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Unbelievable: Prophet Goes Naked In Andoni

MADOne Prophet Fortunatus David Gogonte aka  Ogwu-etip meaning ‘The Messenger’ has committed sacrilege as he claims to be led by God’s spirit other than what the people of Andoni believe it to be when he goes about naked in broad day light on the street of Andoni.

Fortunatus has chosen the part of going about with nakedness through the city of the Andoni mainland from Ngo through Ilotombi and Lek-Okponile-Obolo in the guise of being led by God, and flanked by some of his members who still holds ware to him.

He is the acclaimed leader or prophet of a congregation called, Zion Kingdom situated at Ilotombi town in Andoni Local Government Area.

It was indeed a horror as an acclaimed messenger of God, goes about naked with some members of his church accompanying him along the major roads of Andoni.

History as confirmed by a close family relation of the wonder prophet has it that before he began the journey in the said Zion Kingdom, he was found in such pitiable circumstances such that he was believed to be insane.

The Newswriter investigations revealed that, the said servant of God was first sighted in the premises of Zion Kingdom, Tamanaga Village in Bonny Local Government as a lunatic or a mental patient.

Zion kingdom, the investigations further revealed is a congregation founded and pastored by Prophet Joshua Williams of the blessed memory who hailed from Agwut-Obolo town. Prophet Williams, aka Ogwu-etip aside from his healing ministry and claims to have been sent by God had not in anybody found naked.

The trouble and question now on the lips of the people is, if truly the spirit of the late messenger as he (Fortunatus) claimed was on him must it make him mad? Fortunatus or his followers could not give any reason why he must go naked as he claimed to be a directive from God according to Isaiah Chapter 20.

The demise of late Prophet Williams has posed a very difficult problem to the Zion Kingdom where Fortunatus is contending with family of the late founder of becoming the leader, an act that balkanized the church.

Currently, the Zion Kingdom is runned on one side by Fortunatus and on the other hand by loyalists of the late founder.

Meanwhile, family members of Prophet Fortunatus David have claimed knowledge of the incident in January 2014, but could not do otherwise since the Fortunatus himself claimed to be under the influence of a genuine spirit. The family sources revealed that this is the second time he is going naked in the public and would always resides in forests.

Fortunatus is the immediate younger brother to the Chief whip, Andoni Legislative Assembly, Hon. David Gogonte.

Efforts to reach Hon. David Gogonte for comment and further position of the family hit the brickwall, but “The Newswriter” was authoritatively briefed by family member of their knowledge of the incident, but expressed lack of assistance to remedy the situation.

The Prophet as at the time of filing in this report is residing at the Asabinwan forest in Ilotombi, Andoni. ###

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