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Dear esteemed readers, it is another Thursday and believing that you are holding your favourite weekly tabloid, “The Newswriter, where you have your relationship problems given the preferred solution to strive on.
Without much ado, in this edition we are going to treat another important issue concerning your relationship.

In life there is someone for every one, hence you in particular is not exempted in this saying. Do not look too much on the direction of your ex date. Never you standstill when the whole world is moving on, when after you have exhausted all the pleadings and beggings you have in your sincere plain heart. You need to move on.

(a) You must forget about the one that never pays attention to your yearnings because when the heart is not there for you anymore, there is nothing you can do to attract or win such heart to your favour.
(b) If you do not move on, you might even miss the one right for you that could bring real happiness into your life.
(c) If you refuse to forget your ex in your heart, you will only end up not seeing the positive life of that man before you, who intend to change your life for good, for you.
(d) You must forge on because in any disturbing situation in life, to those who believe Yahweh, Yahweh sends forth a rescuing angel in form of men to help such people survive such situation. And you are not exempted
(e) Most especially when you have sincerely begged to retain the relationship
(f) Your happiness is your ability to move on time when the relationship hit the rock. This is to your greatest advantage. As the trees grow without stopping, so is your life in everything. You must move on, your ex date does not hold or own your happiness and life. This you must know.
(g) Never stay put in wait of a man or woman who never values your happiness and your person. Staying put in wait of him or her will in future only bring sad tale in your life.
(h) Your moving on early after all the begging gives you enough opportunity to put back your life on track.
(i) Forget the material gifts and sexual pleasure he or she gives you but if you remember this continuously, you can never move on. There is always someone out there for you.
(j) Remember that the ones who hurt us are the ones that give us real sexual and material pleasure. Know that this is but a trap against your future happiness. Because of this you must forget and move on.
(k) You must forget and move on because the man or woman who does not see you as a partner could not bring that desired happiness you value in life.
(l) Never cry for an unrepenting ex date. Such persons’ mind are controlled by sometimes mysterious forces. Any man or woman whose minds are controlled by a negative force could not bring happiness to you, rather such persons will take delight to inflict sorrow and pains into your life, no matter how you sincerely love him or her.
Lovely people, please help yourselves to find happiness within your hearts. Never also think that man or woman whom you have given your heart out is there for you. When he or she sees very pretty and handsome species (human beings) as ‘sleepable,’ know that such people have no plan to settle down, if your idea is to settle down with him or her. Know that Soul Mate had told you.
See you next week; go get your copy of The Newswriter. Your responses are being awaited in any of the issues we have treated on this line 08082649997.

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