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A 15- Point Part One State Of The Nation And Rivers State

The Way Forward Due To Readers Demand Who Could Not Get This First Copy As Was Published In The Weekly Watch Newspaper Some Couple Of Months Ago, It Is Now Published Again To Join Part Two For Readers Library

By Chief Y. O.C. Georgewill  –  A Democrat

Date: 22nd June 2013


I owe no apology to anybody in this publication:

1.         Firstly, let me comment On the recent election of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) Chairmanship held in Abuja, on Friday, 24/5/2012. According to reliable source, all the 36 Governors attended, except the Governor of Yobe State, who did not participate, and lastly, a winner emerged, that is no other person than Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State. He scored 19 votes against 16 votes in a clearly contested election where all the South South Governors and others attended who could not deny that they did not participated from the Video Clips we watched.

Soon after that, the Governors of Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and Benue States gathered 15 other Governors to their selves and declared Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State as the winner. Wonders shall never end as long as corrupt politicians across our country  Nigeria are ruling us without shame as they have forgotten themselves that over 169 countries or thereabout of the globe are watching us. What a shame to Nigerian so called Governors of 18 insignificant human beings?

President Goodluck Jonathan with his many years of reading and writing and watching Television and travelling to many countries of the World as he became the President, could not come out to say it is not so, rather exonerated himself. What a shame to our country  Nigeria where we claim the most populous Black People in the world. This shows that those 18 Governors came through the backdoors of their various elections against their opponents in connivances with the so called Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The word Jonah is a Christian name. It actually suits he Jonah Jang as we read in the io1y Scripture (the Bible) after delivered God’s message to Nineveh and later regretted in spite of God’s wrath on him when he refused. His message at the first instant. Those PDP family as they called themselves can’t tell Mr. President to accept the victory of Governor Amaechi as the (NGF) Chairman, They are forgetting that there is Judiciary in our land to decide being the last hope of the common man to get judgment no matter the differences of Amaechi with President Goodluck Jonathan.

The global World has condemned in its entirely of Military taken over from a BAD democratically elected government, otherwise, and unexpectedly, on e morning by the time we shall wake-up from our sleep there shall be a martial music in the air filled across the length and breadth of our country  Nigeria, because of the followings: insecurities, corruptions and ineffectiveness etc in our governance.



The declaration of emergency rule in 3 States of North East is not the best solution. And let me ask, will the Army stay in those States forever? And after they have left, will these so called Boko Haram who might have fled into neighbouring countries, won’t they re-group for their insurgents again? Then what would he the action by the Federal Government? Is it to declare a total war to these States? The answer is No.

In my Open Letter of 11/2/2013 and Press Conference of 2/5/2013, to Mr. President Jonathan, I have said times without numbers that he should not rely so much on his advisers and those around him. He should not be sighing away and ask Nigerians what they want is the best solution now. He should be bold enough to come out to ask Nigerians for a Plebiscite (Referendum) as the President of this country for which way is better for our Nation now and not by Military force, and also reconcile with Governor Amaechi who is his younger brother. Amaechi had defeated him in round one ahead 2015 General Elections no matter his Federal mights against him of the NGF Chairmanship election. “A stitch in time saves nine” I advise him free of charge.



Little did Asari-Dokubo don’t know is that, as he is dancing, he is not seeing his back to know whether he is dancing well or not to the admiration of the audience that are watching him.

He is a young man. I joined him in 1999 and we inaugurated Ijaw-Seikpangi otherwise called INC in Rivers State after the Kaiama declaration of 1999, and we campaigned to a few communities in Rivers State of Ijaw areas before I left them as a senior man not to follow the Youths like that.

Chief Alhaji Asari Dokubo came from a noble family in Buguma City but he is not protecting it. It is most unfortunate to him as a person by not looking back his family background. One of the woes Rivers people suffered in the hands of Dr. Peter Odili, 2 years mischief administration was a combined action by him and the erstwhile Governor because Asari Dokubo likes money.

