Past Lives, Dreams, Destiny and Your Karma

flowerMost people will not agree that they have lived before. This is founded on what their religion taught them from childhood whether this teaching is right or wrong. But the purpose of this week’s article, as a continuation from last week, is to highlight the limitation of religion on the spiritual development of soul in HU-man body. This limitation in the form of our beliefs affects our thoughts, words, and actions for many lifetimes.

If you do not believe in past lives then your life definitely will be filled with mysteries. This is because our actions in past lives dictate our experiences in this lifetime irrespective of what our religions teach us. Prayer, fasting and pleading with God will not remove the experiences you and I need to grow spiritually. The only way we can remove most of our sufferings is to learn how to listen to God, know the will of God in our lives and finally learn how to obey God. The alternative is pain and sufferings in our lives.

Every HU-man being on earth today has lived before now. Some of us have lived for more than a million times in different training centers scattered in the different lower heavens of God. These heavens are First (Astral), Second (Causal), Mental (Third Heaven) and Fourth (Etheric) heavens. These are places where some of our loved ones go to rest only to come back to school (this earth is one of them) in any of these heavens to continue their spiritual education.

Our physical universe consists of numerous planets and constellations where Soul is sent to learn a particular spiritual lesson that would enable Soul to go back home to God in the higher heavens.

How do we know we have lived before?

If we keep the idiosyncrasies of our religion aside, and look critically at our surroundings, we will discover that all the people around us either friends or perceived enemies are not strangers at all. The law of Karma states that action and reaction are equal and opposite. In some religions, it is stated as ‘whatever a man soweth, that shall he reap’. Some also refer to it as ‘an eye for an eye’. But if a man dies before reaping, the Lords of Karma sends the individual back to a suitable training center where all the persons he needs to reap from, either for good and bad are located.

Often times if we observe our children, we find that some are our late parents. A father comes back as a loving son to reclaim his properties while an aunt could reincarnate as a cousin. Extended family relations are karmic ties that have drawn all of us to the people we are currently interacting with. The purpose is for us to come and reap whatever we have sown. The coming and reaping could go on for millions of years for those who fail to recognize this pattern.

For instance ask yourself why some individuals you are meeting for the very first time either love you or hate you intensely? How come you enter an office and some like you instantly while some dislike you for no reason? How come some of your children speak to you authoritatively while some behave like adults? How come some of us come with crooked bodies while others are radiant and beautiful?

Some of these questions have no answers from our religion and so we are afraid to ask and some say ignorance is bliss? Ignorance is pain!

Another way we can know is when we have a particular illness or ailments that refuse to heal like a neck pain or eye problem. When an individual has a persistent neck pain, it could be an indication of a former life of broken neck or being hung. The individual will visit various places in an attempt to get healing but until he learns how to unravel the spiritual history behind the ailment, it will not heal.

The more we fail to ask questions about life, the more we will be forced to confront mysteries in our lives!

Our coming and going will continue until we learn the reasons behind them. Our past actions whether good or bad becomes what we refer to as our faith karma, what the ordinary man refers to as destiny. In other words, whatever we are experiencing today is as a result of what we have done in a past life. When someone says ‘it is your destiny’, know that if you do not learn how to change your destiny it will run your life accordingly. There is no escape from this spiritual law of God. The idea is not to punish man but for man to learn about the laws of life and the divine love of God.

If we realize and know that the purpose of life is for us to come and learn how to give and receive the divine love of God, then the learning begins with knowing who we are. Pythagoras, Aristotle, Socrates and all philosophers of old have always reiterated ‘Man know thyself!’. But what do we find, man who wants to go to heaven but has refused to die. Man who wants the things of God and has refused to learn how to know God. Man who prays to God for changes in his life but has refused to know the will of God for his life.

What a great irony!

The question is ‘can man escape this going and coming, this life of karma, reincarnation and mystery?’

The answer is yes, for the individual who is ready to ask questions about life and is ready to go back home to God and stop this aimless journey of karma, reincarnation and destiny.

The following steps will enable you know if you have lived before:

Look around you or your compound, is there any particular individual who dislikes or love you intensely? You can even look at your household or an individual you intend to marry? As you are about to go to bed you can ask God a simple question, ‘God who is this individual to me and what do I need to give?’. If we ask this question for a period of about three to seven days at bedtime, the answer will come in our dreams. We can keep a dream journal that will enable us record this information from our dreams. In the dream, we can observe the type of environment or clothing that will give us an indication of that period in history. Could it be during the Roman Empire? Could it be during the time of Napoleon? But definitely we can get a feedback. This has nothing to do with religion but a direct request from God, our Creator.

If the individual wishes to obtain a faster response from God then he should sing the HU, the secret name of God before asking the questions.

HU is the ancient and sacred name of God by God for God. This name of God does not belong to any religion but no religion can survive without It. It does not belong to any language but is present in all languages. It is the Holy and Sacred name of God. If you have been praying to God without response or if you have been ‘dashing’ you hard earned money to ‘men of God’ to help you contactor pray to God perhaps you can sing the HU and get a response directly or you can continue to dash your money away.

If the individual still wishes to know God and the voice of God, the Holy Spirit, then he can sing HU in the following way:

First, the individual should sit relaxed where he or she will not be disturbed. Secondly the individual should fill his or her mind with loving or joyful thoughts, put his attention in-between the two eyebrows (the spiritual eye) and then, in a long drawn –out tone, sing HU like this Huuuueeeee!. Take in another deep breadth and breathing out with eyes closed and attention placed on the Spiritual eye in-between the two eye brows, sing HU again repeatedly for five to ten minutes for beginners. Finally go to bed with your questions in mind and God will surely reply you. Others have succeeded and surely you can too.

Once you are able to achieve this feat, God will lead you to the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach who will guide you gently through your dream state back home to God. This will be your Spiritual Guide. You will then be flying on the wings of love. You will then be protected, guided and led to the pure heavens of God. Nothing can happen to you without your permission. You will then be given secrets that will enable you change your destiny and realize your spiritual potentials.


By Tuborki Dauyemie


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