Why Cameroun Bows To Mexico 1-0

The Cameroonian national team, the Indomitable Lions led by Samuel Eto’o bowed to the Mexico national team in their first 2014 Brazil World cup game courtesy of uncoordinated play. Though the Cameroonians were dogged in their play but lack the desired wherewithal to move on as they bowed to the more purposeful and coordinated Mexicans who are purposeful in both their passes and played. The Camerounians further compound their own problem by allowing the Mexicans more space to play their game, to their disadvantage.

The Cameroonians are physical but lack coordination in their passes and lack finishing power at goal, which the Mexicans capitalized against the Camerounians.

One reason the Camerounian bowed to Mexicans is their poor man-marking ability in the midfield. Poor positioning and reading ability, coupled with lack of football follow up which rendered the Camerounians before the Mexicans.

The Mexicans were more calculative and more purposeful at goal, while utilizing the opportunity presented to them by the Camerounians with space, surrendered to them in the midfield and flags.

The communication between the Camerounian midfield and the attack was poor, Samuel Eto’o tried on his own to prove himself before his fans but the four time African footballer of the year has far spent his usefulness, this may as well be Eto’o last world cup as his current form indicates that Eto’o may be on his retirement after the 2014 brazil FIFA world cup.

In current form, the indomitable lions may not have much to offer in Brazil, judging from their first match against Mexico. ###

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