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Rumuodani is the Head Clan of Elelenwo Community – Chief Nyekwere

Chief Christian Nyekwere, Eze Osimini 1 of Oropotoma, is from Rumuodani Elelenwo. He disclosed to newsmen in his palace that Rumuodani is the head clan out of the three clans that made up Elelenwo. The other clans are Rumuoduwere, and Rumueheleze, alleging the man claiming to be His Highness, Eze Elelenwo Etor, Godwin Wodi comes from Rumucheleze. However, he cannot be the paramount ruler of Elelenwo because Rumucheleze is not the head clan.

Chief Nyekwere, further maintained that the issue has been causing problems which has resulted to under development in the community, because there is no proper leadership structure to pilot the affairs of the community.

He noted that Chief Adele of Rumumasi, installed late Chief Boma Owuchkwa as the paramount ruler of Elelenwo before he died and Godwin Wodi claimed the throne without proper installation from the relevant traditional authority.

Chief Nyekwere frowned at the relegation to the background of the chieftaincy title in Elelenwo, saying that anybody can be conferred on the title base on money or social status even though the family the person is coming from does not warrant him to be chief.

To this end, Eze Osimini observed that he often speak the truth in order to maintain peace and can never join in evil because God watches the actions of men and will reward each and everyone.

Therefore he called on the people of Ikwerre to avoid problems and stop fighting themselves, pleading that the Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and Celestine Omehia to stop the fight and embrace each other as brothers. Advising further that the Woji people should forget about the past. Other families like Ogbonda and Chuku families should rally round and ensure that the burial of Eze Frank Eke Ezeoha Evo II is successful and avoid the fighting and killing that brought late Eze frank Eke to the stool. “The mistake of the title has been done therefore I called on other paramount ruler in Akpor Rumumasi and install the next king that the people want and give time the required title to avoid trouble”, Eze Osinimi concluded. ###

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