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Young Upcoming Footballers Should Be Careful With Academies

Young upcoming footballers in Nigeria, particularly Rivers State should be careful with mushroom football academies that are springing up here and there.

This warning is coming from the heel of what The Newswriter sports discovered over the years. There are some Super eagles ex-star or international ex-stars who might have seen better days in their playing days would want to take undue advantage of the aspiring upcoming footballers by  establishing none effective academies that do not exist.

The innocent unsuspecting upcoming footballers were made to pay a reasonable amount of money in the name of registration into the never existing academies.

Some of these ex-Super Eagles or ex-international stars do not currently have any strong financial background to fall back, so for the benefit of keeping body and soul together, they fake the false academies to gathered money from the unsuspecting upcoming footballers to survive.

Some of these so called ex-super eagles or ex-international stars are so poor that the unsuspecting upcoming footballers are the only source of their survival as they do not have nothing to fall back financial wise. No investment, no bank saving and no practical business to keep them going in life.

Recently, a former super eagles defender used the media to deceived unsuspecting footballers in believing that he has an academy in Belgium where he come to Nigeria to pick young football talent to nurture to become greater football stars.

To say the least, because the so called ex-international and former super eagles is so poor that he could not pay the media cost and attempted running away till he was arrested here in Port Harcourt.

For now nothing has come out of the so called academy he professed before the media. And many unsuspecting upcoming footballers of Rivers origin have paid some money to the account number he gave out, yet they have not traveled.

So be warned before you pay any money into any football academy investigates before doing so. ###

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