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Alleged Contract Scam: Ex-Bille CDC Chairman In Fresh trouble

INC HERBERT & CHIEF BEBEHigh Chief Bebe Jacob, the Agbaniye-Jike 1 of Niger Delta has frowned at the manner and the way in which funds meant for the development of the Bille community in Degema Local Government Area are missing and diverted to individuals’ bank accounts.

According to High Chief Bebe some individuals are frustrating the development of the community by diverting money for projects into their private pockets.

High Chief Bebe, a prominent son of Bille Kingdom was speaking in a press briefing in Port Harcourt on Monday, following a press statement issued by the former chairman of the Bille Community Development Committee (CDC), Mr. I.N.C Herbert, that there was no fraud in the execution of the water project in the community.

High Chief Bebe alleged that the said water project which was awarded to INC Herbert was not executed properly and later abandoned.

High Chief Bebe, a freedom fighter in the Niger Delta sub region said that the multi-million naira water project has been abandoned long time ago. He accused the ex-Bille CDC chairman of disrespecting the traditional chiefs and went ahead to purchase a solar system for the construction of the water project. According to High Chief Bebe who is also a very prominent chief in Toimbo-Ama community in the Bille kingdom alleged that when I.N.C. Herbert brought him the solar system, the chiefs of the community asked him to take it back, but he refused because of a selfish interest.

High Chief Bebe, the National Coordinator of Transformation Agenda for Goodluck 2015 further accused Mr. I.N.C Herbert and one Chief Dagogo Theophilous Temebo of frustrating the youths of the kingdom by refusing them to work in companies operating in the area.

He alleged that companies such as INPC, OIS, WELTECH came to do business in Bille, but the youths chances and monies were allegedly cornered by the I.N.C Herbert and Chief Temebo. High Chief Bebe said that the money paid to youths when Weltech came to the community got missing in their pockets.

The ex-Niger Delta war lord, however revealed that due to the attitude of INC Herbert, when he contested for the chieftaincy stool in Opu-imo community, he failed flat and secured only one vote out of 2000 persons. “That was a very shameful situation,” High Chief Bebe said.

“Now he wants to contest for the kingship stool in Bille, he cannot get it. God forbid. After all because of his attitude and that of Chief Temebo, the youth leader, Daddy Wariboko has taken them to court. And the case is still pending in court,” High Chief Bebe said.

He maintained that because of their activities, there is no youth body in the kingdom. The High Chief Bebe further alleged that I.N.C Herbert borrowed N400,000 from the community to contest chairmanship election in 1996, but uptil now he has not pay back, adding that because of his refusal to pay back the money the last king, late king Justus Henry Igolima-Dappa failed to assign any responsibility in the community to him. The Toimbo-Ama High Chief alleged that shortly after the death of king Igolima Dappa, INC Herbert became the chairman of the CDC, which many people seen it as a “disappointment”.

High Chief Bebe called on Mr. I.N.C. Herbert to tell the people of Bille why he left the University of Science and Technology as a lecturer. He further called on EFCC, ICPC, SSS, the police to move into the kingdom to investigate the high level of fraud going on in the kingdom. High Chief Bebe said that there are lot of abandoned projects in the area, “I will not be afraid of anybody. I am out for them. I will begin to expose those who are disturbing the kingdom. I will invite EFCC to come and arrest them and interrogate them so that they can complete the projects. Bille kingdom must go forward.” High Chief Bebe who is also the political leader of Ward 16 in Bille kingdom in the Degema Local Government Area of the State, threatened to take Mr. I.N.C. Herbert to court within three (3) days if he fails to institute a legal action against him. (High Chief Bebe).

“I will continue to fight this fight, I am not afraid, if it is court we will go. If it is physical we will dig it out. I am out for them”, High Chief Bebe asserted. “I am Agbaniye-Jike I of Niger Delta, two people can bear the same name,” High Chief Bebe said.

When contacted Mr. I.N.C. Herbert, he denied all the allegations leveled against him.

He, however admitted that he borrowed N100,000 from the community to contest election , but he has paid back very long time ago.

“I have the receipt with me. I have paid back this money very long time ago”, Herbert alleged.

He debunked the rumour that he was sacked in the RSUST, according to him, he was frustrated by one Prof. Omuaru before of his stand during the Bille/Ke communal crisis. “I have all the documents with me. I was frustrated by Prof. Omuaru. I have written several petitions and I have all of them,” Herbert said. He called on the public to disregard the allegations leveled against him, adding that it was a calculated attempt to tarnish his image.

In his part Chief Temebo also denied the allegations in a telephone chat with our editor, saying that, Bebe is not a chief in Bille kingdom and what he said are not true. ###

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