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Who Controls No. 1 Field, Stadia Authority Or Area Boys?

wike phoneThe Rivers State Stadia Authority supposed to be in charge of all sporting facilities in the state, meaning all stadium and any facilities owned by the Rivers State government concerning sports.
Invariably, this is not the case on proper investigation, a case in point, No. 1 Field situated at No. 1 Bende Street, Port Harcourt Township.
The Rivers State government through former governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Ameachi fix that facility for youths of old Port Harcourt township to encourage football talents as well as to curb youths restiveness in that part of the state notoriety with criminal activities in the past.
It is then surprising to note here that, that facility has become the personal property of few persons.
For the moment that facility has become the most sporting facility in the state as football competitions are always on almost on daily or weekly basis, meaning there is a particular attraction it had attracted to the youths of the area and others.
This informed the daily gatetaking in each competition organized at that facility by the public.
If the Rivers State government owns that facility, this medium is asking, where does the gate taking goes to, better still, whose pocket did the little gatetaking enter into?
On investigation, The Newswriter sports discovered that, all who are benefiting from the facility gate-taking are not staff of the Rivers State stadia authority neither are they staff of the State Sports Ministry, they are mostly strangers from neighbouring states.
Like the famous yellow man as he is being called popularly, is the chief of the gatetaking and he is from Akwa Ibom State.
One wonders, how he became so powerful at the gate and has the temerity to harass and embarrassing state indigenes which right it is to use the facility built for them by the state government. ###

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