Port Harcourt, A City Of Madness

XvWhHu3It is difficult to trace the origin of madness in the society. However, madness is as old as mankind. More than two thousand (2000) years ago, in a city called Gaderene there lived a mad man.
This mad man had a peculiar behaviour. His actions and attitude terrified the citizens of that City. The mad man took residency in the cementary and decided to sleep between graves. On daily basis, this mad man would take sharp and dangerous objects and began to destroy himself. He cannot be tamed, even his relatives were afraid to go closer to him.
Having mentally pictured the graphic description of the mad man in the city of Gaderene, it is dangerous for a clean society to allow mad men and women to walk freely on her streets.
Mad people have captured the city of Port Harcourt, the headquarters of Rivers State. Hardly one cannot see a mad man or woman on any given street in Port Harcourt, resting, dancing, standing or smoking.
Dirty structures have been erected by some of these mad people. These mad men and women also roaming round the city. Some carrying dangerous weapons such as matchets, cutlasses with them. And on several occasions they have inflicted injuries on innocent people.
The worst aspect is that on some roads, mad peoples are controlling traffic. Few weeks ago, at Ikoku junction a mad man and a female traffic warden were controlling traffic together. I think it is time for the government to start evacuating these mentally disturbed people on our streets, before they cause more harm to the society. ###

Damiete West

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