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Rivers: Non-Indigenes Support Bonny PDP

Based on the present political differences in the country, even from those who have benefited from the largest umbrella party- the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and now decided to divorce the party for their selfish reasons.

A non political organization known and addressed as Non-Indigenes Association of Bonny (NIAB) has paid a courtesy visit to the leader PDP, Bonny chapter, Hon. Amasenibo Rodaford O. LongJohn on Wednesday in his country home, Ukpo Avenue Bonny, the headquarters of Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State.

In his address, the association’s scribe, Mr. Gabriel Ukpong said “the courtesy visit was to formerly introduce, our selves before the leader to say that the non indigenes association is solidly behind PDP in the area”.

Mr. Ukpong pledged NIAB loyalty, total commitment and support to PDP at all levels.

The scribe briefly highlighted the positive impact of NIAB in Bonny, saying that the association came into existence in the year 1999, and is the only government approved and recognized umbrella body for all non-indigenes in Bonny kingdom. He added that the association is administratively positioned to promote national- ethnic unity, love and understanding to reign supreme.

Ukpong stressed that by its constitution, NIAB the only central legal representative charged with overseeing the welfare and also monitoring the activities of non-indigenes in Bonny kingdom. He confirmed that the association has over thirty (30) recognized registered ethnic communities, associations and unions in Bonny stated that all members are speaking in one accord as a family.

In his speech the leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bonny LGA, Amasenibo (Hon.) Rodaford O. Longjohn lauded NlAB delegates and expressed his happiness to the visitors.

Hon. LongJohn charged NIAB members to remain focused towards the aims and objectives of the formation of NIA in Bonny, said that PDP is a large party that can accommodate everybody that has cleared conscience of unity.

The former council boss said that campaigns and elections are fast approaching, that he needs all members of PDP to work as a team so as to ease electoral victory at all levels, pointing out that the easy way to this is to bring close their voters card and orientate their love ones on the best way to follow.

The leader assured NIAB of his support when needed adding that all though politics is a game of interest, “I know that not all members of NIAB will belong to PDP, some may join other parties of their interest therefore, I don’t need this to create disunity among you.”

The PDP leader assured that he will protect NIAB interest in some of the party decisions in the scheme of things when necessary.

In his words, the LGA PDP secretary Mr. Charles Tonye Jumbo thanked members of NIAB for having PDP at heart.

Jumbo charged the NIAB to leave up to expectation so as to ease them achieve their dreams. He assured that the party will not abandon any one who works hard for the party.

In his remarks, the leader of the delegation, Elder Ibim Moses commended Hon. Rodaford Longjohn for a warm reception accorded NIAB.

Ibim noted that despite that NIAB is a Non political organization “we have sympathy for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from LGA to national levels and promise give total and maximum support. NIAB leader stressed that the association also wish to place on record, “Our profound gratitude and appreciation for the services rendered in the past as Bonny LGA Council boss with the love and unity are still memorable”.

Ibim used the medium on behalf of the entire non indigenes in Bonny Island to appreciate the Amanyanabo in Council, King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple and Bonny Council of Chiefs for their relative atmosphere of peace, love and harmony accorded to all the non indigenes residing in Bonny kingdom.

He said “we prayed that the good relationship to continue and sustain for the benefit of mankind to the Glory of God Almighty”.

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