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Ogoni Youths Call For Implementation Of UNEP Report

The OGONI YOUTH RESCUE FOUNDATION, an umbrella body of Ogoni youths projecting the betterment and good for the Ogoni people, on Monday in her general meeting unanimously agreed to mobilize every available human and material resources within her reach to start salvaging the grossly polluted environment thus appealing to the Federal Government, Shell and other International Organizations to come to the aid of Ogonis decrying the increased death rate in the Ogoni communities. They also frowned at the poor performance of political office holders and under representation of the interest of the Ogonis in the National Assembly. Thus demanding for’ the speedy implementation of the UNEP report in Ogoni land. They also frowned at Ogoni leaders who have abandoned the struggle for the good of the entire Ogoni people rather pursuing their selfish desires, they also lamented about the leadership failure in the area and the supremacy struggle of those jostling for political offices amongst the leaders of Ogoni without any proven record, accountability and sincere concern for the people. This was contained in a communiqué signed by Comrade Goodnews Ndonake

They vowed not to be overridden by sentiments from those jostling to occupy the Brick House as much as the Ogoni’s environment is still dastardly polluted and still taken for levity where the interest, welfare, quality living and health security for the Ogonis is regrettably in shamble! The non implementation of the UNEP report is an embarrassment on the collective intelligence of the Ogoni people. Since the startling revelation of gross degradation was exposed in the UNEP report of life expectancy of 40-45 years, depleted Eco system, underground water polluted with benzene, air polluted with Hydro-carbon and other dangerous substances which render the Ogoni environment as the most porous, vulnerable and polluted environment in the entire world with the highest death rate is regrettably unbearably! Those living in the Ogoni environment are in perpetual doom and have a blink future!

The group has vowed not to be overridden by the clamour for Ogoni governor, not to throw support on the basis of ethnicity or tribe, but any Rivers man who has the interest of Ogonis at heart with sincerity of purpose, passion and genuine concern for the welfare of the generality of the Ogonis. In her assessment of humanitarian concerns practically applauds HON. ALABO PAWORISO SAMUEL HORSFALL who had not only been worried about the Ogoni neglected environment but had also severally being a voice for the Ogonis speaking with conscience on the welfare of Ogoni’s, urging the Federal Government to immediately come to the aid of the Ogoni people thus, implementing the UNEP report to the letter, in order to save the people and the ailing land. They also applaud his practical ability of creating over 75 jobs opportunities for the unemployed youths of Ogoni cutting across Khana, Gokhana, Eleme and Tai, inspite being an Ijaw man from the Kalabari extraction. This frustration of love and sincere commitment is worthwhile and commendable. If we had Ogoni leaders demonstrating some sense of concern and passion for the welfare of the people starting from their communities, things would have changed drastically.

The group also remains committed not to sacrifice the interest of the Ogonis on the altar of greed and selfish pursuit, lamenting on the vacuum that is existing between the leaders and the led, that so many of them who had lost contact with the people are now indirectly seeking their mandate by sponsoring politically motivated programmes and scholarships to be seen as having the people’s interest at heart but indirectly pursuing their selfish ends. The group in her bid to sensitizing the people also vowed not to be cowed by colourable pretences any longer. ###

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