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Question 9

Meshiyach, I read your article with the headline “Is there one true religion? (Part 8)” where you wrote that your assembly do not believe in Armageddon, rapture and hellfire. Do you believe that there will be new earth and new heaven? If you believe, by which means will the world be transformed? Do you belief in the second coming of the Saviour? If so, will he not take believers to his prepared mansions in heaven? I am Bishop S. O. Akparanta, the General Overseer of the Seed of AbrahamMinistry. Thanks.

Answer:Thank you my Bishop for your questions. You see, my ministry is not a Christian or Judaistic organization. We are a group of our own. The doctrine originated through Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach of this era. So, our doctrines differ with those of other sects in many ways. Although we believe in judgment immediately after death, but we do not believe that judgement should be reserved for a judgement day, when all mortals will meet Yahoshea Meshiyach who will divide the mortals into two groups; one group for him (the righteous ones) and the other for Satan (the unrighteous).

The thought of judgement day (rapture) is a pre-Christian era and it is widely believed by all religions of both local or international standings. For instance, amongst the ancient Ibos, they believe in Chukwu whose seat is at Arochukwu. They believe that Chukwu will emerge and judge all mankind and take the righteous to himself while sinners will be destroyed. The Yorubas call him Olorun and its seat is at Olorunsogo, the Ibibos believe in Abasi and his seat is at Ikot Abasi and many others. The church and bible only polished the beliefs of the ancients in addition to some truths from original scriptures.

Yahosheans believe that once a persons translates, he will face immediate judgement individually. All his or her works will be shown to him and he will be rewarded with the right spiritual dimension that he merited. There are twenty-one heavenly dimensions and the first three are for acute sinners while from fourth dimension upwards are for repented souls or better known as the ascended souls.

These grades have the mark of salvation being the names of Yahweh and Yahoshea Meshiyach written on their foreheads.

This chance is reserved for only repented persons with the names of Yahweh, Yahoshea Meshiyach and Prophet Yahmarabhi which they merit through immersion baptism with those holy names.

So, telling me that Yahweh will come back to take the righteous to heaven is utter fallacy. Yahweh is within each individual. He individualized himself in each being, from him all things derive their being. It only need awareness for each to realize the Yahweh within.

Yahweh is not only settled in heaven as mundanists claims, but his kingdom is within all things. He is conscious of those who are conscious of his presence. The more you aspire to know and abide in him, the more closer he becomes. Even at the most wretched position of man when he is afflicted by sins and sorrows, he still remains as Yahweh image or manifest. It is wholly proper to conclude that man is Yahweh.

Yahweh is omnipresent, he doesn’t need to take us to heaven before we are identified as his chosen people. In each moment of our being, we are with Yahweh, it is our ignorance that cuts us away from such sound thought. When one realized Yahweh’s presence in everything, everywhere and every time or situation, I mean someone realizing his oneness with Yahweh, such person will see how powerful he is.

Yahoshea Meshiyach realized his oneness (relationship) with Yahweh and boldly asserted that he and Yahweh are one. So, you don’t need to realize Yahweh’s consciousness when you be at heaven.

So, the teaching that mortals will go to meet Yahweh in heaven is total fraud.

Man is earthbound and the righteous will inherit the earth not heaven, as taught by pastors and bishops. The true interest of Yahosheanism is to train mankind to realize Yahweh’s consciousness here on earth.

Yahosheans believe that there will be new earth and new heaven which will manifest when all men have been pacified through various reincarnations on earth.

At this point, all men will be conscious of Yahweh and his laws and totally abide in them. At that moment, Yahoshea would descend to initiate the comforters earthly kingdom. This government will implement all Yahweh’s orders. This is the revealed means of transformation on earth into what is called Paradise regained.

The crowning of the comforter by Yahoshea will bring everlasting peace and tranquility to the earth. At that time, man will learn sin no more, his thoughts and ways will be in tune with Yahweh’s command and this will usher abundant blessings to earthlings.


Question 10

Meshiyach, after going through your article, I do not understand true identity of your Assembly. Is there an occultic book called “Seven Books of Moses? If such book exists, is it adviceable for true believers to read it or such related books? How can you prove to the public that your assembly is not one of occultic or secret societies? I am Brother Akinwunmi James, a resident at Port Harcourt. Thanks.

Answer: – Brother Akinwunmi, I am happy with your questions: To clear you over the identity of my assembly, we are Yahosheans, a sect founded by Yahoshea Meshiyach who is the eternal redeemer of humanity. This doctrine lost in-between the years of Greek and Roman influence or dominance over Hebrew nations but reawakened in this era through the efforts of His Holiness, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach who is the Promised Comforter to human race. So all followers of the prophet and comforter are Yahosheans and that is our identity.

On your question about the seven books of Moses, truly Prophet Moses was one of the major prophets of Yahweh and he wrote down many works which appeared on tablets, stones and papyrus as he learnt from Egyptian civilization. But many years after his demise, the Hebrew scholars (Scribes) collected his works and divided them into many books. When the Greeks scholars came in, they adopted some of the books and dropped others. There might be many more books of Prophet Moses that were not censored or canonized by Greek scholars (translators).

Some of such unapproved books are today recognized in Hebrew Kabala and some other mystic societies. These secret mystic societies has arranged those works into seven or more books of Moses. There are other books as, Book of Jesher, Book of Eli, Book of Maccabees etc that received later


Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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