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8. The Proposed Amalgamation of Okrikans, Rumuwojis, the Mgbukus (Mile 2) and Nkpolu-Oroworukwos citizens ought to takeover Port Harcourt City Local Government Council henceforth.

3 years tenure of Local Government life span in Rivers State has elapsed by last 31st March 2014, but Governor Amaechi is still: retaining these chairmen and councillors for his evil plans against Rivers citizens desires So the Okrikans, the Rumuwojis, the Mgbukus (citizens of Mile 2), the

Nkpolu Oroworukwos should join hands to flush out Chimbiko Akarolo unpopular administration of your council, (Phalga) whenever the local government council elections will take place.

The 1913 Agreement that was signed by you Okrikans and the Rebisis of Rumuwoji, Mgbukus and Nkpolu Orowonzkws with the Colonial Masters while the Kalabaris stood as witness are still on record. At the time of this said Agreement was signed, Elekoha pecp1e had not immigrated to their present area now. But today they lords you in all elections of Phalga council forgetting you the owners.

You should organize yourself on turn by turn basis (TBT). If you invite me I will be with you to assist you how we are operating in Ward 13 in Asari-Toru LGA on turn by turn (TBT) since from the Colonial Masters’ periods to date for you to5 take a leaf and see the light of the road in Phalga Politics being denominated by the Elekohans in the state capital. Enough is enough of them if you will harking to my words. I humbly and most sincerely plead with you as a Riversman and Chief.


9. Boycott of elections in 2015 by the Ogonis if ….

Out of over 370 ethic nationals that make up the Nigeria nation, I love and respect dearly at the bottom of my heart is the Igonis, and the next set is the Yorubas.

In 1993 general elections of dictator and military president of Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda era, you the Ogonis boycotted that election which was on record by Nigeria Nation and the Global World otherwise called the United Nations (UN) in New York.

Secondly, the general elections in 2015 is about 10 months to take place. If all the political parties that are on ground that have some representatives in the Nation’s Houses of Assembly and those that are in the Air that did not have even a single representative in any of these Houses of Assembly and the National Assembly but collects the nation’s cake (money) as a party as at when due being not stopped by INEC then fumbles not to pick their Guber-candidates in your Ogoni Lands rather than elsewhere in Rivers State, and if you the Ogonis see that it would be difficult for the Governor in waiting to emerge in your ethnic nationality, you the Ogonis should without hesitation boycott the 2015 general elections as it was in the military era in 1993 to be on record for the second time so that any day you will take your matters to the United Nations (UN), they will have sympathy to consider you for the second time for a solution.

Freedom fighting is in several directions and one day the UN will get sympathy for you whether Nigeria likes it or not coupled with the killings of Ken Saro Wiwa and the Ogoni 9. 1 will, also join you to boycott the elections too if it happens so and I will also appeal to other people to follow suit even though we are not from your ethnic region. You should note this advice for you not to be eluded in Rivers State so called politics. This time around the Governor is yours as you have sacrificed enough for the state and the Nigeria Nation as they ought to surrender to you the Ogonis now as you are not slaves in Rivers State and in Nigeria.

The second group I cherished again is the Yorubas by following and adopting always of their mentor Chief Obafemi Awolowo political ideology till date in spite of Chief Bola Ige died for it before the 2003 general elections in Ibadan how he resigned in President Obasanjo’s administration to restructure the Action Congress as it was then called and known. My Kudos to them. I wish, I had earlier married in Yorubaland. The Yorubas are the most speaking with one entity voice as they did not vote for their son, Chief Olusegu Obasanjo in 1999 general elections of what he did to their mentor, (Chief Obafemi Awolowo in 1979). This good gesture should continue in their midst rather than follow follow like my Niger Delta Region otherwise called South South.


10. The Ibo Hegemony in Nigeria Politics

The Ibos should borrow a leaf from the -Yorubas. My last edition, I stated similarly by immortalizing our mentor and father as he was called Zik of Africa. I have travelled far and near and I have never been convinced in my heart that the Ibos are not the largest ethnic nationality in this country. All over the globe you travel to, the Ibos are there including in this country Nigeria and in their South East Region, they are still many.

I presume the APGA Party set up by the founding fathers is the upshot of Zik’s NCNC Party most of us belong in the colonial days and before our Republic in 1963. My thanks goes to those founding fathers and particularly the Anambra and Imo States citizens who have voted APGA in remembrance of our Zik of Africa.

