mosopOgonis Political Unity, Decision Welcomed But Missing Link Exist

There is no gain saying the fact that by means of fairness, equity, justice and in accordance with universal acceptable democratic norms, the governorship of Rivers State come 2015 should emerge from the Rivers South-East senatorial District as it is on record that two of the three Districts, River west and East have produced governors of the state.

Ogoni is one of the ethnic nationalities amongst in the South-East sectional District, headquarters of the District and one of those clamoring for the governorship seat in the state. Others are Andonis, and Opobos jostling for the plump job.

Recently, what looks impossible was however achieved by what was considered as Ogoin Leadership Forum (OLF) an avenue to decide on a common goal as it affect the people when they decided to support any political party that zones the governorship slot to the area.

What it means is that, cross section of the Ogonis would support and cast their votes in favour of any political party with the option of installing an Ogoni governor. But is that possible?

According to Walter Ollor, the spokesman of the forum “the people of Ogoin land will support only that political party which fields our Candidate for the gubernatorial election” He urged other ethnic groups in Rivers to support their course because Ogonis support them when their candidates contested elections to produce the governor of the state.

The OLF decision was significant occasion on their coming together as against initial conception that Ogonis are divided against themselves when some are backing the minister of State for Education, Barr. Nyeson Wike, others are for Senator Magnus Ngei Abe as well as Professor Don Barridon and others.

For the who is who in Ogoni land as said to have gathered to decide for the interest of Ogoni, it implies that the race is getting set to take off irrespective of personal and party interest, but the forum (OLF) has failed to address an issue bordering the people on the continuous closure (blockage and locking) of the oil wells in Ogoni land which constitutes questions on many lips against the hope of Ogonis to lead the state.

To many Political Pundits the frequent question is, with which source would the Ogonis governor leads or govern Rivers State if granted since the major source of revenue is oil?

Another missing link is the deliberate non-inclusion of the Andonis and Opobos in the so called forum. The forum ought to have been South-East Senatorial leadership forum than it was convened.

However, the Ogoni Leadership Forum suggests that the Ogonis are after personal struggle and interest again, than the interest of the Senatorial District which they are the headquarters, signifying that the district is yet to go for what they want but on individual or ethnic divides.

Fearful it is that people from other ethnic groups are vying for same position, and what becomes the answer may be worrisome and terrifying.

These issues, could not be addressed by the forum even with the fact that the Federal Government has commence moves to implement the UNEP report by cleansing the Ogoni land as well as Andoni which is a beneficiary to the UNEP report.

The oil wells in Ogoni land has been under lock and key for about 21years running, thereby making the many mouths to warble.

Ogoni and Andoni are on the same pedestal, and on advantage to lead Rivers State in the current political dispensation.

As much as the agitation for the 2015 Rivers governorship slot to be zoned to Rivers South- East is in line with democratic norms, a welcome move, it is however commended and also suggest that the various ethnic groups in the district should work in harmony to ensure that the numerous political parties considers such plight by zoning the governorship slot to South- East senatorial district.

It would be advisable for the various ethnic groups to agitate for its individual interest when the anticipated slot must have been formally zoned to the area than this fight, and threat to boycott elections.

In the senatorial district, several aspirants are on board the ship to the famous Brick house, but who and which ethnic group sails to the Brick house in May 29th, 2015 is the question now

From Opobo is former deputy leader of Rivers State house of Assembly and running mate to Celestine Oneshia, Tamienosisi Gogo Jaja (PDP) and serving house of Representative member, and former commissioner for Works Rivers State, Hon. Dakuku Adol Peterside, (APC).

In Andoni the viable contestant and retired Military Major of Nigerian Army, Major Lancelot Anyanya (Rtd) is relentlessly working to ensure success and possible break through during the party primaries. Also, heard of is a former Commissioner for Works and Transport Engineer, Sampson Adumu Ngerebara whose aspiration is yet to be visibly noticed and felt by the people, all of the PDP.

However, the Ogonis have several contestants vying for the plump job. They include former Vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt, Professor Don Barridon, Senator Lee Meaba, all of the PDP while Senator Magnus Ngei Abe is of the APC, justly for the Brick house.

More than Seven (7) aspirants from the South- East Senatorial District from the Two-top most political parties, PDP and APC, and from the three (3) ethnic groups of Obolo, Opobo and Ogoni.

It is no sooth saying but reality that no matter the circumstance and number of aspirants jostling for the office, it is only one that would emerge and subsequently assume office as governor of the State.

The need to be cautious and friendly in all respect is therefore stressed as ethnicity syndrome would not only jeopardize the existing peaceful and cordial relationship amongst the ethnic groups but also ruin the future of the citizenry.

Let the missing links therefore be addressed now if the Ogonis are not joking over their quest to lead the State.

This is coming strong because several newspapers report indicates that the Ogonis are settling for the deputy governorship slot or probably the Secretary as they have served in that capacity for two terms under governor Amaechi’s administration.

The time to address these missing links is now as the countdown to party primaries has just begun.

The South-East Senatorial District can only achieve this goal if they are united. ###


With James Mgboineme

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