the other hand, if Keshi decides to include Osaze alongside other Nigeria old legs, is well and good for the country since it is aimed at the country’ success. 55 year soccer enthusiast, Kenny on his own part opined that if Nigeria is going to go far in next years world cup, Keshi should call Osaze Odewinge back. His reason, Nigeria soccer fans need him “because we need him”. ###

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