In 2015 general elections, let Abia, Ebonyi and Enugu States follow suit to vote for APGA Governors like the Yorubas. By voting for PDP did not change a life in PDP controlled states like Rivers State going to 16 years now no fiscal present of Federal Projects if not Governor Amaechi though very much arrogant in nature who tried a lot.

But in the Presidential election which is the first to hold in February 2015, please vote for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I have carefully watched what some heavy weights are doing with the Boko Haram issue in the Northern part of our country Nigeria. Sol am now in total support for President Jonathan to have the Second Tenure ticket to be there until his time expires after which the turn is now yours (Ndigbo) to become President in 2019 whether the Hausas like it or not. We of the South South will join you and campaign with you to produce the next president in 2019 if you accept this noble call and suggestion.

I mean of the Presidential election only where you all shall embrace PDP to vote Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan and let all other elections from Governor to the Local Councils being the grass roots, please, vote for the APGA in your South East Region and those to be in the National Assembly representatives of your illustrious sons and daughters should always speak with one voice to support the President till he finishes his tenure to enable we South South region to join you when it is your turn.

I am not happy with Prescient Goodluck Ebele Jonathan but the way Amaechi is betraying the South South for his political ambition, the general elections in February, 2015, all South South Citizens including my humbleself must vote for President Jonathan and, we will campaign for him if I am called upon to join them. I still re-iterate, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan does not love Rivers State for nothing to show what he has done in 6 years as President of this great nation. With special reference, the Railway rehabilitation, all the components parts were brought through Port Harcourt and Onne Sea Ports and stockpiled here in the Railway premises. The president did not direct to start its rehabilitation from the Port Harcourt Terminal to Enugu vis-à-vis becaus of its heavy movement of persons and goods rather he sent it to the far North again. However we will manage him until he finishes his second tenure for you Ndigbo to take over in 20l9.


11. My advice to President Goodluck Elide Azikiwe Jonathan

Mr. President have to remind you that state creation is for socio rapid development of the area and create employment etc Rivers and Bayelsa States are one. Lots of Rivers people are working and as well doing business in Bayelsa State likewise Bayelsa citizens also are working and doing business in Rivers State too. Above all, you schooled in Rivers State and got all your degrees, and finally worked at Uniport as a Senior Lecturer before ‘you joined politics and reached the Apex which all politicians are looking for and yet many did not reached it, and above all again, you marry a. Rivers State woman being the first lady of the Federation and yet you hate Rivers State.

Let me reminder you of the 5½m people in Rivers State, those of Your Doctorate degree holders are over one million people and those professors who are your seniors are over one million people too and other classes of the society, therefore your style of attitude towards Rivers people is meaningless as well as temporary and after 5 years to come the Apex you have climbed, the ladder shall again be lowered for you to come down to be part of us. This is a natural order set aside to all creations whether rich or poor and young or old by the Creator.

Secondly, the ongoing conference in Abuja you directed members “no go areas” then what is the purpose of the conference when Boko Haram are killing and – destroying properties of defenceless citizens according to Radio reports on daily basis in Bornu, Adamawa and Yobe States where more than 3000 Armed soldiers are on routine vigil day and night for?

Thirdly, you declared state of emergency in these States and left the elected Governors and the Hon. Members of the 3 Houses of Assembly to operate its administrations, do you think those who advised you m this direction advised you well? Is it not these same Governors and the Hon. Members who may be fueling them to be steadfast and resolute?

And still on this issue, is it not the same Northern citizens who in recent times (clays) saying that after this extension of the state of emergency in those states, there shall be no more of such extension of state of emergency in those states, don’t you think they are totally in support of what they are doing?

Let me still advice You again Mr. President in this special area, You should re-address the National Conference Members You handpicked, of those no go areas according to You, be visited now if You are not deceiving the Nation but Yourself Let them stop all discussions and face a Referendum for public opinion, before Your so called National Conference takes place after the Referendum whether “we will remain an entity called (one Nigeria)” or those who want to separate shall state their opinion outside the handpicked so called conference You have set up for a result which result is far behind You and Your so called advisers. The moment you do this the better for Your administration move to another level of applause to come later.