On the eve of Odili exist draws nearer, he fell apart with him and went into the mangroves to become a head of a militant group and finally liberated his home Town Buguma City in the hands of rival cult groups. Why can’t he go into elective post to either House of Assembly or National Assembly where money is flowing abundantly since he likes money? And as President Good luck Jonathan emerged the President in 2011 General Elections, he Asari Dokubo was an ACN member. He immediately joined the same bandwagon of President Goodluck Jonathan to do what he did with Dr. Peter Odili to say that if President Jonathan did not win 2015 general Elections, he would go back to the mangrove forest and fight the Nigeria Nation. Who is going to fight with him? The IGP and all security forces in this country should not take Chief Athaji Asari Dokubo serious. It is a mere threat. Nobody is going to join him. He is only saying so to please President Goodluck Jonathan to give him more money as he likes money very well. Chief Alhaji Asari Dokubo, I believe, is not aware of the World Democratic Police Nation – the United States of America (US), did not allowed some former Presidents of that great country to win 2nd tenure elections because they did not do well in office.

Let him just look back the last presidential election of US why Barack Obama sailed through on a slite margin was because he did welt by removing the cankerworms of US such as Osama Bin Laden and Mohammed Gadaffi insurgents which had threatened America and the world tremendously in the past. This country believes on the Nation wellbeing and not to go there to amass wealth as we Nigerians are doing in particular and Africa in general.

Alhaji Asari Dokubo is not a politician but is an opportunist. The Nigeria Nation should not take him serious. If President Jonathan did not mend the Feud between him and Amaechi, he should forget the vote of Rivers State because he has not done anything to we Rivers people that will warrant us to vote for him rather we will urge Amaechi to canvass for a Vice President slot in another party which will bring glory to our State because for the nearly 6 years he has been as the Governor of our State, what he has done to us is a testimony even though not as much to Kalabari people in terms of the Trans Kalahari Highway few Roads and Bridges initiated by Dr. Peter Odili administration which is yet to be implemented by Governor Amaechi administration and, in conclusion, about Asari-Dokubo, Nigerian Security Forces should not take him serious whatsoever, It is an empty boast.



His recent utterances as he flew in from Abuja and started criticizing Governor Amaechi that he is most beneficiaries in the State. I now ask my Town’s man and a Chief also, what about him?

(a) A one time Chairman of Akuku-Toru

(b) 2 times Commissioner for Works partly in Dr. Peter Odili administration

(c) A Gubernatorial Candidate in 2007 General Election if to say he wins, won’t he also be the most beneficiary?

Let me tell our Youths and Nigerians that when you are in a position of Trust, consider the Peoples’ plight more than your personal gains or you resign and make it known to the people who put you there why you resigned.


My same Town’s man and Chief David Briggs dropped in Dr. Peter Odili’s ill administration to Rivers people is an act of God. And this is how it happened.

On a Thanksgiving Service at St. Cyprus Church Hospital Road, Port Harcourt, where I worship always, I believed, on that day, all the service Commissioners with Dr. Peter Odili attended that service as it coincided with the Episcopal visit of Rt. Rev. Gabriel Pepple now retired. And during the sermon proper as the Lord Bishop went up to pulpit and gave the sermon as he sited a portion in the Bible and asked Dr. Peter Odiii were you hearing what the passage says, he asked? The Lord Bishop then referred the killings in Okrika, Kalabari, lkwerre lands and Abua/Odual etc; that was he governing people or animals or of what mandate the people gave him to be there to work for them? That if he Peter Odili did not reshuffle his cabinet quickly, the wrath of the Almighty God shall bounds on him (Peter Odiii) in no distant time, therefore, let him take note on a serious warning, and at the said Thanksgiving, he told Dr. Peter Odili to remain as to be the last person to come for his Thanksgiving which he obeyed. The Bishop prayed for him fervently and finally Dr. Peter Odili and his  entourage went home.

And no sooner than 2 weeks, he sacked all the Kalabari Commissioners in his cabinet which affected my Town’s man and Chief, David Briggs. And without that church attendance of Thanksgiving, he Chief David l3riggs would have equally been benefited much as he pointed at Governor Amaechi.

But let me inform my Town’s man Chief David Briggs again also, in 2015 General Elections, if at all it would hold, it is one man one vote and if President Jonathan will not change his policy of hatred and acrimony by removing all the Wells in Akuku-Toru where we come from to Bayelsa State as Governor Amaechi refused to accept that, this was one of the reasons that brought the Feud with him. It is only you my Town’s man, Chief David Briggs and family shall vote for President Goodluck Jonathan while majority of the rest Kalabaris who observed the foregoing as I have said shall vote against him, as Kalabari cannot give out an inch to Bayelsa State. Please take note of this and find a copy of my open letter of 11/2/2013 being referenced to President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja.



