Stages In Spiritual Development

huVarious stages exist in the spiritual status of Soul enfolded by different forms in the material worlds of God. Soul actually resides in the pure heavens of God. But for the purpose of its spiritual education to attain maturity, Soul wears different bodies to enable it know itself better and in doing so, know and understand the ways of God Almighty, our Creator. But after wearing the different bodies Soul is hardly aware of its divine nature and therefore regards itself only from the perspective of the form it is wearing. Thus the attention in this article is focused on that being that regards itself as the apex of God’s creation, man. The Human being therefore is made up of several bodies that it uses to learn in the different lower heavens of God and creation. But man not being aware of his true self as Soul cannot make claim to being the apex of God’s creation until he knows himself as Soul and realizes the reason for its existence on Earth here. This is the reason man needs to know the stage in which he is to enable it make progress towards the objective of Co-workership with God Almighty.
Various stages have therefore been identified as being milestones on Souls’ onward journey back home to God. These stages are: Unaware;  unconscious ignorance;  seeker; the enlightened; being a spiritual student; self- realization; spiritual realization and God realization. These stages however do not have clear definition but from either the experiences of the individual concerned or certain behavioral traits or attributes, the individual who wants to conduct a self- assessment can clearly identify which category he or she belongs to.
The un-aware individual is driven by his animal instincts and as such is not bothered about any spiritual aspects of life. Rather than live life to the fullest, they exist on a daily basis. Though they are children of God as Soul, they are completely unaware of their spiritual status. They are subject to the laws of karma and are therefore under the spiritual law of destiny. Their actions and feelings including their lives are under the control of the Lords of Karma. They are therefore subject to karma and reincarnation for several lifetimes until they begin to realize that there exists something greater than the HU-man consciousness they exhibit. They are therefore like pawns on a chessboard and are subject to the vicissitudes of life.
The level of unconscious ignorance happens to be the largest in terms of spiritual education of man. When man does not know that he does not know, then he is suffering from unconscious ignorance. When a man is not aware of whom he or she is as Soul and does not even realize this then he suffers from spiritual amnesia. This individual is characterized by those who pray endlessly to God and feel through their prayer they can change the divine will of God. Thus their behavior is characterized by unnecessary spiritual arrogance that is based on unsubstantiated knowledge. These individuals are the ones that end up trying to convince other people to follow and agree to their line of thinking about God. They hardly have any experiences of their own with God or the Holy Spirit but their knowledge is based on book knowledge and the experiences of other people about God. They are subject to the laws of Karma and Reincarnation for their destinies or destiny is controlled by the Lords of Karma who are in charge of HU-man affairs. Once they experience any misfortune, they conclude that ‘it is the will of God’. But little do they realize that all along they do not know anything about their spiritual connection with the Holy Spirit or God Almighty. They are confused about life and they also lead their gullible followers into that same confused state. Their actions do not have any element of love but they are controlled by the five passions of the mind namely: Lust; anger; vanity; attachment to material things and greed. Their progress is usually determined by the material possessions they have which is usually a ploy by the minor god of material things (satan) that is used to tie them down to the planes of karma and reincarnation. They will certainly reincarnate to come and reap all they have inadvertently sown including misleading other children of God and also pay back the money collected from their poor followers.
The seeker is that individual who has decided to take a second look at life and concluded that there must be something more than the eyes can see. The seeker therefore asks questions like:
‘Who am I? What am I doing here?
‘What has control over my life that my life has remained the way it is?’
‘Did God create man to come and suffer?’
‘How come the evil doers seem to prosper and the meek and gentle seem to suffer, is there judgment at all?’
Why would God punish man by sending ‘Souls that sinneth’ to hell to burn forever and ever, is that God a loving God?’
‘How about children that are born, stay for a few years without sin but die, will they go to heaven or hell?’
‘How come some are born crippled, is God no longer perfect?’
‘How come God was able to speak to people some a thousand years ago, has God stopped talking to HU-mans of today?’
‘Why do I receive divine messages in my dreams, when religionists say I am a sinner?’
‘What guarantee do I have of going to heaven, when I do not know what controls my life here on Earth?’
‘If my body rots away at death, what body will I use to go to heaven?’
