Frequently Asked Questions On God (3)

Every individual soul in- form loves to have direct communication with God. While some desire God genuinely, others would like to put God in their pocket for selfish interests. Some love power so much they would like to put all members of their congregation under their absolute control. This is why most self styled ‘men of God’ go to any length to manipulate the Holy Spirit in their favor (if that is possible at all). So most of them resort to psychic means to control their members.
But this cannot be done forever.
For the individual soul that desires spiritual freedom, such individual would have to take steps to liberate himself from the psychic grip of their so called spiritual mentors.
Soul is a free entity. No matter how long soul-in-form is kept in captivity, It will someday set Itself free. This is because freedom is an aspect of the attributes of soul, a creative spark of God.
What is destiny? How can I free myself from destiny? Is it possible?
Yes it is possible for the spiritually unfolded individual to ‘adjust’ his destiny, taste and achieve spiritual freedom.
Destiny would be easier to understand if one knows that life does not begin with birth nor does it end with death. For life transcends the boarder of physical living and that of dead forms. But conventional religion will tell us that we live only one life.
This is the beginning of falsehood.
For every soul- in- form to be born or to reincarnate in any area of existence, there are pre-agreed activities or forms that soul is expected to accomplish. Families where soul is going to be born, country of birth, color of skin, form of appearance etc, are agreed upon before soul decides to enter into the baby at first breath. All these pre-agreed forms and situations are what we refer to as destiny. They are based on what we know and call karma of the individual. For the purposes of this article we will not go into unnecessary details here. But it is pertinent to know that every soul reincarnating into this world carries a baggage, an account which he or she must balance while on earth or else it will be carried over into another lifetime.
But once soul is born into the HU-man or other forms, the situations of birth tend to ‘control’ the life of the individual through the values of the country of birth, the religion of the parents, etc. Societal conditions also come to influence the individual and eventually condition his or her beliefs. This is what we call the social consciousness. It is that which says ‘that’s the way it is done!’
Since Soul is a creative spark of God, it possesses the attributes of wisdom, freedom and love. It is also imbued with the divine qualities of imagination and freewill. These are the qualities that enable soul to conquer destiny or the conditions and situations at birth.
When soul chooses to ‘unleash’ these innate qualities of imagination and creativity, then soul has put in motion the causes that would enable it to overcome destiny.
For instance if the conditions of birth makes a fellow to believe that he lives only once and in a near death situation, the individual’s spiritual eye opens and he views the splendor of heaven which closes after some time, such an individual would have to use his discretion to find out if it is true or not. But the individual knows that he can never be the same again because that image will continue to haunt such an individual into his grave.
But one of the ways an individual can liberate himself through freewill, is for the individual to try and know who he is. If the individual can realize himself as soul he has solved the mystery of destiny and God Almighty. He would have discovered the secret of life and death. The individual should learn how to sing the HU, which is the Holy name of God that can connect man to God directly through the Holy Spirit. Once this is done, the individual would then realize that there is a great gulf between believing and knowing God.
The man who believes in God does not know God. The only way to know God is by experiencing God in truth and Spirit.
But how do you make that contact? Through the Light and Sound of God that resides within man. This is the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God.
What is the purpose of Dreams and how can one interpret dreams to benefit from them?
Dream is the creative spark of God in man. For the whole of creation was actually dreamed into existence by God. This could be very hard to swallow by some of us, albeit it is true.
The ability for man to dream is the utilization of the imaginative faculty of man. This is the creative faculty of man that has been forgotten as soon as man reincarnates into this physical world, our spiritual education center. But as we came here from the heavens of God, we were not left alone. For we were blessed with the ability to contact God from time to time or as we wish through dreams. This is why a newly born baby remembers how the heavens of God look like for a period of time between ages one to six. For some of them, through their dream travels can recollect vividly their interactions in the heavens of God while alive in the HU-man flesh. But their ignorant adults would refuse to listen to the ‘wise children’ and discard their dreams as ‘nonsense’.
I could remember a dream of an accident that I told my parents at age six but they would not listen to me but as we traveled between Epe and Lagos the scene I had seen in the dream repeated itself exactly the way I had seen it in the dream.
Dreaming a gift from God to man.
But one would notice that most conventional religion do not know how to teach an individual to understand and interpret dreams. This is simply because they do not have the training on dreams not are they spiritually endowed to do so. Any one who doubts this can ask his ‘pastor’ to talk on dreams. Some would even refer to these whisperings from God as ‘words from the devil’. This is simply because they do not know beyond this level.
Dreams are privileged information from God. But it cannot be forced to happen to an individual except those with a pure and loving heart. For the Dream Master, an Agent of God, does not and cannot reveal divine information to those who have not been trained to do so. This is because such individual would wield enormous powers over other individuals.
For instance, I have always seen in my dreams past eight leaders of Nigeria before they ever ruled Nigeria but because I know of the laws of Silence and Non-interference, I watched all these events come to pass as decreed by the Holy Spirit.
So what are the purposes of dreams? They are indeed for all souls to contact God directly through the ‘inner channels’ within them instead of bombarding God with endless prayers.
Interpretation of dreams comes with these simple steps;
First, the individual must cultivate the habit of writing down his dreams. For it is a spiritual gift to do so. For it is dis-respectful for the individual not to write down heavenly instructions from God.
Secondly, the individual must realize that the study of dreams requires effort just like the study of Medicine or Engineering except that in this case one does not need to pay school fees. As such, writing down our dreams would enable the individual to discover the pattern and ways in which the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God is talking to us.
The third stage is for the individual to make contact with the Holy Spirit by singing the HU before bedtime. This will streamline the ‘scattered dreams’ of the individual like the magnet that arranges iron fillings and within a short time, the individual can make contact with the Dream Master who is the chief trainer of dreams.
This is the way to get full benefit from dreams.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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