The Youths of this country particularly Niger Delta as it affects Rivers State are not thinking about their future. Most of them have finished tertiary Institution between 5, 10 and 15 years ago and there is no job for them as they don’t ask themselves why? Some trained themselves through hardworking without the assistants of their parents that maybe either dead or poor and got their first degree. I remember a family friend son who went to University through MERUWA (sales of water in a Truck). Because his father divorced the mother and the mother trained the senior ones as they have no job, and when it has come to his turn, she is weak to do so. So this boy applied this said MERUWA and completed his education and also did his Youth Service and yet there is no job for him up till now. And those lucky ones are trained by their parents and are continuing feeding them in most cases after 5, 10 and 15 years as mentioned above.

I believe, these Youths who demonstrated, on that faithful day, most of them are not students of History or after their school career, they don’t read books to upgrade their education including newspapers.

The life span of a Youth is 39 years and the moment he or she has reached 40 years, he is no more a Youth. But let me say categorically without controversy, there is no much difference between 39 and 45 years respectively when one of the world greatest leaders of our time, Dr. Nelson Mandela was put into prison in 1964 by the South African minority administration (Apartheid) because he was fighting to free his father land. To mention a few Nikolai Lenin, was born in 1870, who spearheaded the Russian revolution between 1917-24 that the former Soviet Union was created and became a World Power, and Chairman Mao Tse-tung ‘as born in 1893 who also spearheaded the Chinese revolution between 1949-59 to make China what it is as a World Power. In spite of the most populous country in the World, it is having sufficiency in food productions and exporting it including other industrial products tremendously across the globe etc. And if you look at the few above mentioned World Leaders ages, they were 45, 47 and 56 years respectively. They didn’t start it on that same day but planned it at their Youths days if you have the Mandela Book to read it in particular.

Our Youths, let’s come to Oil subsidy promises by President Goodluck Jonathan in early January, 2012 increase from N65.00 to the present 197.00 per litre.

His promises:- (a) Creation of at least 10000 jobs in each State of the Federation by Government

(b) Building of Industries out of the Oil subsidy in different parts of the country for Youths to be employed etc.

Now, how many of you are employed in the last 17 months and where are the Industries at least one for Rivers State by the Federal Government for you to be employed? Are they not collecting the increase in oil since 17 months ago? Or have they revert it to the old N65.00 prize as before? The so called Oil subsidy, is it not going to swelling individual accounts privately? And are you not still suffering as ever before? I believe, you don’t think as I did when I was a lad as I am now a Grand Pa, and on that faithful day of 15/5/2013 perhaps they gave you 45000.00 each for you to go out to demonstrate against Amaechi should go campaign. Did they promise you as we have entered in June, and by 15/6/2013, did they say, you should come and be collecting this said amount till the end of the year? The answer is No to the best of my knowledge. They have used you for that day and have dumped you, don’t you see so?

Secondly, 2015 is just at the corner, these so called politicians will use you again and perhaps the highest amount each of you will get during the campaigns and the elections proper, is a minimum of 4100,000,00 to a maximum of 4200,000.00 respectively, and immediately all the elections are over, you will never to be remembered and to be assisted anymore. Some of them will switch off their phones or buy another Sim cards that you cannot reach them again, and to be enjoyed only by them, wives, children and girls friends alone. You Youths, will you remember this and change the Government by your numerical strength to see whether they party you have not tried can do better as it is in Britain and America or you will die for the same party that have failed the Nation? The Ball is in your court to realize this.

And let me tell you again on your “Amaechi” must go campaign, it is only God Almighty, the Court and the Hon. Members of the Rivers State House of Assembly who can remove Amaechi and not by your so called and unwarranted campaign of Amaechi must go on 15/5/2013.

Which of the Governors across the 36 States of the Federation had ever developed Rivers State like Amaechi apart from King Diete Spiff still alive and Okilo, of the blessed memory in Rivers State?

If it were so, this State would have since been developed like the Western Countries as some of us have visited and experienced in such places.


6. THE NGF ELECTION 24/5/2013

The Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) Chairmanship was keenly contested on 24/5/2013 (Friday) in the Nose of Aso Rock with all the mights of the Federal Government, and President Goodluck and his lieutenant Governors of Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and Benue States with their allies were put to shame; Youths don’t you see God’s Hands are with Amaechi? Please when next they asked you to come out, don’t come out for such demonstrations. Tell them to go and call their children to do the job for them and to eat all when the time comes, this should be your position no matter as you are suffering.