12. Hon. Emmanuel Chinda, Commissioner for Agriculture, Rivers State.

Hon. Emmanuel Chinda is the worst Commissioner, ever be in both old Rivers State to date. This is a commissioner who deceived Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi or whether they are collaboration on the so called management of ‘Phase One’ Rumuwoji Market who advertised in the Tide and the Nation Newspapers that suitably qualified Management Company should apply as above. Several people applied and I was also being directed by him to apply when I returned from Abuja but at last, all those who applied, letters of interview flew over their heads, and “his company” became the winner.

I was angry m his house to ask him why did he ask me to apply as I used my little resource and updated my registered certificate from the “Federal Ministry”? He immediately apologized tome not to be angry that he directed his PA (Personnel Assistant) to write me for the so called interview but later he saw that I was not invited. He immediately called his PA who was also in his house at that early morning and when he stood before me, his PA was dumb founded. In my perceived observation, his master Hon. Emmanuel Chinda lied against him. And since he gets his daily bread he swallowed the pills ion, Emmanuel Chinda gave him.

Hon. Emmanuel Chinda Awarded the contract to himself and his immediate family members. At a point he said when I was the Manager, that the stair cases (6 in all) at the Ultra Modern Phase I Rumuwoji Market, Port Harcourt, are not to be given out to any person because, if Governor Amaechi comes one day and see it, he will be greatly annoyed with, me but today his company staff have given out and had collected not less than N1.6m each including some of the toilet rooms also allocated to people with a colossal sum of money which are meant for public use on daily basis except Sundays.

The grass lawn I initiated m line with Governor Amaech’s beautification plans in front and behind the fencer of the Ikwerre Road as I spent a large sum of money and developed it had been converted to Traders and had collected over half million naira each. The ones he approved for me and I allocated to members of the public as they paid for it and I sent him income and expenditure earlier and send same to Governor. Amaechi on our demonstration day were all been re-allocated and had collected huge sum of money for his company. Let the Governor go and see things for himself if he is not m collaboration with his commissioner m this regard, or let the fearless journalists investigate secretly and publish their gallant reports as usual. These types of commissioners are what Governor Amaechi likes to bring returns to him. Wonders shall never end. So the worst Commissioner Rivers State has ever gotten is Hon. Emmanuel Chinda.


(13) Governor Amaechi Monorail, the Politics played on Kalabari People in 2008 at Government House, the failure to announce Breaking news over the fire disaster of the Rumuwoji Market on 17112/2013′ and P.H. Air Port Road issue.

(j) Governor Amaechi was advised by some Eminent personalities of the state to abandon the idea of the Monorail but he snubbed them. originally, I supported the idea to say ‘Rome was not built in a day. I later been told the cost of each of these monorail pillars and its sum up if this amount. Was diverted to Trans Kalabari Highway Roads and Bridges projects or directed to construct several fly-overs at several strategic intersection roads in the city of Port Harcourt which delays the traffic jams in such places coupled with what he has done in the state, he would be remembered by Rivers people many years to come. Or if the said monorail reaches Emenike junction of Mile One Ikwerre Road, Port Harcourt, for transporting the commuters to and from Town, it would also be meaningful. But at present, it is white elephant project that is unuseful as it ends at UTC. Indeed it is a waste of Rivers people money.

Who would pay twice transport fares to .reach Mile One, Diobu, Port Harcourt where someone is going as the economy is biting harder? The use of this monorail are those that are resident in the old city of Port Harcourt and to stopping at UTC where. it ends and are going to the Kalabari areas such as Bakana, Old Bakana, Bille, Ke and Abonnema Whart who are doing business there and are not n a hurry to reach these places were the people that shall make use of it otherwise the quicker commuter Buses are the alternatives.

Therefore it is as useless as a laughing project and as well nothing to write home about of this said monorail, and above it, where is the electricity to run it when we have an epilepsy power supply in the state and the country at large;

And assuming, Governor Amaechi negotiated with the Federal Government for a separate Rivers Rail line to Oyibo Headquarters for easy flow of traffics for the money so far invested would have been profitable but as at now, it is a great waste to the state;

(j-i) In August of 2008 Governor Amaechi called the Kalabari Monarch, Traditional Rulers, Chiefs, stakeholders and politicians to Government House and explained why Trans Kalabari Highway Project had never taken off as a result of some Kalabari sons who collected huge sum of money for the project at the end of Dr. Peter Odili tenure to return the said money immediately else he would announce their names earliest and prosecute them immediately also.

