The Ways Of The Holy Sprit

Everyone makes claims of the Holy Spirit these days and one cannot but imagine a thousand and one things that people do in the name of the Holy Spirit. Some ignorant ones even direct the Holy Spirit against their enemies. Such is the level of ignorance on the attributes of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the Voice of God. It is not God Almighty but the essence of God through which all things in existence either animate or inanimate are created, nourished and sustained. This is the Divine Love of God in action.
This Holy Spirit manifests as Light and Sound, these are Its two aspects through which creations with cognitive consciousness can recognize It. For instance, the Holy Spirit manifests as lightening followed by thunder in the physical worlds. These are equally manifestations of the Light and Sound of God.
Nothing can exist without the Light and Sound of God.
While the Light shows us the pitfalls on our way back to God, the Sound Current leads us back to the Heavenly worlds. It is the sound that provides us with the direction to follow back home to God. Some religions talk about the Light of God but most of our present day religions do not know about the Sound of God which is sometimes expressed as the sound of the ‘rushing wind’ in some religions. This sound of God is the sound of Hu, the Holy and sacred name of God.
The Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God, emanates from the Ocean of Love and Mercy and as It flows through all creations, it moves in a spiral fashion (hence the word spirit!) through the pure heavens of God, down through the lower heaven and reaches towards the far end of creation which is our own physical universe where we have our dear mother earth. This Holy Spirit also returns in a complete circular fashion back through the lower heavens known as the psychic worlds through the pure heavens back to the same Ocean of Love and Mercy, the abode of God Almighty.
Through this spiral motion, the divine love of God in action popularly known as power is distributed amongst the various rulers of both the pure heavens of God and the lower heavens until man can make use of this energy of God in a step down format. The rulers and Governors of these heavens simply act as transformers to step down this energy of God so that inhabitants of such heavens can utilize this energy for their creative abilities and nourishment and including their sustenance.
As this energy of God descends from the high spiritual worlds, it is subdivided into both positive and negative due to the presence of matter in the lower heavens of creation ie from the first where we reside to the Etheric Heaven which forms the barrier between the lower and the pure spiritual heavens of God . While our own world is green in color, the Etheric heaven is violet predominantly. This is why we say that any being who tells you that you have to die before going to heaven does not know the way to the pure heavens of God. This is why the so called ‘men of God’ are merely ‘men of words’ who will continue to quote from Holy Books or the recording of the real men of God’!
Correspondingly, the further away the heaven from the pure spiritual worlds, the more the quantity of matter it contains until the physical world where matter is in greater proportion.
Soul a spark of the Holy Spirit of God is also ‘made’ from the fabric of the Holy Spirit. Soul shares the full attributes of the Holy Spirit, Wisdom, freedom and Love (charity) but in an immature form hence the need for a place where it can learn about Itself more through the act of receiving and giving love. This receiving and giving love has to be studied in a University environment so many ‘education centers’ were formed in the lower heavens where Soul can come and know itself better and then know God. This is why it is written that for man to know God, he must first and foremost know himself as Soul.
‘Man know thyself!’
This is why I have often written that all those who believe in God without experiencing God do not know God. For belief in anything is the beginning of ignorance while the knowledge and experience of anything leads to understanding and wisdom.
This Soul created out of the Light and Sound of God is thus sent for training in the lower heavens. As It descends from this pure heavens, It is only a spark of Divine Light and Sound. But because of the coarse environment where Soul needs to study, it needs a ‘uniform’ that can withstand the vibrations of the study environment. So Soul is enfolded with several bodies that correspond to the different heavens where he must pass through to the outermost study centre known as the Earth. Thus Soul is enfolded with four bodies within the earthly one.
But from the fourth heaven downwards, there is a minor god who is the principal of the whole training school. He is commonly known as ‘satan’ or ‘devil’ but he is also the one that most people worship in the worlds today. This is because he is the ‘father’ of most of all the religions being worshiped on earth today. Mention any religion that its leader has not been tempted by this devil. The responsibility of this minor god is to ensure that no Soul in form escapes to the pure heavens of God. He is in charge of all other minor gods, ‘rishes’ ‘angels, ‘the lords of karma’ etc through which the lower heavens are governed!
Within the earthly bodies of man are four other bodies which are not visible to the physical eyes but very clear to the spiritual eye located at the forehead of man. With the spiritual eye, man can observe the spiritual condition of his environment but the religion of man is the weapon that is used to fasten man’s attention to these material worlds of money, miracles and prosperity gods. Alas! Man is a prisoner in this school of materiality and he can never escape the whims and caprices of this ‘satan’ until he meets the Spiritual Coach, the Godman whom God has put all over the universes to pick souls who are full of love and liberate them from the shackles of Karma and Reincarnation, the shackles of ‘satan’.
I could remember clearly when I and a group of souls descended from heaven, one of these fortunate souls is s professor in my place of work today but she is so entrenched in one of the major religions of that she has forgotten completely who she was millions of years ago! Yes millions of years ago by those who can know about the spiritual history of the Human race.
Recently carbonated dating has recorded Human fossils dating back for more than 6 million years and the twenty-first century man in Nigeria is still talking about one lifetime!
Through the process of birth, death, Karma and Reincarnation, Soul, commonly known as man continues to change bodies, ‘uniforms’ for Its spiritual education. Little wonder the earth’s education system is actually fashioned after the ‘University of Life’ where a student graduates from the lower world school and can return as a Coworker in this same University of Life. Just as student graduates to become a lecturer, so also will Soul graduate to become a ‘worker’ in the vineyard of God.
So you can see, those who go to a religious school for two or more years and claim to be pastors or ‘men of God’ do not know what they are talking about. Their case is like the child who graduates from kindergarten and decides to make noise about being a professor.
A huge joke indeed!
All those who cunningly lead souls astray without divine knowledge will surely pay for these. The lords of Karma would be surely waiting for them.
However, within this educational structure is placed a Team of Godmen known as Spiritual Travelers. They have been placed in our midst by God to assist those who really desire to know more about God more than the passing show of prosperity gods. Some who have experienced these Godmen refer to them as Guardian Angels. They are actually known as the Spiritual Travelers.
At the head of this Holy Team is the Spiritual Coach whom God has appointed to lead all those who are ready (some are not, they are still seeking money and miracles!)back home to God. The spiritual Coach and his band of Godmen operate quietly but efficiently. All the minor gods in the lower heavens give them room and access because they know they are the true messengers of God. Nobody dares stop them from their mission of taking souls back to God, not even satan.
These Godmen do not belong to any religion but try to teach those who are ready to listen to the ways of the Holy Spirit. They teach that the Holy Spirit is the Divine Love of God in action and if only man would listen to It to experience Spiritual Freedom from birth, death and rebirth.
They teach the ways of the Light and Sound but mainly through the Dream State so that Soul can be liberated from the spiritual prison of the lower worlds so that Soul will know Itself and become a way of the Holy Spirit Itself!
Soul would have thus fulfilled its mission of becoming a distributor of the Divine Love of God.


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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