Youths you should stop deceiving yourself and accept my advice in this writing. Nothing I have, but I am contended with my soul. At my 73, I’m still using public transport hence I came across you on that day because of go slow as I dropped in the Bus I entered and trekked and passed in your midst and see you at the Government Rouse Gate. Why those who sent you, can’t they go and open the gate for you to see Amaechi and drag him out from the Government House before 2014/2015?

Amaechi  never gave me a dine, but I always appreciate someone doing well. Let me tell you, give me this State to Govern I must do better than he Amaechi of the talents exposure, and as a Pioneer Deputy Chairman, Asari-Toru Council in Rivers State my many years in politics and experience God Almighty had bestowed in me as well as a Community Leader hence I was given an Award without lobbing for it. All these are through my track records people outside observed and recommended me. This is the Truth and life.

On that day 15/5/2013 demonstration, I am still thinking to say you are not from this State since I can’t recognize one person amongst you in your midst as well as no one calls me Alabo. But if you are from this State, organize yourself at a particular place and invite me to come and address you for a way forward for a Revolution. I am now old otherwise; I will spearhead it and succeed by God’s grace.



I don’t think there are real Christians that follow the Biblical injunction as well as Muslim religion whether if it has same injunction too in the Holy Koran since I have never come across to read it whether written in English. 99% of these faithful religions are armed robbers in all the Political parties without the fear  of God by punishing we their fellow Nigerians for not doing what is necessary to do to uplift our sufferings from the God giving minerals, which, we would not pay Electricity bills and Taxes if prudently managing the resources to developing all parts of the country of our 53 years as a Nation.

I read in one of the dailies where the original certificate of CPC INEC registration was missing in order to make it difficult for the proposed merger for the APC. However, I believe, and by now, the stated missing certificate has been recovered for the said registration, and if so, we thank God Almighty for that.

But let me remind the proposed New Party (APC) to open their eyes very well for the Ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) who must plant some of their members into key positions to give them information for them to loose the 2015 General Elections for the PDP to remain in power. Both religions of Christians and Muslims don’t fear God by doing the right things always but are following the satanic evil ways of bribery and corruptions. Hardly we will become like the Western World where we follow the democracy we are practicing as we do not follow their methods of give and take syndrome in politics in those countries. I herewith recommend to the organizers of the proposed APC party in order for it to be relevant and control the centre in 2015 General Elections as follows:

(a) There shall be a strong protest to dissolve the present INEC, because, it is PDP INEC;

(b) The political parties should not be more than 3 viz: The PDP, the APC and the Labour Party only;

(c) Since we are practicing American system of government, there shall be rooms for Independent candidates in 2015;

(d) The composition of INEC should be on equal representatives across these 3 political parties (PDP, Labour & APC respectively);

(e) Since Nigerians don’t fear God and accepting the way of Satan, all going to be elected members of APC caucus must take an oath of a deadly one who comes in; as a SPY for the PDP to die in the event of doing so, not later than one month of passing such information to those who sent him or her;

(f) If this (e) above is accepted, you will see that some of those who are the front burners of this New APC shall withdraw themselves for not going to die in order to working for such party who sent them into such mission since Nigerians are afraid of death and yet we die daily for not been able to Revolutionize Nigeria for all its’ mess by our leaders now, and without Revolution, the World Police (America) would have not gotten its Independence from Britain between 1776-1777 uprising against Britain.

In the civilized world of the West, the electorates changes such government in power who don’t do well and retains or gives the same mandate to such party to go for a second tenure. But here in Nigeria and Africa, the ruling party rules forever if even they are ding-dongs. And in this respect, I doff my HAT to Ghanaians. Let us borrow a leaf from them. Originally, whatever Nigeria does was what Ghanaians do but after the Jerry Rowlins Revolution, they learnt their lessons and seat up. Today, Ghana is ahead of Nigeria, socially, economically and politically. How many Ghanaians do we see in the major cities of Nigeria today as we asked them to go in the 1980s (Eighties) as we nicknamed them, Ghana Must Go with Ghana so called Bags. Go to that country today, there are lots of our Nigerian men and women. And in fact, our Big politicians children are schooling in Ghana now because they have a stable administration in all human endeavours with the fear of J.J. Rowlins Revolution. Nigeria needs a change in 2015 General Elections and nothing more than this.