Those of us who attended eagered him to disclose those sons of Kalabari who collected the project money and they failed to execute the project. Governor Amaechi refused to state their names in that gathering. But very reliable source indicated or’ revealed that soon after that August meeting with him, the said sons of Kalabari paid back what they received. Governor Amaechi also based his assertions on kidnapping and appealed to the Monarch to advise his citizens. But what stops the steel Bridge of Abalama/Tema to linking Ifoko all in Asan-Toru LGA of just 2% Kilometers only which work had been abandoned since last year arid equipments at the site were taken away by the contractor who is handling it? This shows the dirty politics Governor Amaechi is playing to the Kalabaris whose feet he is not one over hundreds of his type simply because Kalabaris don’t unite and he got this golden opportunity to dribble them in his 7 years and 7 months administration to be closing on 29/5/2015. May God forgives Governor Amaechi also on the side of Kalabaris and up till now the Kalabaris never learnt their lessons of divide and rule;

(j-ii) Governor Amaechi was the sole person with his allies that burnt the Mile

One Rumuwoji Market, Port Harcourt on 17/12/2013 without Breaking News by the State Radios and other private Radio Houses. An eye witness report stated the fire started at about lam at the nose of the Mile One Police Station Port Harcourt headed by one DPO Egbe Ray;

This said DPO, didn’t he informed the Government about the Fire outbreak or how? No wonder, this is the period Police Commissioner Mbu Joseph Mbu was the Head of the Police Command in the state that he was not informed on the fire issue and that was why Mr. Mbu immediately transferred he DPO Egbe Ray as he allegedly collaborated with Governor Amaechi without informing he the Commissioner of Police Mbu) to hi knowledge;

In 1983, I was in London and went out with a friend on a shopping at Oxford Street. This is the period the Irish Republican Arthy (IRA) where fighting for their Independence. Their Army threw Bomb near. Oxford Street. Soon after the Bomb exploded, the British Police immediately sealed off the street including the Oxford Street and we were all directed to pass through the London Tube for our safety And as we reached home and tuned our Television sets, in every 10 minutes intervals, Breaking News was regularly announced till the next morning for people not to go there This is how civilized society being unblemished nm their administration. It is most unfortunate Governor Amaechi administration planned this fire hence there was no regular gingles in all the Radios in the state on that faithful 1.00am of 17/12/2013. God Almighty would come to judgment one day about the Traders plights in this regard and let Governor Amaechi and his allies take special note of their atrocities to humanity.

(j-iii) Because of constant Plane crashes in Nigeria as far back 1993, I stopped travelling within Nigeria territorial areas with flights so I do not know how Port Harcourt Air Port Road looks like. But of recent, I went to the AirPort to pick a cousin and saw that a short distant from the Air Port to Ikwerre Road Expressway being constructed by Governor Amaechi without the Federal Authority given him a Kobo up till now, Dr. Peter Odili dead Solar Lights still hangs like animals bush track road where people all over the world fly into Port Harcourt City to do one business or the other day and night. It is a shame to Rivers people under Governor Amaechi’s administration as we boast ourselves that “Port Harcourt is the garden city Of Nigeria;”

Moreso, this Air Port Road leads to Ubima (Governor Amaechi Home Town). What is he doing as the Governor by not dualising this said and short road to his home? Is he waiting for Sir Celestine Omehia to cone and do it since they all come from the same village? Or after 64 years when the Governorships has gone round in the state, to Ikwerre will it go to Ubima again? He is a less visionary leader as he claims.


14 The Kalabari Monarch And His Subjects (Citizens)

It is a popular statement, Traditional Rulers did not play politics. Who is to be deceived by this language except those who don’t know their left or right and political blood is not in them otherwise politic is played around the Globe where human-beings live. The church being the House of God which supposes it not, there is politic as well as couples bedroom and the family so where are we and what are we saying?

In the South West and the Northern States, the Obas, the Emires and the Alhajis are the most political animals to their citizens. Nobody rises to politics without their consents and approvals. Why would the Niger Delta Region MONARCHS being deceived in this regard to remain or distant themselves and the political parties determine their well-beings with the Youths who even don’t know their WARDS or CONSTITUENCIES in their area of authority. Enough is Enough in our Kalabarilands as we are clamouring that it is our turn for something to be done now.

