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WKA Nig. President Trains Military Tutors On Self Defence

The world kickboxing Association of Nigeria President, Sensei Victor Bassey on 25th October trained two military tutors from Bori camp Army Brigade on self defence at the Association training centre at civic centre, Port Harcourt, Moscow Road.

Sgt. Paul Ekoh and Patience Gana were the military tutors from Bori camp Army Brigade being trained by Sensei Victor Bassey on Self Defence.

Speaking to The Newswriter sports on the significant of the training, president of WKA Nigeria, Sensei Victor Bassey explained that the military has been used to violent force and attack and defence that is what they were taught in the military, while the World Kickboxing Association teaches on control force, use for maximum unarmed combat training which should go a long way in preparing them in dealing with civil problems in the society.

Bassey is also the founder of the Kickboxing in Nigeria, has created opportunity for all abled body Youngmen and women to be taught on self defence free of charge.

On their part, when speaking to The Newswriter sports, both Sgt. Paul Ekoh and PTE Patience Gana said, they are acquiring different aspect of what they were taught in their training in the army, saying the main difference is the technique involved in the self defence aspect of kick boxing and the grips.

To them, is like a refreshal training to them as they have improved on what they have been taught before in the army.

As teachers in the sports, they have improved on the techniques, grips and unarmed method of self defence.

According to them, they are going home satisfied and happy as to also impact on their students.

The military tutors will be issued certificate when they are through with their training while urging them to call in to ask any question they so fell like knowing from the world kickboxing Association through the president and founder of Kickboxing in Nigeria, Sensei Victor Bassey.

However, Sensei Victor Bassey has also offered the public a life line by offering to train security personnels, young applicants and journalists free of charge on self defence technique to defence themselves in times of danger and crisis.

“He said “people can also have security job after being trained as security firms and companies recruit only those who are conscious of their security and can defend themselves in times of danger.###

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