What Is Yahosheanism?


Presently, there are varieties of claims by various bodies or movements over the actual name of the Hebrew Messiah and the fold he founded.

These claims have produced many distinct and opposing movements under what is generally termed as the Christian theology or tradition. These movements hold to same central belief that the accurate name of the saviour is Jesus Christ and that the true name of the fold he established was Christianity.

Majority of these movements hold to the Biblical inerrancy which they hold as final authority that defines their belief or practices. Though, there are minority groups that suggest or argue about the authenticity of the Bible and such conviction are reflected in their religious practices even when they profess to the Christian tradition. Truly, during the first century C.E, the Hebrew Meshiyach was born through immaculate conception by virgin named Miriam of the land of Bethlehem of Yudea.

Presently, close to half of the earthily population of humanity profess to know him in one form or the other and the events of his birth, growth, ministry and translation has clearly been told more than any other human figure. The result of his existence has been more momentous even from a strict secular point than the acts of any other character in history. The enormous strength of his personage prompted a registration of the new era of humanity’s existence date from his birth.

Too many scholars historically acknowledge the fact that majority of records of his existence penned down by his followers or critics have passed through monumental corruption, yet, the little fragments of his account that survived the pervasions are still facts of celebration and final hope for the great percentage of humanity. Historians agree that he has been the single most populous and powerful figure not merely in these two millennium but in all human history. The records of his life and existence has attracted the wildest varieties of beliefs and arguments.

Over many past centuries, scholars have employed complex arrays of anthropological, sociological and literal methods as they have attempted to formulate answers of whom the saviour was. Many came out with the submission that he was a Hebrew prophet who preached for repentance, a man who through his exemplary life and teachings inspired several faithful that eventual composed into a religious sect.

Others are uncomfortable by the scriptural accounts of his heavenly-origin, his Meshiyachship, his claim of being son of Yahweh or redeemer of mankind, his resurrection and ascension and they attack such accounts of his life.

Various people view the man of Bethlehem in various forms and such can be supported in the presentation of a book called “Theology Today” – “Some see the Saviour as cynic, a wondering sage, a peasant mystic, a community organizer, a poet jabbing at the establishment, or a strict smart provocateur who raps his way through the seething, impoverished socially volatile village of backwater Palestine”.

Another commentator put it this way, – “All the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that ever built, and all the parliament that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned put together have not affected the life of men upon this earth as powerful as the Hebrew Messiah has done”.



Based on the views of various groups or persons over the personage of the saviour, it is worth while to investigate the true or central issues relating to the saviour. One of such main issues is about his true name which the Bible of the modern translations named as “Jesus Christ”. The next is about the true identical name of the fold he established which the same book called as “Christianity”.

These issues has been points of argument in modern times as many religious reformers and restorationalists have emerged with the conclusion that the name of the saviour could never been Jesus Christ and his sect not been Christianity.

These body of religious reformers have concluded that the name of the saviour or Hebrew Messiah must be something in form of “Yanshua”, “Joshua” “Yahoshea” etc. these religious reformers equally claim that the true title to the saviour was never “Christ” but must be something as the “Meshiach”, “Meshiyach” or “Messiah”.

They came to these submission as they trace the root of the name – Jesus Christ to the ancient pagan deities of Greek. For example, it is scholarly found that the name – “Jesus” was driven from “Zeus” while the term “Christ” is driven from “Christos” all of the ancient Greecian pagan idols.

Based on this wonderful discovery, the religious reformers of the Messianic ministry have decided to depart from using or worshipping with the name of Jesus Christ even when it is carried by the most populous acclaimed scriptural book called “Bible”. One of the famous sacred name broadcasters, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Comforter taught his disciples that the true name of the saviour is “Yahoshea Meshiyach.”

He explained the names as follows – “Yahoshea” is a combination of “Yah” which is short-form of the name “Yahweh” which is the only and accurate name of the creator of the universe and “Oshea” which means “Salvation” in the Aramaic language in which the saviour was born.

Prophet Yahmarabhi conclude that by this explanation the name “Yahoshea” means “Yahweh’s salvation”or “salvation of Yahweh”. The prophet equally hold that the title “Meshiyach” means “The Annointed one” in so as Aramaic language. So, the combination of “Yahoshea Meshiyach” rightly means the “Anointed – One Yahoshea”. Prophet Yahmarabhi holds that the name “Jesus Christ” is a misnormer that were effected into the religious tradition of the saviour by the truth twisters and false interpreters of the scriptures that he identified as the “Niclotians”.


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