King Amachree XI with my utmost humility and respect to: the THRONE should rise against this slumber by calling all the Kalabaris toAbalama to decide the position in 2015 general elections. My King should not stay quiet and listen to Bad Advisers around him to follow their advices. This is my second time to state this in the pages of newspaper. My King senior me only 9 years. I am bold and proud to state that I know King Amachree VII who was the father of the present Monarh.

I am now 74 years. People of my age even in Buguma City, the seat of the Kalabari Monarch many did not know King Amachree VII as I did being an opportunity arid this is how it happened;

In 1953, I passed standard 4 to standard 5 in Angulama and attended Our Saviour’s School Buguma City and lived with my uncle named Chief Reuben Cotterell, Head, Cotterell Group of Houses then And in those days King Amachree Memorial Hall was not so as it is today. Each known Chiefs of Kalabari carried his chair to the Hall to seat.

(Youths take not of this Area to add to your knowledge those who want to learn). So as I said above, I was opportune and since I was living with my uncle, I used to carry his chair and followed him behind until we reach the Hall and I kept it at the usual place he used to stay in that Hall, and I was always behind him likewise other boys who carried their fathers or uncles chairs too.

And in this gathering, I came to know the most knowledge and respected King Amachree VII the father of our present Monarch with other Chiefs like Bishop Manuel of Abonnema, the Amayanabo of Bakana H.R.H. Samuel Willie Braide all of the blessed memory etc.

These chiefs were powerful with the Monarch. They can say to the mountain to move and it moves immediately. Their words are full of authority and in truth always allying with the Monarch. They did not say yes today and tomorrow they say No again on the same subject matter. The way I see things in various Kalabari Council of Chiefs hardly we can get such Chiefs until this generation passes on. May the Almighty God’s Name be glorified.

In conclusion about the present Monarch of Kalabari with unreserved humility, love and respect, should not following the bad advisers of Buguma Chiefs around him to claim-SE, which is a mockery of their claims to themselves. Their gathering is only Buguma Chiefs and some few Cennorsia Chiefs who are not aware why Cennorsia was inaugurated at Abalama in early 1990s who joined them while the rest are still, waxing stronger in the name of CENNORSIA who distant themselves like Abonnema, Bakana, Tombia and other Communities in Kalabari Lands.

My present Monarch of Kalabari with the same humility and respect falls very below his father’s standard I saw, I knew and pleased with in those days as a child that got that golden opportunity to know them all. So let our Amayanapus, chiefs and the political class assembly at Abalama in the shortest possible time and not in an individual homes or public places here in Port Harcourt taking decision on the way forward for the Kalabari Kingdom so that we would not be thrown out again since more than 20 aspirants have emerged and their track records recorded RED by Historians in the past.


15. My connection with Governor Amaechi and Hon. Chimbiko Akarolo in 2011 ienera1 elections.

In this publication I challenge all of them particularly Governor Amaechi, which of his commissioners supported him the way I supported him both in actions and writing articles in defend of his administration as well as given him information in 2011 general elections without a Kobo to this day and he thanked me in text messages and later changed his Tel. No. after that general elections were over. Is it easy to write with facts and figures if you are not gifted by God a literal, historic and English icons and to publish it out f no resources coming elsewhere? Did he remember all these as he finally collaborated with his allies of Chimbiko Akarolo and others to stop the only livelihood 1, as a petty Trader of my 46 years in Rumuwoji community and threw us into the labour market. May God Almighty forgives them of their devilish action towards we Traders unless he Governor Amaechi does to me either of 2 things as follows:

(k) To settle me my lost amount as stated above immediately or at any day he dissolves Local Government Council in the state, Governor Amaechi should appoint me the chairman of the caretaker committee from the minority area in Asalga. I, being the Pioneer Deputy Chairman in that council for only 3 months as the then military President, Gen. Babangida dissolved all the local government councils in the federation in 1989 who has all it takes to administer local Government policies and programmes much better even if it is a day for me to be there.

(1) Otherwise God’s Almighty wrath will follow him whether he likes it or not and he and hi family shall become nuisance and wretched after he leaves office on 291512015.

