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FIFA Presidency: Maradona’s Motive Unclear – Karibi George

The resignation of Sepp Blatter for the position of FIFA presidency has thrown much challenges to former footballers, football administrators and stakeholders of football alike.

Latest contender to the position of FIFA presidency is world football icon, Argentina greatest footballer of all times, Maradona.

The master dribbler who earned the name, one squad, in the 1986 world cup, when he dribbled passed all the defenders from the centre of the field to score his opponent side, has also indicated his interest to contest for the No.1 top position of football management and administration in the world.

Maradona will be having strong opposition with some of the contenders to the position. Yet, he was a figure in the pitch when he lasted as a footballer.

In our encounter with Karibi George to seek his opinion, about the development of Maradona coming to administer world football, if given the opportunity be a good omen?

The Public Relation Officer of Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Rivers State chapter said, “Maradona’s motive for contesting the FIFA presidency is unclear. What are his antecedents in football administration?

Undoubtedly, he remains a brand icon for football but I am not convinced he has the capacity to superintend an organization as complex as FIFA”.

The former chairman of Public Relation Practitioners in Rivers State, and one time captain of tennis Port Harcourt club 1928 invariably has doubt in the administrative acumen of the Argentina football icon.

However, Sepp Blatter has resigned his position as president of FIFA, after winning the election because of bribery allegations rocking FIFA.

The world awaits to welcome a new FIFA president in whichever part of the world he may come from. ###

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