Although our constitution allows freedom of Association and movement but the attendance by some Kalabarl Chiefs In a one time Gubernatorial Candidates premises in GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt, if they have the same character and thinkings like me for what is happening in Rivers State between President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Amaechi, they ought not to attend. The only offence Governor Amaechi committed against President Goodluck Jonathan administration is transferring the Oil Wells in Akuku-Toru L.G.A. into Nembe and Ogbia respectively in Bayelsa State. Governor Amaechi is a leader with a sound vision who protects the oath of office and mandate with which he swore to the people of this State and the country at large. He should not be daunted by some thoughtless citizens of our State who are criticizing him for a platter of Gold. I commend Governor Amaechi to hold fast these zeals of oath-taken. I prophesy to him that Heaven will be his limit unless he withdraws himself from politics.

Though I have said above, freedom of Association and movement. It is morally wrong in our Kalabari Tradition by our founding fathers in order to protect our territory against any other benefit(s). Why will these Chiefs of Kalabari attended Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan’s invitation? Is it because of the N20000.00 each being given in a Brown Envelop? What has that got to change their lives as Chiefs. Is it the way to defend our territory by our founding father “King Amachree 1” ideology? Their visit is morally wrong if nobody will tell them particularly in the rank and file of the Chiefs.

My late senior brother and friend a renowned politician of our age, Chief P.G. Warmate told me when he was alive as we were having a chart he stated that in the old, and as at that time, Youths and Elders have no right to tell a Chief you are wrong except his colleague Chief(s). This is the law in chieftaincy institution in Kalabari Land. A brother of mine who is also a Chief told me on that faithful attendance day of Dame Patience invitation as stated above to be attended by some Kalabari Chiefs and Elders, and I thanked him and told him that I have engaged for another business of my own so I can’t attend it,

How can I attend it when in my open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan on 11th February, 2013 at the conclusion part of that memorable letter to him, I criticized him of the Oil Wells being his aim to be transferred to Nembe and Ogbio respectively as I warned the President the consequences for the Kalabari people, and for over 500 years ago till this day, the Kalabari kingdom had not been defeated by any kingdom in tribal wars.

How can I, am I a DOG who vomits and at the same time leaks it because of 20000.00. The oath of my chieftaincy as the first Chief of Angulama in Asari Toni Local Government Area of Rivers State, and the founder of chieftaincy council in that ancient community, I must defend my integrity at all times no

matter whose ox is gored. That’s me because all my closet associates know me for my frankness in policies and programmes because no amount of money shall change me to accept something that is wrong in my thinkings.

However, my thanks goes to the Amayanabo of Abonnema being my king since I am a dual citizen of Abonnema and Angulama though nobody let me know to attend the Amanayabo of Abonnema who represented His Majesty, King Prof.  T.J.T. Princewill Amachree Xl, Amanayabo of Kalabari, who is also a dual citizen of Buguma City and Abonnema for that Historic and solidarity visit to Governor Amaechi at Government House. I commend all those who attended and very soon, I shall have a courtesy visit to my Amanayabo in his palace at Abonnema to fiscally commend him.



The Hon. Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu Press briefing against our Governor Chibuike Amaechi on 21/6/2013 (Friday) by telling the World that Governor Amaechi is a Tyrant and Autocratic leader is very unfortunate. He went ahead to say since he came to the State, the Governor had never called him at Government House to discuss security matters. I believe, Mr.

Mbu Joseph Mbu did not come from a disciplined family and he is mentally not in order hence he used such words to our Governor.

He is posted from his former State with an Agenda to Rivers State by not studying the people and get in touch with Governor Amaechi being the Chief Security Officer to educate him the way forward as he was posted, but rather, Implementing what Abuja had directed him to do so what did he expects from the Governor? Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu cannot run away from his shadow, since he came in, the Crime waves have been increased tremendously.

For instant, the Mile One Police Station, Port Harcourt, DPO 2nd Hon. Chimbiko Akarolo of Phalga organized with the Ibo Traders of Imo State origins mostly who took over in a military style of my administration, Could Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu denies it that it did not happen? Where our Lawyer officially wrote to him and also attached the letter we wrote to the Area Commander, Port Harcourt, about the incident of 20/5/2013, could the Hon. Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu deny that such petition did not reach his table or is it because a Brown Envelop did not follow the petition for him to act immediately?

