Pitfalls of Nigeria’s Democracy

MAP OF NIGIn the past fifteen (15) years, Nigeria as a country is enjoying uninterrupted democracy. Before this time military intervenes periodically in the politics of Nigeria. The first time,  that was 1966, the military struck in the Nigeria’s political terrain, several intelligent politicians were brutally murdered.

This negatively affected the political development of the nation.

Most of the problems confronting the nation is as a result of the military incursion in our body polity.

The worst thing that can happen to any civilized nation is the military intervention in its political and public affairs. Military administration has become an aberration.

Democracy is the best system of governance. Therefore, the worst democratic government is better than the best military administration. This is why we need to support the convocation of the National Conference.

There are so many issues to be addressed in the country. Nigeria is not a mere “geographical expression or coincidence”, but a nation with so much glorious opportunities.

One of the major problems of Nigeria’s democracy is the unholy and ungodly activities of our elected political office holders.

Funds meant for the development of their constituencies would be cornered and channeled to their private bank accounts.

Democracy is all about development. It is very sad to see elected officers living in mansions and driving the best cars in town, while constituents are living below the poverty level.

There is so much corruption in the country. Employment of labours is no longer on merit, but god fatherism and favourtism. The commonwealth of the nation is in the hands of few individuals, which affect the socio-political and the economic development of the country. Fifteen (15) years after, the Nigeria’s democracy is no longer fledging, but advancing. Our elected office holders are the problems of our democracy. They are not thinking about the interest of the nation, but their immediate family and stomach.

Politicians should be careful of their activities, but to embark on programmes and policies that will encourage positive transformation in the country.  ###

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