What Is Spiritual Freedom?

The subject of Spiritual Freedom is critical to the survival of Soul in the worlds of space, matter and time. This is because without Spiritual Freedom, the Soul- in- form generally referred to as man, will continue to reincarnate in the lower worlds of materiality until the veils of illusion is removed from his physical eyes for him to know that the only thing that matters in his life is his Spiritual Unfoldment and his journey back home to the Kingdom of Heaven, his true home.
To understand Spiritual Freedom, man needs to understand that there is a design to the whole purpose of life. Man is born, he grows up and if fortunate, goes to school in the human ways of indoctrination. After secondary and university education, he goes into the world seeking a job and eventually gets married, settles down with children, scrambles for wealth and prosperity to cater for self -created problems. Sometimes man gets involved in nasty businesses and when he gets old and is nearing the grave he begins to go to church or places of worship to seek the meaning of life and wait for death.
Could this be the meaning of life?
Most of us will say yes while the more spiritually perceptive ones would know something is missing.
In the grand spiritual education program constituted by God, Soul a divine spark of God is expected to go to spiritual school in the lower worlds. These spiritual schools are located in the first, second, third and fourth heavens of God. From the fifth heaven and above, we have the pure spiritual worlds, the pure heavens of God. This is the true kingdom of Heaven, the home of every Soul-in-Form. So if any individual is wondering where he or she came from, let it be known that Soul in HU-man form came down from the heavens of God for a divine purpose and must return at the appointed time.
So after Soul had descended from the pure heavens into the lower heavens, It (Soul is neither male nor female) is enfolded with different bodies in the different lower heavens that would enable it to have spiritual experiences and eventually learn about divine love and how to appropriate this divine love of God. So the reason of all of us coming down into this physical world is for us to learn about divine love of God, learn how to appropriate it and eventually become lower world spiritual graduates. Then we are qualified to return back to our true home, the pure heavens of God.
So when Soul is sent down into the worlds here, It is given the option of the body of a male or female so as to commence Its spiritual education. At times Soul could come at a lower level of life but the whole purpose is that no matter the body Soul is given, it is a spiritual opportunity to be in any of the lower worlds to study. It is indeed a spiritual privilege. One only needs to visit the lower heavens and see the queue of Souls waiting to reincarnate and come back to the physical worlds. So any one who is alive here now should be grateful to God even with all life’s burden and must not waste the Spiritual opportunity.
The Spiritual education program, which I call the University of Life is designed in the same way our school education system is. In actual fact, our education system is copied after the heavenly spiritual education program. Just as you go to school in this life and return home, it is the same way Soul comes from the heavens to go to school on earth to return home to heaven. Just as we wear uniform to school and discard it for another in a new term, so also, Soul discards a body (uniform) in the process of death and picks up another body to conclude its spiritual education. It does not matter if the period of going to school is designed for one day or seventy years. Soul does not die but only drops the HU-man body through the process of physical death of the body and reincarnation. Through Karma, the Spiritual law of life, Souls are made to go and come, go and come to balance accounts which is actually energy based on what each individual Soul sows. This is the basis of that law that says ‘whatever a man sows, that shall he reap. If man dies of the physical body before reaping, he simply comes back in another life on the wheel of karma and reincarnation, the wheel of the 84. Man keeps coming and going until he becomes spiritually refined enough to become a seeker of Its path back to its through home.
But when Souls were sent down for this spiritual education, they were not left alone. For God has promised that while Soul is in the lower worlds, HE Almighty God would be with Soul in the form of the Voice of God, the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach. Thus from age to age, God has always been with man in that form known as the Holy Spirit in Flesh, the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach. Any Soul who is interested in commencing its journey back home to the pure heavens must seek, the Wayshower, the Living Word.
Other teachers also exist within all the heavens but one of them is key since his duty is to keep Souls from being free of their material quests. His name is Universal Mind Power otherwise known as Kal. He is a two- faced God who deceives Souls in search of prosperity and material things. He is the one commonly referred to as devil. His job is to hold Souls down here in captivity and achieves this through orthodox religions. Check out what most religions are preaching today and you will know if they are serving God or the universal mind power. This minor god, called devil was also appointed by God to do this job and does not know beyond what he does but he does his job very well.
How does he do his job very well, you may ask?
The devil does his job when Soul begins to ask God for material benefits instead of going through the window of Soul, which is imagination. So when religion teaches man to pray, man begins to ask God for what he does not need and the devil takes advantage of this and gives man plenty of money or other material things. It is this same money that this god uses to tie Soul in Human form down in the lower world. Look around you at any rich family, you will see the owner of the wealth in the family reincarnating to come and collect what he has sown. This is accomplished through family lines and ancestors. In other words the coins of gold and silver that man so craves is what this god uses to chain man down to earth and man cannot obtain spiritual freedom because he must go and come back to claim those things that belong to the Kal, the devil which he thinks belong to him..
So you can now see that all those who pray and fast for a thousand days and nights are actually begging God for chains without their knowledge. These chains are the ones that ties Souls down.
So how does man seek Spiritual Freedom?
For man to achieve Spiritual Freedom, he must learn the non-directional prayer that allows the window of Soul to receive the heavenly blessings of God. This non-directional prayer is known as the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God. This is the prayer that says ‘God, let thy will be done in my life!’ It does not need anything from God. How can Soul ever need anything from Its Father God and Itself. For the microcosm is a component of the macrocosm. In other words, Soul is the Holy Spirit of God individualized. It is those who do not know God that pray to God. This is because man thinks he is separated from God Almighty, but this is not true. Man exists within the Holy Spirit and in IT we live move and have our being.
Spiritual freedom therefore entails that man removes himself from the wheel of the 84, the wheel of Karma and Reincarnation which is what the ordinary man calls destiny. The only individual who can help Soul escape from this wheel is the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach whom God has appointed to lead all those who are ready back home to God.
How can man contact this Agent of God, the Spiritual Coach?
Any serious individual irrespective of religion can contact the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach by singing the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God. When it is sung as a last activity at night, it is capable of enabling Soul to contact God that It is ready to begin his journey back home to God.
This is the route of Spiritual Freedom!
By Tuborki Dauyemie

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