RDM Wades Into Rivers Crisis

A Non Governmental Organization, Rivers Democratic Movement (RDM) on 22nd of February, 2014 convened a stakeholders meeting of Rivers people, residents and friends of the state with the view of addressing the current political crisis in the state at Hotel Presidential.

Different persons spoke, agreed that the situation became worse because elders have not taken responsibility.

Prof. W. J. Okowa  the main speaker for the day, said, oppressed people do not fight themselves and advised Rivers people not to sow discord between Jonathan and Amaechi citing proverbs 6:16-19.

He advised Rivers people to send people to represent them in National Conference according to ethnicities in the state pointing out that the problem of Rivers State is from the politicians. He advised Rivers people to come together to decide what steps to be taken, saying this will mean standing together with one accord, noting that Rivers people posses the power to dictate what they want even the type of leader that will rule them.

“Things are this bad because Rivers people refused to use the power they posses” he said.

Chief Godwin Georgewill in his contributions urged Rivers people to decide on their own who will be their governor rather than the governor being chosen for Rivers people by the political parties.

Anyekwe Nsirimovo  in his statement accused the elders of the state for not taking responsibility as elders to address the situation when it started. Saying all Rivers people in one way or the other are responsible for the crisis in the state.

According to him, the ordinary people of Rivers State have noting to fight for noting that the politicians are the people who have created the chaotic situation in Rivers State today.

He maintained that the politicians have not helped Rivers people, adding that the politicians have always used the people, as they never represented the people interest at anytime.

Opubo Inko-Tariah, in his contributions accused the entire Rivers State populace saying for allowing such persons into Rivers politics evil is triumphing in the state. He urged Rivers people to take action after the meeting, positing that Rivers people could do this by standing together, as Rivers people are not cowards. Positive change is the answer.

In his conclusion, Prof. W. J. O. Kowa, said Rivers people should recognize the power the common people of Rivers have that the politicians do not have. It is time to support what is right in the basis of rule of law, by using the power of dialogue and persuasion.

“None of these politicians are worth dying for therefore, the ordinary people of Rivers State must connect because they have no quarrel, so that they can move ahead. This is time for action”.

The solution meeting was chaired by Faye Dikio (SAN). A communiqué was issued at the end of the meeting that reconciliation be used to achieve peace while Rivers people will chose their governor by themselves in addition of sending representative to the confab. ###


Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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