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Eaglets In Amazing Form, Spank Chile 5-1

The new Nigerian Golden Eaglets gunning for it’s fifth grip of the junior FIFA world cup trophy are in amazing form.

They announced their readiness to claim the trophy for the fifth time by opening their campaign in the tournament in their open game by beating United State of America (USA) 2-0, and progressed on to spanked tournament host 5-1in their second game.

This is a clear indication that the Golden Eaglets are a big threat to other contesters of the trophy in the tournament.

The Nigerian young lads are opening a chapter in their future football career as the world unfolds in their young promising lives.

Prominent premier clubsides all over the world are in a happy mood in watching the promising blossoming football careers of these lads so as to pluck them into their fold. At the same time, the Nigerian national teams U-23 and the senior team, the Super Eagles have better prospect to welcome real raw talent to beef up it squad.

As these crop of blossoming players in their prime will definitely grow up to step up to fill up the lacking ends of the U-23 and the Super Eagles.

Nigeria is lucky to have been blessed with young football talent. The administrators of football should be only purposeful as to make the best use of these young lads.

They could be translated in succession to the best of the country’s interest.

If that happens, Nigeria will be the biggest threat to soccer power countries like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain and others.

According to King Pele of Brazil, if there is any African country that will first lift the FIFA senior world cup, that country will be Nigeria.

That prophesy is about to be accomplished with the current crop of the Golden Eaglets, if only the Nigeria Football Federation will be purposeful and do the right things to progress their promising football career. ###

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