The seeker is therefore the individual who continues to question the theology of religions and try to find out what is truth for himself, different from what people have told them in churches, mosques and other religious houses. They want the truth and they cannot be happy until they find out what truth is and what is untruth. They have come to realize that ignorance is not blissful as we have been made to believe but that ignorance is actually the cause of unnecessary desires and pain. These individuals cannot be at peace with themselves simply because they must have had a taste of truth either from their dreams or they have experienced out of body experiences. They are like the hound who must seek out the trail of the hunt to make a catch. They know there is something out there, something they may not know but when they see it, they will know what it is. They jump from one religion to another, from one church to another, looking for God but little did they realize that the God they seek is within  themselves. They need someone who knows who can help them open their hearts to view and see the love of God.
Next is the enlightened one. The window of heaven has been opened for him to have a glimpse of the heavenly worlds of God but he is yet to gain admittance because he is still on the periphery of the spiritual worlds. He has garnered a lot of spiritual experiences through the trials and tribulations he has gone through in life and has met with the agents of God responsible for enrolling Souls who are ready to find their way out of the ashcan of existence back into the glorious home in the heavens of God. This individual has come to the conclusion that there are forces greater than himself that control the lives of humans and all creations of God. He has come to realize that there exist spiritual laws that guide the thoughts, words, action and feelings of mankind and these laws cannot be bent through prayers or supplications because of their immutable nature. They have come to know that the heavens of God can be accessed before death and are willing to subject themselves to the required disciplines that can enable them have the spiritual experiences. They are the spiritual students who are in the elementary study of God and the Holy Spirit. Once they are found worthy spiritually speaking, they are able to progress to the next stage of their Spiritual Development Program. At this stage of their spiritual journey, they have come to know the Holy and Secret name of God, they have tried it and found that it was possible to contact God and hear God speak to man through It’s voice known as the Holy Spirit. They are therefore willing to assert themselves to be promoted as one of those who have overcome the social consciousness that grips most of mankind so that they can remain chained to the gods of prosperity.
Next is the Self Realized State of being. This state is characterized by that individual who has travelled the way to God and is now located within the first pure heavens of God but he still operates a physical body on a daily basis here. He has learnt how to die daily. Though he lives in the physical, he has attained the status of Soul, fully self- realized. He has come to know that as Soul, there is actually no difference between the individual and the essence of God known as the Holy Spirit. In order words, the individual has become the Holy Spirit individualized. For how can the water from the Ocean of God be different from the one taken and embodied in a bottle or the HU-man body? Both are the same and of the same quality. Man as Soul is therefore made of the same substance as the Holy Spirit and has the same attributes of God, namely: Wisdom, Freedom and Love.  It is at this stage that the individual has this realization. Through the help of the Spiritual Coach, the individual is trained until he achieves this status and is able to act as a distributor of the Divine Love of God. The individual now knows that he is Soul and acts from the lofty position of the Fifth Heaven, which is the Soul Plane.
Spiritual Consciousness and God Realization is beyond the scope of this article but suffice to mention that no individual can attain this status without the help of the Spiritual Coach, the Living Godman who has been appointed by God to lead all ready Souls back home to God. He is the Special One that has the ability to turn the Spiritual Cup of Soul towards heaven to receive the Living Water of God that can quench the spiritual thirst of Soul. Without the Spiritual Coach, no individual can move an inch on the Spiritual Journey back home to God.
To make contact with the Spiritual Coach, gently sing HU before your sleep for five to twenty minutes and he shall come to you in your dreams. The Spiritual Coach has the singular ability to teach man in his dreams, take the individual out of the wheel of Karman and Reincarnation and eventually link the individual with the Holy Spirit, the Audible Life Stream within man. This audible Life Stream can be heard reverberating within man and can also be seen as Light of different colors. This is an indication of the presence of God Almighty. Once Soul is connected to the Holy Spirit by the Living Word, he can then journey with the Spiritual Travelers into the Heavens of God with his korokoro eyes. Once the individual becomes adept in visiting the heavens of God, he can then share this knowledge of life from the heavens with joy and authority and eventually lead others to the Spiritual Traveler and eventually back home to God.
This is spiritual freedom!
The individual is no longer limited by fear and the social consciousness which enslave man to the material worlds of existence. The individual then develops the ability to communicate with God even as he walks on the street with the main objective of serving God. He then becomes a Co-worker with God.
This is the mission of Soul on this Earth and in this lifetime!


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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