The Almighty God sent me ‘to the planet earth for a purpose hence; “I don’t take bribe and there is no amount of money which, shall be offered to me that I will accept not to defend what He my God assigned to me. This is known by those who nearer me otherwise I would have been a multi-millionaire during the administrations of Dr. Peter Odili and Sir Celestine Omehia respectively without boasting in this regard” as all of them lobbied me to partner their administration and I say No to what God directed me. They are alive go and ask them.

I am using the “WORD MUST” to settle me as stated above, and also much reasonable sum to be paid to all Traders ‘of the 17/12/2013 fire victims to be identified by me because ‘I have the record of the names of the fire victims Traders against false claims. I am speaking on the AUTHORITY OF GOD ALMIGHTY WHO SENT ME. And let the public mark it somewhere. ‘.


16. Rumuwoji Community Port Harcourt (Phalga) Same with Angulama Community in Asari- Toru Local Government Area

It is an irony of statement of History in a Kalabari Land called Angularna, my mother’s home Town.

WA OBOM WA OBUA (meaning we come to You to destroy You and at the same time, we did not come to destroy You but Your next compound or community neighbours by the Agbaniye Ejika of ancient Akpata Bille in Obua/Odual in the old and now in present day Degema Local Government Area that perished 6½ large compounds or villages out of the 7 large compounds or villages of Angulama, in that stretch of land called Angulama/Krakram Highway ward 13 Asari-Toru LGA the oldest in Kalabari Land whose History could not be told by any Kalabari Historians because they don’t have old shippings like other migrants in Kalabari Land who came from their different immigration areas to join Angulama could not be denied.

In my 46 years stay in Rumuwoji Community I have spent nearly 2/3 years of my life in their community. Rumuwoji citizens are behaving like the ancient Angulama People as stated above.

A small population of direct citizens outside strangers had divided itself to 3 parallel lines controls that they could not come up to speak with one voice inspite of all the past efforts and even now I made for them of the burning of their market on 17/12/2013 and had allowed Governor Amaechi to fence round the fire gutted area on 213/2014 without a sign post to show the proposed construction of the market which their forefathers left for them. Who knows, this piece of Land is not claimed individually by Amaechi’s administration for a private use?

I am a Jonah in their community to fight for them but they seem not appreciated it and the market of their ancestors are off in their hands. What a tragedy to them and up till now they never realized it to proffer solution of their disunity characteristic tendencies to come together to a common stand over the only piece of land remained to identify them as a community market where all walks of life patronages on daily basis which they trained their children the elders I came and met. It is indeed a pity. Until they think back and unite, their community is in disarray and that piece of Land for their market is gone forever unless after reading this article Governor Amaechi’s administration will change its secret plans and say let us prove Chief Georgewill, YO. Clarke wrong. If it happens so, let the Glory be to our creator else I doubt in this regard. May God unite Rumuwoji Community in the near future-Amen.


17. Lesson to Mile One Rumuwoji Traders

One Trader, his name is Chief Stainless 1. Emenike in a popular general meeting of Mile One Market Traders Association otherwise called (MOMTA) called the Traders “Majority Fools” as he claims the Ibos are the majority as he later joined them and become the most majority fools with them just for the purpose of paying N1000.00 to build a burnt House of No.10 Obudu Street, Diobu, Port Harcourt, for the oldest man .of the community (Nyeweeli). This said amount was not even demanded by force to pay by Traders, but the Traders of their Ibo brothers at the Ultra Modern ‘Phase One’ says nobody should pay this sum and they obeyed and carried out their unwarranted demonstration on 20/5/2013 and does stated that Chief Georgewill is a thief and an arm robber with all sorts of abuse to me as headed by this said Chief Emenike. And as at today, they become .the most ‘Majority Fools’. These Ultra Modern.

“Phase One” Traders are not affected but over 2000 Traders were affected, and today, they are saying again, “Chief Georgewill, Y.O. Clarke is a saint.” The Traders are all scattered which 1 earlier told them.

God is with me right inside my mother’s womb and He is directing me to go on no matter what the devil will do. I thank my God as I am alive to witness all these what I have done to outsiders to fight their cause, I have not done it to my humble self and family. May His Holy Name be praised forever. The Mile One Market would never be the same again before 20/5/2013.



