Importance Of Judiciary In Democracy

law jJudiciary is an indispensable organ of government. Its importance cannot be over emphasized.

Any society without a judiciary system is bound to face chaos and anarchy. In a nation where the judiciary is weak or not independent its people might be confronted with injustice and all kinds of intimidation.

The judiciary organ performs several roles to ensure stability of a society. Some of its statutory functions amongst others include: conflicts resolution, punish people who violate the laws of the land, interpret the constitution of the land and check the activities of the other organs of the government namely: the executive and legislature.

Thus absence of judiciary system could create uncomfortable situation in any given country. Democracy as the government of the masses cannot stand in such as a country.

Democracy as defined by ex-President Abraham Lincoln is the government of the people by the people and for the people. Hence in a weak judiciary system, the people cannot enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Several weeks before the National chapter of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) declared a nationwide strike the workers in Rivers judiciary are on strike. The strike no doubt has negative effect on the administration of justice in the country.

The long closure of the courts could force people who have grievances to seek justice else where other than the constitutional means of looking for redress in law courts.

Ineffective judiciary system is capable of throwing the entire nation into confusion. A moribund judiciary organ is not healthy for the development of democracy in Nigeria. This is a country where there are cracks in most of the sectors. Nigeria is a democratic nation; therefore for democracy to drive well there must be an independent judiciary. There is a close relationship between judiciary and democracy. Government and relevant authorities should do something about the striking judiciary staff so that courts will resume sitting to dispense justice. This will reduce unnecessary tension in the country. ###


Damiete West


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