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Another commentator put it this way, – “All the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that ever built, and all the parliament that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned put together have not affected the life of men upon this earth as powerful as the Hebrew Messiah has done”.



Based on the views of various groups or persons over the personage of the saviour, it is worth while to investigate the true or central issues relating to the saviour.

One of such main issues is about his true name which the Bible of the modern translations named as “Jesus Christ”. The next is about the true identical name of the fold he established which the same book called as “Christianity”.

These issues have been points of argument in modern times as many religious reformers and restorationalists have emerged with the conclusion that the name of the saviour could never been Jesus Christ and his sect not been Christianity.

These body of religious reformers have concluded that the name of the saviour or Hebrew Messiah must be something in form of “Yahshua”, “Joshua” “Yahoshea” etc. These religious reformers equally claim that the true title to the saviour was never “Christ” but must be something as the “Meshiach”, “Meshiyach” or “Messiah”.

They came to these submission as they trace the root of the name – Jesus Christ to the ancient pagan deities of Greek. For example, it is scholarly found that the name – “Jesus” was driven from “Zeus” while the term “Christ” is driven from “Christos” all of the ancient Greecian pagan idols.

Based on this wonderful discovery, the religious reformers of the Messianic ministry have decided to depart from using or worshipping with the name of Jesus Christ even when it is carried by the most populous acclaimed scriptural book called “Bible”.

One of the famous sacred name broadcasters, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Comforter taught his disciples that the true name of the saviour is “Yahoshea Meshiyach.”

He explained the names as follows – “Yahoshea” is a combination of “Yah” which is short-form of the name “Yahweh” which is the only and accurate name of the creator of the universe combined with “Oshea” which means “Salvation” in the Aramaic language in which the saviour was born.

Prophet Yahmarabhi conclude that by this explanation the name “Yahoshea” means “Yahweh’s salvation” or “salvation of Yahweh”. The prophet equally hold that the title “Meshiyach” means “The Anointed one” in the Aramaic language. So, the combination of “Yahoshea Meshiyach” rightly means the “Anointed – One Yahoshea”.

Prophet Yahmarabhi holds that the name “Jesus Christ” is a misnormer that were effected into the religious tradition of the saviour by the truth twisters and false interpreters of the scriptures that he identified as the “Niclotians”.

Based on the indisputable truth, as the name of the saviour of mankind, who is hitherto identified as the Hebrew Messiah is Yahoshea Meshiyach, his established movement or ministry cannot be termed as “Christianity”.

Going by the presentations of the New Testament account of the Bible, Yahoshea Meshiyach commenced his ministry through the forty days and forty nights fasting that he underwent. This was followed by his baptism by Yohanna the Baptizer.

His next step was the conversion of his followers who were originally of Hebrew citizens that he often identified as “My followers”. He did not introduce himself as the “Christ”. So he did not know or address the congregation as the “Christians” as claimed by the Bible, Church Fathers and historians.

The modern scholars address the apostles of first century as the “Jewish Christians” but such was entirely erronous. Yahoshea did not use the term as congregational label or trademark for his followers rather he called them “his followers” or sometimes – “my Brethren”.

As they followed a master whose name was “Yahoshea”, they must be identified as “Yahosheans” and not “Christians” as alleged by the Bible.

The term – “Christ-like” or “Christians” was firstly introduced to the sect at the city of Antioch after two decades of Yahoshea’s resurrection and ascension.

The Bible frankly recorded that the disciples of Yahoshea Meshiyach “were first called Christians at Anthioch”. This verse of the scripture did not hide the truth that the saviour on his own did not name the disciples as Christians neither were they named as Christians by the apostles themselves, rather the name “Christians” were given to them by people of Antioch who did not know them or their true purpose in life.

Based on this fact, the name “Christianity” or “Christ” were derogatory names given to the early apostles by people of Gentile nations.

According to Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach, the name “Christ”, “Jesus” and “Christ-like” were given to the saviour and his fold by the pagan Greek people who were exposed to the activities of “Zeus” and “Christos” which were pagan idols of their land.

The Saviour been addressed by the name Jesus Christ and his fold bearing Christianity at present is a direct or vocal explanation of Hellenism of the Hebrew religious tradition he founded by the Greek scholars and theologians.

Prophet Yahmarabhi held that as the disciples of Yahoshea Meshiyach were named after their founder, their real congregational identical name was Yahosheans while their religious tradition was termed as “Yahosheanism”.

Based on this conviction, Yahoshea Meshiyach evolved “Yahosheanism” and not “Christianity” as held by the wider society of his believers.

As taught by Yahoshea Meshiyach “he came in his father’s name”. If his father’s name is believably Yahweh, his own name becomes indisputably “Yahoshea” and his followers being named after his name must bear the name “Yahosheans”.

So, identifying the sect as the “Jewish Christianity” is an erroneous description that came through pervasion.

During his earthly ministry at the city of Yerusalem, some people identified him and his followers as the “Nazarenes” which means – “from Nazerite”.


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