ROADLinking Obolo To Other Parts Of Rivers State: The Great Expectation, As Ataba Indigenes Smile

Good roads are as essential as the three basic necessity of life; Food, Shelter and Clothing not only in Rivers State, Nigeria but the world over. The quest for good roads in Rivers State was not only necessitated by the incessant accidents on the roads, for instance the Okogbe fuel tanker accident that led to the inferno which claimed several lives, but also for a better road travels and safety of the citizenry.

In Rivers State, Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has without gain saying set the pace with the expansion and dualization of numerous roads, for example Azikiwe/ Club roads, Mile 1-3 roads, Slaughter – Old Aba roads, Rumuomasi – Old Aba roads amongst others. Some are currently on-going not minding if the present administration could complete it or not.

However, these efforts of the State Government is to salvage the aspirations and yearnings of the people in the area of road construction and bridges as well complement the effort of the Federal Government, while the Local Governments are not worthy of mention for anything other than the strategies to do away with the funds accruing to the various councils, even as may be directed or supervised by their master. Over a year now, Issues Abattoir has been saddle with the burden of how Ogoni- Andoni – Opobo/ Nkoro roads, christened “Unity Road” would be completed.

It has discussed the numerous benefits the “Unity Road” would bring to the people, the State and Nigeria in general with strong appeal for its timely and speedy completion.

Recently, the Rivers State Government released about one Billon Naira (N1b) to the Contracting firm handling the road- RIVIGO- and Issues Abattoir did not only Commended the Government but also appealed to RIVIGO to expedite action at least to ease the burden of the people of the area as they pay the highest fare to and fro their localities particularly the Andonis. At the release of the one Billion naira to RIVGO, it was expedient to state that the story has changed as the speed and level of work on the road has actually increased to the admiration of the people. In the last week of April, irrespective of the roughness and temporary crossing mechanism, the people of the state made it to Ikuru-Town Community with their vehicles during the 3rd Session of the 21st Synod of the Anglican Communion, Diocese of the Niger Delta. The State Government however is commended. But it should double effort to ensure completion.

The great expectation of every indigene of the riverine extraction is that soonest or someday, they would be linked on the road to other parts of the state where they certainly would drive home with their vehicles like other citizens do.

Recently, Asarama, Unyeada, Egendem and their adjoining villages are accessible via the use of landed vehicles. The Obolo people are happy and with great expectation that others would join.

Indeed, it is written, “the expectations of the Righteous shall not be caught off”. This great expectations of the people though without specified speed is gradually coming to fruition, thanks be to God Almighty.

Interestingly, about two years ago, precisely 2012 the Kaa-Ataba Road with bridges was awarded by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) as part of its developmental plans for the Niger Delta region. NDDC is a Federal Government Parastatal geared towards the development of the marginalized Niger Delta region.

Kaa-Ataba water ways is about 15 minutes drive with some deep Creeks, but thanks to God and appreciation to the NDDC for the gesture done the people of Andoni again.

Ataba Kingdom as fondly called, is one of the capital City of Andoni (Obolo) but surrounded by waters and only accessible through speed boats.

The roads, when completed, would enhance not only the Ataba people in Obolo nation, Ogoni or Rivers State but all Nigerians the opportunity to access Ataba by Land.

Contract for the construction of the Roads and Bridges linking Kaa to Ataba was awarded to an indigenous popular contracting company, “ATAFRANCE NIGERIA LIMITED”, Engineers and Contractors.

Against several other experiences meted to indigenes by indigenous contractors, ATAFANCE NIGERIA LIMITED, is said to be tested, trusted and proven by the people of Ataba Kingdom even as the construction work is moving according to specifications.

ATAFRANCE is believed to be a construction company with credibility, always delivering quality jobs to its clients. The company was also tested in Mba Community and Okehi/Ndashi Etche Local Government Area in Rivers State as well as Afia Nsit in Akwa Ibom State.

Like someone who has suffered long in hunger who would want to have his meal very fast, the Ataba people and in deed the Obolo Nation who are in dare need of this gesture, while commending the work so far done on the roads are of the opinion that the work is going on a snail speed and encourage the company to consider a necessary speed, while maintaining its fame on high quality project and timely delivery.

Andoni, Bonny and Opobo/Nkoro are currently some of the few LGA’s that are yet to be linked by roads in Rivers State, but when the Unity Roads and Kaa-Ataba roads are completed, commissioned and put into use, the battle would be how to join forces for the completion of the snail walking or yet to commence Bodo-Bomu-Bonny roads (B3 roads).

It is indeed a great expectation of the people of Obolo ethnic nationality to drive home with their landed vehicles like several other ethnic groups in Rivers State and Nigeria in general.

While it is incumbent to applaud the Federal Government of Nigeria for linking Kaa-Ataba Kingdom, and Rivers State Government for linking Ogoni, Andoni and Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Areas, it is therefore the Opinion of Issues Abattoir to salute the NDDC and call on them for adequate and timely releases of funds to prosecute the roads to its expected completion.

By doing this, the FG, and of-course the NDDC and immediate beneficiaries of the roads project would have fulfilled the essence, yearning and aspiration of the people.

TO ATAFRANCE NIGERIA LIMITED, Issues Abattoir says Kudos. Though it is said, “A prophet is but without honour in is his home”, yours is exceptional because you do, hence may the trust the people repose in you spur you for timely and quality completion of Kaa-Ataba roads. GOOD LUCK. ###


With James Mgboineme

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