Governor Amaechi is guilty because he directed the former DPO, Mr. Egbe Ray not to inform the public, the fire service and the Commissioner of Police, Mbu Joseph Mbu hence Mr. Mbu transferred the DPO out of Mile One Police Station Port Harcourt immediately after the fire incident. Governor Amaechi blocked all the Radio and Television Houses in the state by not announcing it iii every l0minutes for BREAKING NEWS to the public as it is done in civilized Western countries to the Traders concerned caused all properties burnt to ashes with his Agents; –

ii. I am not a soothsayer but God talks to me and when I say it people will doubt it but it must come to pass, if Governor Amaechi did not adhere to me and the fire victims Traders settlements let him prepare to face TROUBLES now and as soon as he leaves office on 29/5/2015;

iii. I am a registered APC member and my Registration No. is 04011758 and support APC and do stated what the APC shall watch and do as I published in the past but where Governor Amaechi’s interest shall be, I will fight against it by the Name of the A1mighty God unless he does and settle me and the said Traders affected;

iv. All Niger Delta Region Citizens nay the entire Nigerians should vote for President .Goodluck Ebele Jonathan against Amaechi’s plan for he not to either become the President or Vice as he is hoping though President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan does not love Rivers State, will manage him,”

Let all South East States citizens also vote PDP for President Goodluck Jonathan only and vote all the rest elections to APGA candidates in its state to immortalize our “Zik of Africa” like the Yorubas anchored on their mentor “Chief Obafemi Awolowo;”

vi. And if the South East citizens accept this appeal, 2019 general elections we the Niger Delta citizens must support their bid for the Presidency if Boko Haram would not divide this country before then;

vii. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan should without delay sack the 3 Governors and their so called Hon. Members of the Assembly with “full state of emergency” of the 3 states in the North East, (Borno, Yobe and Adamawa) respectively with full military takeover in this order;

viii. The good PEOPLE OF OGONIS ARE MOST QUALIFIED TO PRODUCE THE GOVERNOR OF RIVERS STATE COME 2015 general elections WHILE A SON FROM KALABARI SHALL BE HIS DEPUTY amongst the 2 persons mentioned above (HON.BARR. OSIMA GINAH OR CHIEF (PROF.) OWUNARI ABRAHAM GEORGE WILL sine the 3rd is 110W HIS Royal Highness that cannot contest again.

ix. Rivers, let us open our eyes against Hon: Nyesom Wike and his so called allies of PDP headed by Dr. Tammy Danagogo Jack so called endorsement for another Ikwerreman to takeover.

x. On this area I commend Governor Amaechi to say that he would make it difficult for any lkwerreman to succeed him if this statement is truly from his Heart of Heart and not politicking.

xi. The Monorail project is as worthless and nothing to write home about of the huge amount invested in it of Rivers peoples money, and it cannot be completed for him to so call commissioning it before 29th May, 2015 for him leave as Governor of Rivers State;

xii: The 2 political parties that are on ground (PDP & APC), any of it who gives the Guber Ticket to the Ogonis, I and my entire family and my teeming supporters must vote for such candidate from Ogoni Kingdom but not Senator Magnus Abe;

xiii. Governor Amaechi is really picked for why not leave the fire victims Traders to manage-on the fire site until he is ready to make use of the area and sealed off the place since 213/2014 and nothing is done to this day. May the Almighty God forgive him his sins again;

xiv. Mr. President, a referendum is the answer whether Nigeria shall be one or disintegrate to 6 Regions. You should not shy away from this area and call back your hand picked National Conference members in this regard, after which, the next Conference works out the modalities of the said 6 Regions autonomy to save cost as well as destruction of may more lives and property is being unwarranted entity-Nigeria. This is the best solution without deceiving ourselves.

xv. And finally Mr. .President, on no systematic pressures by the Top Brass APC members and Governors for you to visit Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa States because of these girls who, had been carried away outside their states by their brothers Boko Haram insurgents since 14th April, 2014 This is a Trap to assassinate you Let Gens Babangida, Buhari, Alhaji Atiku, all APC Governors arid their allies visit these states and call their brothers to order as they set them up why a Niger Delta person shall become the President of Nigeria. And by November 2014 when campaigns for the 2015 general elections shall start nation wide, you should not go to these states to campaign too because of the above reason. I am not a prophet but I am warning you in this regard.

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