While the Area Commander, Port Harcourt categorically stated to me and few of my officers who met him directed us if we like we should write to the Commissioner of Police and nothing is going to happen. Did Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu didn’t he see in both RSTV and NTA aver our Press Conference for, the Transfer of the DPO in Mile One Police Station, Port Harcourt?

I, and my family and the good Rivers Traders of Mile One Market, Port Harcourt, support thousands of Rivers men and women on several solidarities made to our dear governor Amaechi for him never to be daunted of Abuja threats and remain steadfast to implement for us the oath of office for the state and the nation, and let him continue with alt the laudable projects in Rivers State, which are second to none in the 36 States of Nigeria that will touch our lives.

I join all those against Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu so called Press Conference he had on 21/6/2013 to declare UNRESERVED APOLOGY to Governor Amaechi over his lit fated statement against our Governor Amaechi with immediate effect. And where he fails to do so, let Commissioner Mbu Joseph Mbu be transferred immediately out of Rivers State by the Authorities in Abuja who brought him to Rivers State together with Mr. Bello, the Area Commander, Port Harcourt, who had overstayed In Rivers State and he is no more useful to the State together with the DPO, Mile One, Police Station, Port Harcourt. Their duty is to keep Law and Order which they have failed the people of Rivers State therefore they are “PERSONA-NON-GRATA” in Rivers State.



Our Law makers in both Senate and the House of Representatives gone there for themselves in order to amass wealth without considering the masses who voted them to be there to make good Laws to the people of this country.

The military, created 36 States, and most Local Government Areas, bringing it the present 774 LGAs, and if not the Military, most of them would have not been there (the National Assembly).

By 2015, we will be 16 years of an uninterrupted dividend of democracy. Nigerians agitated for more States and more LGAs creation which they have thrown away into the dustbin. What are they there for, for the people who voted them there. Is it only to enrich their pockets with a flamboyant livings? Just imagine Lagos State, it is a single city that have the highest population in this country Nigeria and Africa with just only 20 LGAs. While Kano State which is the, second largest City and State with the city of Kano with many Towns and villages is having 44 LGAs. Is it not a cheat to Lagos State? Let me also come back home, Rivers State, the 5th largest in our country Nigeria gets only 23 LGAs which is being the Treasure Base of Nigeria, is it not a cheat also? There are genuine demand of such States and LGAs which ought to be created because it can sustain itself but all these were thrown into the said dustbin. It is most unfortunate to Nigerians who voted them into the National Assembly; and instead of their mandate to bring glory, the reverse is the issue to us by these lawmakers.

In Britain, there are over 10,000 LGAs. This is why they have developed and regarded a developed country vis-à-vis to most Western countries.

Secondly, as soon as President Goodluck Jonathan assumed office as the President under South South, he, without hesitation suggested a single Tenure of 6 years only. These Law makers threw it away. If it is approved by them as the President suggested, what remains for him to rule is 3 years plus some months now, then another takes over. But today they have approved that single tenure for the Presidency and Governors. They did not include themselves because they are hoping to remain there forever except by death. If not the selection of candidates and not through real elections as it suppose to be, and if not that the so called INEC is not independent as they name implies to deceive the global world, 99% of these Law makers must he booted out in 2015 general elections because they are there only for themselves and not for we the masses, Let all Nigerians shine our eyes to flush out these Law makers at the polls for new Honourable members to try in 2015 instead.



By the military Junta of Gen. Ibrahim B. Babaginda, when he announced before the General elections in 1993 for a New Breed Politicians to be put in place, arid by this pronouncement of the Military Junta, our Youths who are waiting for their time perhaps the matured age from 40 years, felt that Gen. Babaginda had ordered them to take over that elections in 1993 thereby did not allow the matured age groups from 40 and above participants to participate in all elections. So the youths hijacked it to this day.

This is one of the reasons on part corruption in our polity. Most youths don’t know where their Ward started and ended talk more of constituencies. And most of them are below 30 years of age and never married with children to manage a family, how much more for a WARD or a CONSTITUENCY.

The political parties that shall fill in candidates for 2015 General elections should watch these age groups, and let our Constitution give certain age enshrined in the constitution now that the Constitution is under review. It shall be amended to at least 35 years minimum age for Local Government Candidates 40 years and above for the House of Representatives and 45 years  and above for the Senate, while the Governor and President shall be 50 years and 55years minimum ages respectively. There shall be no sworn declaration of age because many affidavit declared, certificates were faulty and untrue just only acceptable by Law. They should produce a Birth Certificate in a recognized Hospitals and Maternities as we have come t the age of our births. Such candidate must be married and at least with a child too  with original certificates of marriage also.

