Welldone Governor Amaechi, But…

We have come to an age where men and women become unthankful.

There is nothing wrong to say “thank you” to any elective or public office-holder who is doing well in his or her primary assignment.

Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has done much for the people of Rivers State since he assumed office in October, 25 2007. His administration has embarked on series of developmental projects that impacted positively on the lives of the residents of Rivers State. Amaechi’s  presence could be felt in several sector of the economy in Rivers State. The health sector has been resuscitated, the education sector revamped, while there is adequate security in the state.

So many major roads in the state have been reconstructed for easy transportation system in Port Harcourt and its enviorns.

The Governor needed to be applauded for what he is doing to put smiles on the faces of the Rivers people. However, despite his giant strides, the rural communities remain undeveloped.

The people at the rural areas are not feeling the positive impact of the present administration under the leadership of Governor Amaechi. There are no access and feeder roads in the local areas, inspite their contributions to the economic growth of the nation. The bulk of our natural resources come from the rural areas.

Beside this, there is an absence of portable drinking water and primary healthcare delivery system.

The rural dwellers are passing through excruciating pains as a result of non availability of infrastructural development and social amenities. We are not happy with the construction of the multi-billion naira monorail project, which we believe strongly will not have any positive bearing in the lives of the people. Monorail is a waste project. Though Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has done well in some aspects of the economy in the state, but  there are several areas to be touched that will uplift the standard of living of the masses, such as provision of soft loan to the rural dwellers to boast their domestic economy, siting of industries in the local communities to curb rural-urban migration and amongst several others.

However, we will say, well done, Governor Chibuike Amaechi, but…

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