Is The World Coming To An End?

worldRecently I listened to a man of God preaching the Gospel on one of the channels. His message was tagged, “The End Time”. The said man of God dissected the message well and revealed certain things that will occur before the end shall come.

One thing I believe strongly, anything that has beginning must surely come to an end. So many plants and animals that were existed millions of years ago, today they are no more. For instance the dinosaur, an animal that lived millions of years but is now extinct.

Recent study shown that in no distant time some reptiles especially the lizard family will move into oblivion. The Holy Bible demystified some hidden secrets and signs of the end time. Jesus identified certain events and happenings that will precede the close of the age which include: rumours of wars, earthquakes, emergence of false teachers and fake prophets, famines, pestilences amongst others.

The signs of the end time or close of the age are already here. The negative wind of terrorism is blowing across the entire world causing destruction, mayhem and havoc.

In his inaugural lecture tagged “the state and the culture of terrorism in Nigeria: Unveiling the real terrorists”, Prof. Henry Alapiki of University of Port Harcourt identified twenty-three (23) major terrorist organizations in the world and also listed seven (7) richest terrorist groups in the world.

In the days of Noah, the world was destroyed because of violence, killings corruption and other social vices.

According to Gen. 6:11-12, “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and behold, it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth”.

With the current happenings across the globe signpost the end of the age. Thus the issue of property acquisition and pilling up of money in several bank accounts, both local and foreign will not deter the world to come to a close. That day will be terrible. However, nobody knows the day and the time that this will happen. But there is no controversy the world will come to pass, because nothing is permanent, therefore the planet earth cannot be an exemption. ###


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