The moment this Is put in place, there shall be a little sanity by not hijacking it of military President E3abaginda order which they assumed for themselves while it is not.



As I said earlier there are no true Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. Rather, 99% of our populations are controlled by Satanic powers. All categories of Governments may deny me and may want to crucify me in this area but it is the truth.

From all available real source, a constituency representative in Rivers State at the National Assembly was to be lured into those Satanic membership but he refused and told them, the position of his late father served God Almighty till the end of his life, and how can he deviate from that realm and join their Satanic organization? For this reason, he is sidelined. Not only himself there are lots of such people in both Houses of Parliament. Those you see talking  always are the Cult Group members. If our representatives are not contributing as I earlier thought too, know that this is the major reason. Those so called cult members particularly in the National Assembly should remember that HELL FIRE IS REAL whether they like it or not. Instead of them hear or listen in St.  Mathew Gospel chapter 6, verse 33: “to seek the kingdom of God first”, they are seeking the kingdom of Satan which is the Hell fire being real. The Holy never from the time of Moses unto this day speak twice. Let this Hon. Members repent now to save their souls. But let me ask; How ever a person is when he was alive has he gone away with ordinary N5 put in his coffin or grave. I advice that they should come back to God for our country to move  or HELL FIRE beclouds 99% of our population whether they or we like it or not.



The Board Members of The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Should work closely with Mr. Stephen Keshi and give him all necessary support rather than looking for another coach locally or internationally for us to move forward the tournament of World Football game which is just less than one year to come for the fiesta in Brazil, South America. A foreign coach shall not be a magician in just one year ahead.

Stephen Keshi was a gold medalist in 1994 for the second period Nigeria ever won at the confederation cup since it started and by this year, he has added one to make us won 3 times. He is commendable. The talking of Local players more in the present squad is uncalled for. Who is not local in our History? The international players all over the world, all started locally and what are we talking. Apart from that, these international players how many scarified for Nigeria being their father land in their days of play when they were called upon for the National assignment? The only persons I can say in this regard who were regular were: Kanu Nwankwo, one Lawal and Daniel Amokachi who would first land for camping among the large number of our foreign players invited. I am a football lover to observe that the rest are one form or other braggarts in their days to excuse for something during the camping period for a toi1irnament.

On the part of Stephen Keshi, though time is not on our side, let him try to watch S top Teams in our Premier League and still bring in such players into the fold particularly in the DEFENCE and STRIKERS which presently made us not co reach the quarter final in the confederation cup in Brazil recently. These 2 departments made us to go out at the group stages which any football enthusiast observed including FIFA.

And since we have less than 12 months for the World Cup tournament, Board Members of NFF should send Stephen Keshi to a one month orientation course in football countries like either, Brazil, Spain, ltaly and Germany for an added plus so as to do better for our country in Brazil. This suppose to be done immediately” when the European Premier League starts and because these administrators may not want their players to go anywhere including PIFA time table too.

To my mind, Stephen Kechi has done well for now and let all Nigerians give him the courage to excel than criticize him and look for a Foreign Coach who could not do magic now as we clamour. Finally, the Board members in the NFF should allow a free hand to Keshi to choose a particular player for the tournament. He knows best as a onetime Gold Medalist. Some of them in the NFF had never kicked football for one day. I commend Keshi for he has done well so short a period.



The citizens of Rumuwoji Community should from this day change their attitude to love one another to benefit immensely both from Government, Oil Companies and the public particularly their Rumuwoji Market. They should stop jealous acts and gullible tendencies in their daily life to benefit more. They should stop demanding to bring a goat, yams, drinks etc in a minor matter because all families of Port Harcourt citizenry and those persons they demand whether indigenes or non-indigenes to buy goat(s) are uncalled for. All families eat goat meats each time they like it. There is no big deal for an established community like Rumuwoji maybe demanding minor offences for such items to be presented instead of go into the real matter and resolve it. Is it their ultimate? How much is the cost of a goat, yams, plantains, drinks etc. except at a particular Traditional demand and not in all cases. Why not demand a Cow or a Bull? This is my piece of advice of my 45 years in their community. My stay in their community is greater than what I have total spent in my borne town.

