Is He Yahoshea Meshiyach Or Yahshua Messiah?

Gold is gold even when found in the hand of a beggar or in pauper’s hut. It is now the faith of millions of mortals that man of Calvary, the son of Yoseph and Mirriam is the authentic and settled saviour and redeemer of mankind. Almost one third of the humanity’s population is of the settled conviction that the man of Calvary is real and can never be dismissed as Myth or fiction.

They wholly accept his accounts that he came from heaven, born through immaculate conception, fasted for forty days and nights in a wilderness, baptized, set up a ministry capped his ministry with his death at the torture state at Calvary, resurrected and ascended unto heaven to take his seat in the presence of his father who sent him.

And the account of his life is brought by a populous and most circulated book in human history which is known as Bible. The Bible bear the account that his name is Jesus Christ. Based on this account, this name become the second most populous name after the name of the creator which the Bible called JEHOVAH or sometimes LORD, GOD etc.

The name becomes a source of hope, faith and success of its believers. Many are seen in the society as great men simply because of the fact that they placed their faith on that name. For instance the international preachers, the venerable Priests, Reverends, Bishops, Cardinals and various levels of church workers are made great through professing of the name JESUS CHRIST as their Lord and personal saviour.

In opposition to the teaming millions of believers who profess CHRIST exists a minority and few voices who stand boldly to oppose that the name of man of Calvary is JESUS CHRIST. To such minority, they equally believe that the man of Calvary existed and went through death on a torture stake, resurrected and ascended meaning that the two groups have their faith place on the same personality but with different names.

While the two opposing sides hold supreme to their own accepted form of the names, yet there are equally, another weak group who believe that since it is the same person, it can be addressed in any form of name and he will hear or respond since he is a spirit and omniscience. Then the question is what is the meaning of name or personal name?

A name can be properly understood by going through an article in the Anglican Theological review (Oct. 1959). As Dr. Walter Iowrie highlighted the need to know the name of the creator, he wrote “in human relationships, it is highly important to know the proper name, the personal name, of one we love to whom we are speaking, or even about whom we speak. Precisely so it is in man’s relationship with his creator. A man who does not know the creator by name does not really know him as a person and he cannot love him, if he knows him only as an impersonal force”. So since naming of persons are highly important, it is wise and necessary we know our creator and his son through their rightful names as revealed to mankind.

There are great variety of believers who profess different types of names to the same saviour or man of Calvary.

He is addressed as YAHSHUA, JOSHUA, YESHUE, YAHOSHEA etc by different preachers or teachers. Then since it is certain that it was only one name that was revealed of the saviour before, during and after his birth, it is necessary we conduct a proper investigation to discover his appropriate name since such will aid us to know, love and relate with him properly.

All discovered textual works of the ancients that are available to the modern men proved that the name of the saviour is related to the name of his father as scriptually accounted. But such relationship is not found in the present names of GOD, LORD, and JESUS. And this is a vital point of investigation. A well-orchestrated investigation will certainly prove that there is a dislocation between how the ancients pronounced or addressed the saviour as against what is known presently. Addressing saviour, (a divine personality) with a name coined by modern scholars is as good as a blind man leading blind man and all will fall into a deep pit.

One of the most popular names that are been proclaimed by majority of broadcasters of Holy name is YAHSHUA MESSIAH and this has raised another sort of controversy. There are conflicts between broadcasters of Yahoshea Meshiyach and Yashua Messiah as for the real name of the Hebrew-born Saviour. The religious research carried out over the contests or submissions of both religious groups prove that “Yahshua” means “Yahweh’s Depression” in Hebrew language and “Yahweh’s Wealth” in Canaanite language. The findings prove that both names or terms – “Yahoshea” and “Yahshua” share the inclusion of “Yah” which is short-form of the Holy name Yahweh but differs on the terms “Hoshea” and “Shua” which bear the meanings or character of the savior. While it is proven that “Hoshea” means “Salvation” or “Saviour” in Hebrew language, the term “SHUA” means “Depression” in same Hebrew language.

So combination of YAH and SHUA give use to Yahshua which means “Yah’s Depression”. Such pronunciation did not accurately represent the character of the savior or for salvation that He is identified with. This means that “YAHSHUA” is another erroneous presentation while “Yahoshea “is the accurate name of the savior.

Again, the term “Meshiyach” or “Meshiac” is the true traditional pronunciation of the word which is translated as “Anointed One” in English Language. The term “Messiah” is an English-model of the Hebrew form-Meshiyach.

Again this submission prove that it is proper to use the term- “Meshiyach” of original form than using “Messiah” of English model.

Although that the name JESUS CHRIST is from the most known and calculated book on earth, preached by powerful men in our societies and followed by a majority of the earth population, it lacks all the necessary ingredients to confirm it as the real name of our saviour or man of Calvary. Originally the name JESUS is driven from the Greek name Iesous or Ihsous or Zeus. This name is an ancient pagan idol of the Greeks. It is evenly accounted in the Bible that when Paul and Barnabas went to a Greek city, when they performed miracles, the people took them to be Zeus and Hermes.


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