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oyegunThe eight edition of oxford advanced learners dictionary defined change as “to become different, it also defines it as “to pass or make somebody or something pass from one state or form into another. In furtherance to the explanations in connection to replacement, it is seen as to replace one thing, person, and service with something new or different”.

From the electioneering campaign point of view even as it affects the social strata, change is mentioned when it has to do with improvement from a considered battered situation. During the campaigns the then opposition now ruling political party, All Progressives Congress, APC, declared they will change Nigeria within six months if giving the opportunity or mandate. They believed the country was mismanaged or misruled by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Evidence of a well mannered or behaved damsel is always noticed from the initial and first time of sight. Though some pretend to be what they are not, yet there is always proof or evidence of insolence, or ill-mannerism.

Few days before and after the swearing-in of the APC led president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari; there were comments on his swift and sudden change of vision on turning things around within six months for the better. He was quoted as saying that changing Nigeria is not an easy task. On hearing that, Issues Abattoir simply aligned with Management experts such as Peter Drucker who see change as very complex. President Buhari and his APC party bragged of changing the country and while it was yet six months, the Man has begged for time, let’s watch. Again, in the news the Man equally accepted that his age would hinder the development of the country, what an irony of the entire process.

That political party, before making its noise should have first implores the force-field analysis, knowing that mere introducing a change does not guarantee that change will be successful. If by now the party that boasted of change could not even begin with smile at each other, then what is the possibility of a progressive nation, it is doubtful.

What comes to mind each time Change is mention is that something has gone wrong and needed to be made right. It is not mention in vain even as held by Peter Drucker. Politically, change is positively looked at various fora of discussion rather than in the negative. To actually discuss change, view change or expect change in the polity, the Man and individual thinking of change must show proof of change himself before mentioning it. It is socially believed that no one can offer or give what he does not have to others. Biblically, no one could offer peace when he has none. Hence, the difficulties in accessing the needed peace in the system since those preaching it are obviously far from it.

Change is always constant and inevitable; thereby it is always viewed in the positive perspective having believed that something had gone wrong prior to the time.

Today, it is regrettably that the much expected change as propagated by the All Progressive Congress before the March 28th and April 11th general elections has turn to public free for all at the National Assembly. The party is far from knowing peace at the moment.

A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress in Rivers who is contemplating returning to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP recently confessed the crisis that rocked the 7th Assembly leaving the legislatures to jumping fences was orchestrated by the APC members in that house.

According to him, what transpired in the 7th Assembly and the opening weeks of 8th Assembly was not only a shame but a definition of change by the APC.

This is not the kind of change Nigeria wants if at all there is need for any change. Change though may be needed is never an easy task.

The Peoples worry is that with the beginning of the parliament with a fight orchestrated by a political party over obvious situation of incapability, Nigeria is not safe in the hands of the ruling APC.

Recently, Imo State governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha after the President meeting with the APC chairmen said they have resolved the leadership crisis in their party, but pundits say there is more to that in the coming days of the party’s leadership in the country.

It is therefore the resolve of Issues Abattoir to call on the APC to state the obvious of their lapses in ruling the county and call for replacement probably in 2019.

Furthermore, the APC should rise up to its challenges of not only caring for its house but to accept the robust, active and constructive opposition by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP seeing that its definition of change is indeed a very wrong and faulty concept.

Let the real change be if at all they (APC) can make it. ###

With James Mgboineme


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