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Dolphins Prove Worthy Champions, Beats Sony De Ela Nguema 3-0

Dolphins of Port Harcourt and Nigeria continued their supremacy over her opponents even at home soil, Sony De Ela Nguema, after beating the Equatorial Guinea side 3-0, away at Malabo repeated same feat in Elekahia, Port Harcourt, on Sunday 4th March, 2012 in the return leg of the first round in the group stage.
Dolphins scored her quick early goals in the first half through Isiaka Olawale spotting jersey No 4 with 2 minutes into the match, while Ifeanyi Egwim made it two. Ifeanyi Egwim was voted the most valuable player of the match by a cross section of sports journalists. The gesture was sponsored by the chairman of Gokana local government council, Hon. Demua L. Demua.
Dolphins from all standards were splendid in their play, ending the first half with the two quick goals she scored.
Three changes made in the second half of the match from home side gave Dolphins another goal through No. 30 Jersey Owusu Addae, who was one of the substitutes. Flying Eagles star Omah Ojabu would have registered his name in the scorers sheet if not that he missed three valuable chances for Dolphins.
Sony De Ela Nguema also proved themselves as champions of their country but could not reflect their action in goal as they lacked finishing bite.
For the first time in recent times, the turn up in the stadium was a little bit encouraging as the local government chairmen mobilized their subjects to support and watch Dolphins football club of Nigeria. Worthy to note here that Phalga local government council supported Dolphins by having a printed polo shirts, with the message “Phalga Supports Dolphins”, which was not heard of in the history of Rivers State football before.
Only sad to note that a continental CAF organized match of this nature normally goes with the press going home with tokens but this was not so. Media officer, China Ncheru for Dolphins declared to his fellow press men that there was nothing released for the media men.

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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