From America With Love

loveThe main purpose of man on earth is to find by all means, the opportunity to meet the Living Word in any lifetime on Earth. If this is not achieved, Soul will continue to wear the HU-man form and re-incarnate more than a million times until he achieves this objective. This is because it is the Living Word that can lead Soul back home to God. No other individual in all the universes of God, either material or psychic, can lead man back to the pure heavens of God. Therefore the main objective of man is to seek the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach, who ‘dwelleth amongst men’ wherever he may be living at that particular time. If man does not achieve this objective, he or she must reincarnate back to this spiritual prison, whether the individual likes it or not. This is the Spiritual law.

If we look at all the religions of the world today and especially in Nigeria, one would find that most cannot talk about taking anyone to heaven or God simply because thy do not know the way. All most religions talk about now is about prosperity and prosperity and prosperity simply because religion has lost its focus in the spiritual realm of things. Prosperity can only lead man to one place- back to this earthly prison, where man will come and deal with the Law of Karma. Man will have to reincarnate to account for what he has received and what he has acquired and given. He must return from time to time to balance his accounts since he has chosen to act out of ignorance. This will continue as long as it takes him to meet the living Word.

So what is the way out of this going and coming?

This going and coming can only stop when man meets with the Living Word who will put that Soul that is weary and ready on the path back home to God. For when Soul is tired of all the prosperity, all the schemings, all the fanfare and gets familiar with the going and coming, he begins to look for that individual who has the capacity to take Soul back home to where It came from-the pure heavens of God.

So on this day in October 2014, the Living Word was scheduled to be the featured Guest at this conference in the United States of America. Once again, it is time for Souls who are His spiritual students from all over the world to go to America. Of course, this is a lifetime spiritual opportunity for those who have woken up from their spiritual slumber to gather at the feet of the Living Word. For this is the only Godman that you do not need an appointment nor do you need to pay any money to visit. Instead, He can visit all the spiritual students anywhere in the universes of God simultaneously and at anytime be it in the physical worlds, first, second, third and fourth heavens and beyond. This is because he is the only one appointed by God to lead all ready Souls back home. All other men of god are pseudo and can only lead man to prosperity which is owned by that negative god commonly referred to as the devil or kal.

The Living Godman therefore beckoned on me to come for this special event in the United States. I was guided to a hotel of choice, which I booked online and also booked a reliable airline that was to take me from Port Harcourt International to Minneapolis St Paul. I packed some few items and of course moved straight to the airport. This pilgrimage is undertaken a minimum of twice a year. This time, it is in October, where the spiritual student has the opportunity to meet the Living Word face to face. This is the most important activity that can be undertaken by any Soul in any lifetime. For this meeting when ordained by God cannot be stopped by any force in the whole universe. That Soul who has the opportunity, has earned it through several acts of love in many lifetimes that would bring him to the feet of the Master, the Spiritual Coach.

I arrived early as has been directed by my Guide who is always beside me. Everyone has a spiritual guide but most of our attention is focused on material things so we cannot see them. At the desk, I promptly went through the check-in process to avoid the long cue.

‘Where are you going’ asked one of the officers

‘United States’ I answered curtly.

‘What for’ he asked again

‘Spiritual Pilgrimage’ I replied

‘Oh, HU people’ he said.

‘So you know about the HU?’ I probed

‘Tell me more’ he requested

‘The HU can open your heart to the love of God’ I said waiting to know if they wanted more. But from their attention, I saw they were eager to learn. So I continued.

‘You can sing the HU, if you have not been able to make contact with God directly. You can sing HU first thing in the morning and last thing at night before sleep. This will enable you to contact the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit directly through your dreams’ I concluded.

‘How do you sing it?’ asked the two other ladies beside the officer. From their looks and attention, Soul knows when the truth of God is at hand.

‘It does not matter the religion you belong to, you can sing this HU, which is the Holy name of God at anytime but most especially at night when you are about to go to bed for a greater result. This is because, at night, Soul has the opportunity of journeying into the heavens of God. So find a quiet place at home, fill you heart with love, closing your eyes and placing you attention on the spiritual eye, in between the two eyebrows and in an outward breath, sing HU like this: Huuuueeee! Just like saying ‘you’ stretched out. Then in the morning, try and remember your dreams.’ I concluded.

They were grateful for the insight for I needed to move on. I settled quickly at a corner of the lounge to write an article for a newspaper. About two hours later, the plane, half loaded started to move and we were on our way to Abuja to pick other passengers en-route to France.

As the plane revved up its engines, I could hear the Sound of the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God. This Sound of God is present in all things animate or inanimate. It is the Sound of God. It is the Sound of babies crying when born, the sound of the old man waiting to die. It is the sound of the goat bleating, and the sound of the cock crowing in the early hours of the day. It is the sound of birds chirping happily and the sound of the dog barking. This sound of God is present in all things and it is the sound of life. This sound reverberates within man when we use the forefingers to block our earlobes. When man needs God he only needs to repeat this sound which is already within himself but once this sound is withdrawn, man is said to have died

I relaxed on my chair, noticed the presence of my Spiritual Guide beside me as I joined our aero plane in echoing the HU, the Holy Sound of God.

To be continued.

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