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Dolphins Incur LMC Wrath Courtesy Emeka Atuloma

Port Harcourt side Dolphins football club of Port Harcourt has incurred the wrath of League Management Company (LMC) for not compelling to sign players’ monthly salaries.

It would be recalled that the league management company came up with plan, where players in the domestic league will be paid monthly salary of N150,000 (One hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira).

This agreement was agreed upon and signed by all clubs campaigning in the Nigerian Professional football league.

Few clubs are meeting up with this agreement while few other teams went into agreement with their players.

Sharks and Dolphins could not pay players salary because of the harsh economy of the state. This arrangement is purely in house arrangement by the management and Rivers State government with the players.

According to the players of Dolphins, they are being paid 85,000 naira (Eight five thousand naira) as against the LMC stipulated N150,000.

Sharks paid less than Dolphins even at that, the salary of the players is not forth coming as regular as it ought to be.

This is same for Rivers Angels, the only female team representing Rivers State in the Nigeria female football league.

Tired of the scenario, former player of Dolphins, Emeka Atuloma filed a case against Dolphins for not paying him his rightly due (salary) of N150,000 regular to the LMC.

However, LMC has told Dolphins to pay the player his due within 14 days or face sanction.

The latest the Newswriter sports gathered is that the Rivers State Government is ready to pay them the 85,000, they were paying the players against the LMC agreed amount on Tuesday.

Dolphins, Sharks and Rivers Angels salaries have accumulate into eight months, as the Amaechi led administration refused to pay the players. ###

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