Celebrating The Wicked

River-State-MapWe have come to an era in the history of mankind, where wicked people are being celebrated and confer on National Merit Award. This is the time since the creation of the world, where evil doers are given chieftaincy titles in communities and villages.

The good ones have been orchestrated, ridiculed, smeared, while the wicked people are integrated effectively into the society thereby polluting the entire system, promoting corruption, cultism and violence.

The days are evil, and we have entered into end-time of survival of the fittest. And the age and time where the strong display their power and might.

The society we are living in is dreadful and life threatening.

Everybody is confused, and does not know what to do. The human society is fastly moving into extinction or to destination unknown. The uncontrollable wide spread wickedness across the globe had made me strongly believed that this world will some day come to an end.

The first world in the time of Noah submerged in water as a result of violence, so also Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Abraham.

Religious leaders are deceitful, politicians are wicked, public servants are telling lies and nobody knows whom to trust.  People are living in perpetual fears; crime is on the increase day by day. No part of the world is safe. Terrorism has taken over the entire globe. Ammunitions and arms have gotten into the wrong hands, thus we are all living by the mercy of God Almighty, who controls the times, seasons and the affairs of men.  ###


Damiete West


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