War In Kula Community

…Plans To Dethrone Monarch Exposed

In the past twenty five (25) years, Kula, a coastal community in Kalabari kingdom has never witnessed peace and stability. Its problems are enormous and uncontrollable. The lingering problems ranging from the kingship tussle, land disputes, chieftaincy crisis, community ownership to signing of Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) with the Dutch Oil giant, Shell Petroleum Development Community (SPDC).

The Kula community has lost several properties and souls to uncontrollable crisis. For over twenty (20) years, the community has a kingship tussle in court until  two (2) years ago, Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi declared HRH King Kuroma Amabibi Eleki Sara XIV as the King of Kula.

This single handed declaration of the Governor incensed the opposition which is headed by HRH King Bourdillion Ekine Oko. Since that declaration, King Sara has not visited his domain more than four times for fear of unknown that may be perpetuated by the members of the opposition group.

Prior to the emergence of King Sara XIV as the Amanyanabo, funds accrued from the oil firms operating in the area were cornered by the “few elite” in the community. This result into series of protests and violence. Kula is undeveloped despite its economic contributions to the growth of the nation.

Six (6) years ago, some prominent chiefs of Kula community were brutally murdered in a gun battle along the creek near the community. One of the prominent chiefs who died during the exchange of the bullets was Chief Dan Opusingi, the former chairman of Kula Council of Chiefs.

Two (2) years after the killing of these chiefs, three (3) youths including, Hon. Christian Don Pedro were arrested. The suspects were prosecuted and sentenced to death by a High Court sitting in Port Harcourt.

The condemned youths have since proceeded to an Appeal Court in Enugu.

Few weeks ago, Kula has started boiling again for exclusion of some communities in signing of GMoU with SPDC. This has led to plethora of protests. It also led to shut down of some oil flow stations in the area. The protesting group was led by HRH Hope Dan Opusingi, the Amanyanabo of Opu-kula and HRH G. Opueze, the Paramount ruler of Ingeje community.

Meanwhile sources hinted this publication that there are secret plans to dethrone the Amanyanabo of Kula community, King Sara XIV.

Some persons suspected to be Chiefs in Kula met in Port Harcourt to deliberate on how to dethrone King Eleki, saying that the Amanyanabo is not protecting the interest of the community. No fewer than fifty (50) chiefs across the length and breadth of Kula Kingdom were in attendance.

According to them, since King Eleki was “installed” by Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and that he will be sacked as soon as the governor leaves office next May.

The representatives of the various communities who were presence at the meeting endorsed HRH Hope Dan Opusingi to take over, when king Sara will be finally dethroned.

Dan Opusingi has been parading himself at different fora as the “paramount ruler” of Kula community. He is one of the strongest opponents to King Sara XIV. Recently, he has lured all the chiefs in Kula to his side.

The plan to dethrone King Sara and give the prestigious throne to HRH Opusingi may not go down well with some sections of he community, especially that of the Oko royal family. And Clandestine plans’ are going on to install HRM King Bourdilion Ekine Oko as soon as the plan to dethrone King Sara become reality or actualize. If this “sinister” plan hatches, according to analysts, Kula community will never know peace and continue to groan in pains and instability. ###

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