The recent crisis in Mile One Rumuwoji Market, Port Harcourt, is as a result of building 2 bedroom House for the Nyewe-eli, Chief John Dike, the oldest man in their community according to the citizens. He is 110 years. A sudden fire destroyed his No 10 Obudu Street building of his palace and nearly taken his life if not God’s intervention, and yet, someone died inside.

The good people of the Traders in Rumuwoji Market headed by me (Chairman) after thinking exhaustible for, what help can we render to the oldest man in our several meetings debated for this disaster, and finally decided to build a 2 Bed room flat of modern structure as such by harbouring us 45 years ago, but a few non-indigene Traders of Rivers State say, Capital NO.

The community invited we the authorities/antagonist of the market and waved into it and finally came to conclusion that the 2 Bed Room House should not he built for this oldest man and the Community Leader in spite of his age.

It is most unfortunate of their decision in this regard. The Rumuwoji Community should after this publication re-think of their position as a Community and a group to benefit tremendously otherwise, they will ever remain a disunited Community.

This is a few citizens in that jury who say No to the Nyewe-eli’s house. They should remember that old age is an Act and a gift of God, and anybody who was gullible of this project for the Nyewe-eli, perhaps may not wish to live to that age. This is a natural phenomenon in life whether they believe it or not.

They have taken their decision and it has come to stay but it is absolutely bad to decide such, and unless, they re-think about themselves to love one another, the expected unity to move forward the community is in the chimera.

Many people would be angry with me of this publication but I am bold to say, I am a Jonah in the Holy Bible in their community to assist them for what the Lord had sent me so I don’t bother indeed to speak the TRUTH whether they like it or not. They should have a change of heart 1 advise them finally, for, it is too bad of them.



My fellow Rivers, Traditional Rulers Council, Chiefs, Elders and our Youths, now that creation of States and Local Government Areas had been put into sub (Dustbin) by those we voted to represent us at the National Assembly of not thinking about the future well-being of us they represent rather than their personal benefits, let all of us who are dare hearted supporters to our amiable Governor Amaechi to see that he selects a Governor unbiased by him to takeover from him and to school him to develop Rivers State more than he Amaechi had done when he will leave office in 2015 general elections, because there is a wind blowing in Aso Rock allegedly to bring another Governor to Rivers people where such areas has tested such before. Rivers State belongs to all sons and daughters of Rivers origins and not an outsider to dictate our DESTINY for us which we should all rise to say No to Abuja except a few of our sons and daughters who don’t have anything to offer we Rivers people than their selfish interests only shall collaborate that.

2015 Governor must come either from Ogoni axis or Kalabari vis-à-vis the Deputy from these great kingdoms if the Governor has emerged from one of these areas while the Speaker go to known Etche not associated with outsider or Ekpeye people etc. We should not allow anything more than that.

And if the Ruling PDP would suppress Governor Amaechi to fill in Gubernatorial Candidate outside the mentioned areas, our dear Governor should shift his base to another party and bring to us a candidate from the above mentioned areas for all of us to vote for such candidates to get what we want, repeat, and emphasis.

I repeat again, Rivers State, was not created out of GOLD but by the blood of our illustrious sons and daughters who made supreme sacrifices to us, therefore, neither Aso Rock Abuja nor a few disgruntled elements in our midst to dictate our DESTINY to us. Governor Amaechi is our leader and let us support him in all elections in 2015.

The evil Governor Amaechi committed to Aso Rock, Abuja, was that, he did not allow the Kalabari Oil Wells to go to Bayelsa. This is his prime offence. My fellow Kalabari people, if you don’t know it, know it right now and support 100% to our dear Governor Amaechi with the rest of Rivers people in diaspora. Governor Amaechi removal from office before 2015 is only God that can remove him and the Rivers State House of Assembly but since 27 of the Hon, Law makers re supporting him no shaking by DV. Let him ride on to us our amiable Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, and may God gives you strength and wisdom to lead us through Amen.



I advise that Your Excellency should focus and remain steadfast and go ahead with your Agenda to Rivers people. At this juncture I refer you to Holy Bible Proverb chapter 29 verse 2 that is our commitments with you and you to us because “when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn” Bravo and don’t think otherwise because 99% of Rivers populace are with you in Jesus Name – Amen.

Let all rivers people shine our eyes against Abuja in 2015 general elections.


Chief Y. O. C. Georgewill

The Peoples’ Voice/A Leader;

South South.

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