APCDecampees Increases As APC Unveils Convention Time Table

The long awaited convention dates of the opposition All Progressives Congress, (APC) has been unveiled and efforts and expectations at various sections of the party seem high since everyone looks ready to deliver to the party.

It was disgusting as the self acclaimed opposition party could not arm itself with sufficient working materials if at all to stand against the ruling party, the PDP, when it could not constitute its executives at all levels since its registration till date.

Little wonder as there were pockets of claims and counter claims of the leadership of the party, and who leads the party or not.

Alhaji’s noted to have pitched against each other in search of leadership of the party while some sitting governors perhaps the newly defected have added to the internal imbroglio.

All thanks to God, as the expected convention and congresses is underway to proffer possible solution if necessary to the fears of certain bigwigs in the party as only the Alhajis dominated the interim national executive committee.

The proposed National Convention, state, LGA and ward congresses are expected to address the numerous challenges facing the APC and boast its performances in the course of its expected change, if at all it could be organized in an atmosphere free of rancour, devoid of ethnicity, zero interest and tolerance.

Though the opposition party, proud itself of working in team spirit and self sacrifice, the possibility of conducting the upcoming convention of the party without the aforementioned indices is considered very slim.

You know what? The who is who at the Interim National Executive Committee or founding committee of APC are all guilty of personal or group interests and would not relent in whatever that propels their frontline position.

Another, group or personality induce walkout is apparently expected during or after the expected national convention, since, humans are imperfect beings.

They (APC) have selected or proposed April 5th for Ward congresses across the nation, while April 12th and 23rd are respectively for local governments and states and May 24th is billed for its national convention.

It was unveiled after its sixth Interim National Executive Committee meeting in Abuja on Tuesday March 18th, 2014 via a communiqué.

Now, that these dates were unveiled the several camps in the party are assiduously going round the clock to ensure all is doted and t’s crossed, but are there no betrayals amongst them? Would some not be misunderstood? Would group interest be jettisoned? The time will tell.

Recently, the governor of Katsina State had announced the defection of greater number of some faithful back to the ruling PDP. This is precisely the watch word and expectations of the people.

The ruling PDP on her path is not relenting in ensuring the orderliness of its house and keeping all hands on deck to secure the party’s victory at all levels.

Will the APC convention work without any ghost hands in it? “Carry go or you will see,” is neither a curse nor abuse but an adage or postulation of great experience form the elderly to younger generation.

Those who dump the ruling PDP for what they termed as marginalization may definitely come by another scenario and excuses in the upcoming APC convention ranging from the wards to states thereby assume another reason to defect to another party of choice or PDP as well.

The fact that they have conceived an ambition, they must surely look for where to exercise power in other to get by their ambitions.

However, if they succeed in securing their feet with the convention to crab the APC’s structure, it is possible that those defeated would pull out of APC.

The expectation is in the air, as acclaimed APC members are standing not with two legs wherever they found themselves.

In Rivers State, for instance the questions on many lips are; are there true members of APC? Who are the members in all the wards? Do they have structures to work with? Can they completely take over the stage?

But, one thing is paramount, that change is inevitable and change must take its course in Rivers. Either APC takes over or not, the truth remains that the lessons to be learnt from it emergence and operations will be formidable enough to take certain people to higher level in life.

Issues Abattoir has said much about the APC emergence, its contributions to partisan struggles, either positive or negative and now is the time for all in the game and business of politics to be fully aware that irrespective of the facts that followers someday become leaders, it is incumbent on followers to also reap the benefit of follwership. “The worker is worthy of his wages”.

Leaders, including that of APC in the Rivers should acknowledge the fact that followers deserves growth and not only friends, if APC is to achieve any feet in the state and not forgetting that before the advent of its new found love (APC), the PDP through its various agents had worked hard to enthroned them.

Though it is bitter, but truth is constant, to avert much defection before, during and after the May 24th National Convention, all who deserves financial, material, positional growth should be quickly identified and provided with such.

This if done may keep the joy of togetherness otherwise, greater exodus awaits the APC in Rivers and elsewhere.

Thank you as you keep reading and studying with the Issues Abattoir. ###

With James Mgboineme

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