Excuse me, do you think that the descendants of Jacob will not go back to take their land as prophecied in the Bible? It is not possible because not all what is in the Bible is true, for lot of things were twisted by the Jews and the descendants of Naphali (the Romans) for all the 12 lost tribes of Israel have settled in different countries worshiping money and idols, so the very sin that made Yahweh to scatter them is still growing even worse, so how can they return to that land. In fact the white race are those that are supporting the Jews on that land and their brothers at South Africa. So their brains are blocked about going back to that land. Yahoshea Meshiyaeh had forseen all these and said that He has taken away the Kingdom (glory) of Yahweh to people far off who would produce the fruit of the Kingdom which is nothing than those who see to the restoration of all holy things (Matt. 21:43, Isa. 66:19). That is why the aim of this pamphlet is to write and point out the sin of the Israelites that prompted Yahweh to remove or transfer His glory from them, of which made the Assyrians to capture them and scatter them on the surface of the world. Since Yahweh has balanced the owners of South Africa, Israel must take back their land. When I say the owner of Israel, I mean the original owners which are the Canaanites, not the Arabs, for Arabs are also descendants of Abraham. I appeal to you strongly to be a regular reader of this small pamphlet of no regret, and you will get more useful information that you were not told by any of your Bishops nor International Preachers.
Excuse me, Is God a Pagan Idol? Many preachers in Nigeria have gone on record as opposing the worship of Yahweh and His son, Yahoshea Meshiyach, the mighty ones of YahCity (Abonnema), who also revealed themselves to Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ovoh, the Patriarch of the Meshiyachs or Yahosheans. They take issue with the worshipers of Yahweh; and contend for the worship of God, against the worship of Yahweh, the mighty one of Yahmarabhi Ovoh, but these preachers do not know that their members are aware that, popular beliefs and the very King James Version of the Bible they are preaching on not withstanding, the word “GOD” is NOT revealed in the Scriptures as the personal name, not as a title of the Grand Creator of the universe and the spiritual father of humanity.
According to the original language of the Bible which you ought to know is Hebrew because Bible is nothing than the History of the Hebrews, proves that the very opposite is true and the word GOD, appears in the Scriptures as the name of a pagan idol, as we shall endeavour to prove the Biblical and historical evidence.
Excuse me, have you International Dictionaries, not question of joke for you must be well prepared or you will be disgraced for you to come and challenge a religious scientist, the twentieth century religious shrine and a systematic religionist.
Excuse me, can you stand him? If so then let us bet and take a date. Excuse me, I want your Pope, or Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, not you; for a champion will only face a champion. Excuse me, do you know that Yahweh has set His Tent at YahCity (Abonnema)? Let us go through the following listings of Encyclopedic and Dictionary definitions of the word “GOD”. So any one who is interested to know the truth can help me to check the saving truth which establishes the soul. “The World Popular Encyclapedia” volume 6, which reads as follows, “God, OE, GO, Dutch god, Ger, Gott. In heathen times an idol, or object of worship. Since the Teutonic acceptation of Christianity, it is the name reserved to the Creator of the universe.” Excuse me, dear reader I hope you have taken NOTE that the word god, whether it is written in small capitals too still denotes a pagan idol, since it sounds the same. (Isaiah 43:10.
But Christianity (the Catholic Church, and her daughters) have substituted this pagan name in place of the Ineffable personal name of Yahweh who revealed Himself to the Patriarch of Yahosheans or Meshiyachs as Yahweh. Excuse me, next let us turn to ‘Webster’s New International Dictionary”, and read as follows, “God, As akin to OS and god OHG. Got. Ger. Gott, ON Gutt, SW and Dan, Gud, Gothic Guth. Originally a being invoked by incantation, past part, from a root appearing in Sanskrit “Havate” (he calls upon a god) past part. ‘Huta’ Lith Zaveti to conjure, to practise magic”; “1st A being of more than human attributes and powers, especially a super-human person conceived as dominating nature or some province of nature, and to whom worship is due and acceptable, a deity, especially a male deity. Not all god, even of higher orders are thought by their believers as object of worship, and of the beings worshipped by the pagans and savages, ordinarily only the higher orders are called god, the lower beings are termed demi-gods, demons, godlings, heroes etc. 2nd. Any object whether artificial as a carved idol or image, or natural, as a meteor or an animal or a tree, which is thought to be the seat of divine powers, the expression of a divine personality, or itself a super-natural or a divine agency”. 3rd. God, The Supreme Being, the Eternal and Infinite Spirit. Creator, and sovereign of the Universe. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost.
The first, the Second and the Third persons of the Trinity”. Please my dear children of the Light, notice the Roman Catholic “Brew in the cup” which she made the gullibles drink. But let us get back to Webster’s Dictionary. 4th. The Ruler or Sovereign embodiment of some attribute or depth of reality, as the god of Love, of Justice, of Nature, also a supreme being or Ultimate principle of the universe, or a world soul, as the pantheistic god”. 5th. A person or thing deified and honoured as god”. “6th. Figuratively one who wields great despotic powers” 7th. – One of the occupants of the gallery or a theatre” (End of the quotes from Webster’s Dictionary).
Excuse me, does any of the above quotations define the object of your devotion and love? Will you please meditate my little children, fast if possible with prayers for a revelation of the truth. Excuse me, let us go to “the New International Encyclopedia” it says, “God, As Os. Dutch god, Goth Gup, OHG, Got, Cot, Ger, Gott, of doubtful etymology, perhaps connected with Sariskrit flu, to all or with Sanshit hu, Greek Xein or Chien to pour, the word is evidently originally a passive participate; the frequent derivation of God from good. As god, Gothic gods, OHG guot, Ger, Gut, is entirely erroneous. Two types of definition of god are possible One is the maximum definition which defines God in terms of highest conveivable religious ideas, according to this, God is the Eternal and infinite personal spirit, the Creator and Governor of the universe; frames as to include the gods of any of the others is the minimum definition so historical religion however, primitive or pagan” (End of quote).

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