Corruption And Suffering At 54

map 2Wednesday October 1, 2014 was exactly 54 years when Salaudeen Akano of the Nigerian Navy lowered the Union Jack (British Flag, a symbol of authority and sovereign for the people of the West Coast of Africa since 1914) to mark the fall of the British colonial administration in Nigeria. As the Union Jack lowered, the two coloured Nigerian flag-Green and White designed by Pa Taiwo Akinkunwi took its place, to welcome a new independent Nigerian State.

Thanks to Chief Anthony Enahoro who in 1953 first moved the motion demanding for Nigeria’s independence. However, seven (7) years after Nigeria became an independent country.

It is very joyful to celebrate the Nigeria’s political autonomy because Nigerians now control their own affairs. The first (1st) day of the tenth (10th) month of the year has a positive spiritual implication.

According to the first book of the Bible – Genesis 8:5 “And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month were the tops of the mountains seen”. The 1st October symbolizes deliverance from obscurity to light. On the first day of the tenth month (October), Nigeria came out of the British colonism, it is indeed a day of freedom.

Except a wicked and evil one, nobody will stop to celebrate freedom or liberty.

It is very worthwhile to celebrate our liberation. No man or woman like captivity or to perpetually stay in obscurity.

One of the important features of our independence is Nigerians take charge of Nigeria’s affairs.

However, some years after the nation’s independence, the country’s economy begins to fall day by day. This is due to the institutionalization of corruption in our country. Our political leaders shortly after taken powers from the whites began to engage themselves in massive corrupt practices and display of wealth. This attitude was the rational behind the first military coup in Nigeria, that claimed several lives, properties and resources.

Corruption causes suffering. Funds meant for the development of the Nigerian state have been siphoned by the political class. At 54, most Nigerians are still struggling to eat three (3) square meals. Our economy is at the comatose, so much political instability, educational sector is in the state of coma, the agriculture is dead, the aviation industry is a death trap, the power supply is convulsing now and then.

Nothing seems to function in the country. As the nation celebrates this year’s independence anniversary our leaders at all levels of government should sink their personal gains and beginning to initiate policies and programmes that will improve the living standard of the masses. ###


Damiete West


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