Church Versus Bible, Who Rules?

This spirit of ecumenic unity was strongly supported by David Wells, Eternity Magazine, September 1987 as such “if Catholicism is to become more Catholic in the future, which is what I expect under the present Pope, then theological differences will become sharper, but our alliances with Catholic against the secular culture can become deeper, for one, I am ready for the trade off.
This ecumenical unity cannot produce any good result since at the end, the pope and his Catholic Church will smile home for conquering the whole and entire faithfuls unto their fold. Then to counteract such occurrence, who will stand as the true protestant against the Pope and his church authority?
The Journal called THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSAL, August 14, 1942, p4 summarized the credible opposition or protestant to the Catholic as such, “The Church changed the observation of the Sabbath by right of the divine infallbale authority given to her by the founder Jesus Christ. The Protestant claiming the Bible to be the only guide of faith has no warrant to observing Sunday.
In this matter, the Seventh Day Adventist is the only consistent Protestant”. Truly the Seventh Day Adventist has done great and marvelous work by including of the observerance of the seventh day Sabbath as one of their doctrines, but that alone cannot credit them to be the consistent Protestant.
Although they observe Sabbath, but they have no regard to major commandments, like the restoration and proclamation of the holy name Yahweh for the Creator and Yahoshea Meshiyach for the savour of mankind, they give no or less regard to the authorized feasts of Yahweh such as Abib first new year day, feast of Atonement, feast of Passover, feast of first fruit, feast of reconciliation, feast of holy month (October) feast of last ingatherings and feasts of the booths. All these are parts of the sacred commandments, which a credible protestant must carry along. Therefore the Seventh Day Adventist Church is with the old big church with the spokesman at Vatican as its head.
Through the recent growing spirit of ecumenism, the Catholic Church is showing commitment by their daily or seasonal confessions carried out by their leaders in terms of their dark past or history. For instance on Sunday March 26, 2000 Pope John Paul (Roman Catholic Pontiff) visited Jerusalem City and at the WESTERN WALL, he prayed in this form, “God our father, you choose Abraham and his descendants to bring your name to the nations. We are deeply saddened by the behaviour of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer. And asking your forgiveness, we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of your covenant. “This is culled from THE DIARY OF A PILGRIMAGE by Rev. Fr. Pius Kii.
Again the same Pope John Paul II asked for total forgiveness for the involvement of the Catholics over the Catholic – Protestant wars or Europe during the counter reformation. And the confession is carried by U.S News and World Report July 3, 1995.
At the moment, the CHURCH through the Popes and Church authorities are leading because the world is responding to their fabrications or creeds but the tide will sooner or later be turned for the scripture to take its original mandate of leading the children of Yahweh. This process has been made manifest through the ministry of the comforter – Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach who was sent by Yahweh to restore all sacred things from Yahweh to the benefit of the entire humanity. Therefore the comforter and his fellowers are the group with true and consistent protest against the Pope and his church authority.
Because while Pope will be feeding his fellowers with the traditions of Rome, Prophet Yahmarabhi will be feeding his disciples with the inspired revelations from Yahweh. Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi through his work -THE HOLY ORIGINALLY INSPIRED SCRIPTURE (HOIS) has raised opposition, point by point, against the doctrines put forth from Rome and has exposed all hidden truths about Yahweh, his people and his doctrines. Remember the truth shall set us free but not the number of multitudes. As Yahosheans we are of the faith of truth and not enticed by the faith of millions.

Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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